How To Plan A Product Launch Timeline
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How To Plan A Product Launch Timeline

How long does it take to get everything
done for a launch? Find out in this product launch timeline video Hi i’m Nathalie Lussier, your business strategist
and digital visionary and this is Off The Charts where we help you re-
imagine what’s possible in your business. You have an amazing product or program
in the works and you can’t wait to launch it but the problem is you don’t know how
long it’s gonna take to create market and do all the stuff that’s
required for launching a product successfully so you’re not sure how to fit it into
your calendar. If this is the first time that you’re launching a product online then you need to recognize that it
might take more time than you think. Sure you could totally
whip something together in no time and hope it sticks but it’s even better to do
it right from the get-go because then you can improve from there.
So how do you plan to product launch timeline in a way that allows you to get it done
and out into the world without delaying the income that you can be
making by having it out there ready. Another question that I often
get is when is the right time of the year to launch a product and the short answer is that there’s no
wrong time: if you’re ready to launch, you should do it. Some of the best months
in my business have been in the summer when most people take their vacation.
I’ve also had plans do really well with launches during the holidays. So there’s no off limit time. What I want
to do now is to take a look at all the work that needs to go into your
product launch then break it down into smaller pieces and from there it’ll be easier to
estimate how long each of those smaller pieces take. It’s important to remember that
work expands to fill time. So if you allot yourself one hour to do
a certain task that’s how long it’ll take. On the other
hand if you set yourself a 25 minute timer you might be able to beat your record.
But it can be hard to know how long something will take until you start doing it. That’s why it’s
important to break everything down into small chunks so that you can start to
feel accomplished every day even if you’re not finishing
the huge project that you have ahead of yourself. So once you have a task list of smaller
pieces together it’s time to really reverse engineer what
needs to get done and when. For example you might not need your
shopping cart’s thank you page after people order done right away but
you will want you opt in page that announces that
something’s coming soon done as soon as you can so you can tell people. Along those same lines you’ll probably
wanna start working on the sales page or sales video script fairly early on so you can get feedback on
that and make sure you’re building the right product in the right timeframe. Think about any
outside vendors that you might need to coordinate with. Whether it’s a designer, a copywriter,
developer or videographer. Usually when you’re working with a
collaborator you need to budget a little bit more time for that communication piece and to make sure
that everything lands properly. In my opinion it’s also important not to
sacrifice your standards because the vendor isn’t available right away. I see a lot of business owners work with less qualified copywriters or designers because those are the ones who are able to
accommodate their timelines. But what you might not know is that the
less experienced vendor might take even longer to work on your
project than if you would have waited to work with your ideal person in the
first place. And if you need to get on a waiting list to work with an awesome team, I’d say go for it cuz it’ll make
your launch even more successful. Plus it’ll give you extra time to do the
important marketing research work that you need to do to make sure that your
product will be successful. Finally put everything that you figured out for your
timeline into your calendar and then share this with your team and
any vendors that you’re working with. It’s totally understandable to expect
some slippage on deadlines but be sure that you’re clear which ones
need to happen and which ones are a little less solid. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back.
Planning a big product launch takes a lot of work and the timeline is one of those
things that most people overlook so you’re doing great. Now I wanna know – do you have any favorite
tips for planning a big project like this? Maybe you have a favorite calendar
or marker that you use to plan big things. Go ahead and leave a comment below and I
can’t wait to find out more about what you do. If you enjoyed this video please
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