How to Network on LinkedIn (2018) – Find a Job Without Even Asking
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How to Network on LinkedIn (2018) – Find a Job Without Even Asking

hey guys what’s going on so today I want
to talk a little bit about the topic of how to network on LinkedIn with a
perfect stranger specifically to get a job as you can see here I’m a I’m at the
Amazon spheres I have that in the background it looks like I’m in a
tropical rainforest and it’s a little bit a little bit sweaty I had an
interesting message come through on LinkedIn yesterday that I want to share
with you and I’ll kind of dissect some of the things that I think this person
did correctly to grab my attention and I’ll summarize the message here he said
that his wife showed him one of my videos and the story that I told in the
beginning about my career change and how I transitioned in the corporate world as
I sought stability for my young family was like looking into the mirror right he’s
trying to make a connection with me he went back to school got a degree with
honors went to networking events applied to numerous jobs and was published in
numerous magazines but he’s still looking for a job so he didn’t hard sell
the question of can you help me find a job at Amazon I have a lot of people
that reach out to me specifically with that question they don’t try to make a
connection with me at all and I’m not compelled at all to to reach back out to
them right but because he made a connection with me and we have a similar
story I felt compelled to reach back out to him he went on to say would I be
willing to meet up for a cup of coffee his treat he promises to not take up
more than 30 minutes of my time so also he time boxed the meeting as well and
which I thought was was nice of him so I knew exactly how much of a time
commitment that I had to make in that meeting when we actually did wind up
meeting the first thing I wound up saying to him was how can I help you right
because we had similar stories I really felt compelled to help him now
what he said immediately was he turned it around he actually said no I’m
actually here specifically to learn all about you and your story right he turned
it around it got me talking about my story
and then I felt even more compelled at that point to to ask him how I could
help him right and it’s funny during the whole the whole meeting I don’t think he
would have ever brought up the topic of how could I help him get a job at Amazon
in fact I think if I never brought it up and I would have left the meeting he
would have probably said thanks a lot for meeting it was great connecting with you
I’d love to connect again right he probably would have just left it at that
and so I thought that was a really interesting tactic whether he knew it or
not now another thing he wound up doing was he wound up giving me this book by
Lewis Howes The School of Greatness that’s a signed copy just another
gesture right it’s something he didn’t have to do a couple key takeaways in
this guy’s I think when you’re reaching out to somebody on LinkedIn I think it’s
really important to not hard-sell the fact that you’re looking for a job at
that company I think you lead with a couple points of connection whether
that’s the same school that you went to or whether it’s an article that person
wrote you were really you know intrigued by that had some similarities with your
background something along those lines right make that connection first don’t
hard sell that you’re specifically looking for a job sell the fact that
you’re interested in learning about that person you’re also highly likely to have
the person across the table from you that you’ve just met say how can they
help you and then you can launch into that conversation if it gets brought up
but if it doesn’t that’s okay last point make sure that when you’re reaching out
to somebody timeboxing right that sets somebody of these and lets
them know how long they actually have to commit to the the meeting and a gesture
of buying them a cup of coffee is always nice as well that’s all I got for you
guys today thanks so much for watching if you liked the video hit that like
button and hit that subscribe button I got a lot more videos coming
of career development and on the topic of LinkedIn we will see you on the next
one thanks a lot

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6 thoughts on “How to Network on LinkedIn (2018) – Find a Job Without Even Asking

  1. John, I love your story! The gentleman you met with sounds like a superstar. I especially love that he brought you a signed copy of Lewis' book. I hope others see this and follow the example. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just got off the phone with a Microsoft Recruiter. He said that it's going to take him a couple of days to find a team to introduce me to. The thing is, I have zero professional experience and am a self-taught programmer. So, no degree or certifications of any kind. All I wish for is to get my foot in the door. I hope it all works out.

  3. Timeboxing the meeting up front is a great suggestion, thanks for sharing! Bringing a book to share was a great idea too. Great video, thanks!

  4. This is a very situational context. The question is how to approach someone without sucking up to them insincerely orv sincerely verses honesty of hey can we meet because x, or "would you be willing to chat on x topic" ,when the reality is that person was/is no less desperate than the other person but favor is given for smoozing.

  5. Not hard selling seems to be the prevaiking wisdom out there. But for those on the other side of the table, why? Why is that so problematic? If someone asked me I need a job and I had the power to help…I would. I have.

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