How to plan a styled shoot for photographers | marketing tips!
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How to plan a styled shoot for photographers | marketing tips!

we are talking all about styled shoots
this is actually video number three in a styled shoot 101 series! I will be
linking videos 1 and 2 down below in case you guys have missed those and you
want to circle back before watching this one. in this video, we’re going to be
talking about really maximizing all the work that you put into this styled shoot.
so getting published, we’re going to be talking about sharing and blogging the
images and how exactly you should go about this to get the absolute most out
of the styling shoot. so if you can, during the styled shoot, I would have
someone other than yourself take some behind the scenes pictures or
snaps on snapchat or Instagram videos or something of the behind the scenes so
that you can tag other vendors and get people really excited and hyped about
this shoot so a lot of times when people contribute to a shoot they think okay
great I’m gonna get some photos maybe we’ll get published but then when
they also get that added element of you tagging them when your stories and
sharing your followers with them and you know actually literally tagging them
they’re just gonna feel all the more appreciated so try to share some behind
the scenes and get people excited to see the images the next tip I have is to
edit and share these images or at least a couple of the images really quickly
just like on a wedding day there’s kind of this like golden hour of like rock
gold an hour golden window of time where people are most excited about something
because it just happened so maybe you shared a bunch of behind the scenes
stuff and the next day you can share one of the most epic images from your shoot
you can tag all the vendors and get them all really excited I would also send
that image out to them an email and encourage them to share it I think this
is just gonna really help people to feel reassured that the shoot happened it was
successful it looked amazing and they’re already getting some payoffs from being
a part of that shoot I would also probably share that image all over
social media so I would do one post on Facebook with a different caption one
post on Instagram with something different maybe two different images if
if I am posting simultaneously I do like to switch those up a little bit because
a lot of people are gonna be on both platforms so you want it to be a little
bit different but a lot of times you want to wait to share all the images
because you are submitting to be published so if
you would like to get my approach my checklist my freebie for you guys today
it’ll be below and it’s going to be a submissions checklist this is
essentially how I approach getting published how I keep track of where it’s
submitted and how to know if you’re doing the right thing to get published
right so go ahead and grab that freebie so you can follow along but essentially
you’re going to find a blog or a magazine that fits the aesthetic of your
shoot you’re going to read all the submission guidelines and send a
personalized submission following each and every guideline to the editors and
then you will know when to expect to hear back because you’ve read all of the
rules on their submission page so keep track of all of this in the free
submission checklist below and good luck to you guys as you get published if you
want to hear more about getting published I have an entire video about
this I will link it here and I’m gonna link it down below but essentially you
have to take their time it’s going to require a little bit of patience but it
is so so worth it when you finally get your images published either in print or
on a blog everybody in the contributing vendors for your shoot they’re all just
gonna be so happy that they were a part of it there are a lot more likely to
collaborate with you again in the future so print out the getting published
checklist start following that one other tip that I have for you guys in the
whole getting published world is to submit small and submit local so if you
have a local block even if it’s a little bit smaller
don’t be turned off by that because that can actually be a little easier to get
into as far as getting a yes and getting submissions published quicker but
surprisingly they can also lead to a lot more actual clients so let’s say you are
living in Vancouver and you did this huge shoot and it’s amazing if you were
to find a small town blog that’s only for Vancouver Brides and you were able
to get on that blog it might actually be more beneficial to you than a nationwide
magazine because the brides reading that are actually in your city and you work
there so I’ve gotten published on smaller blogs and been really surprised
to find actual paying clients are reading these blogs and they’re that
hiring me so go small for your first publication of course you’ve probably
promised all of the vendors that you’re going to send them images I highly
recommend you gather up a gallery of the submission images and have that be
separate so a smaller gallery that you’re hoping gets published and then
having all the images that you edited in a gallery for all the vendors when
sharing the final images with my vendors which I try to do as quickly as possible
I’m really careful to make sure that everybody is aware of who else was in
the shoot because I want all the vendors to be credited by all the vendors when
anything is shared so for instance when I share the cake gallery with the cake
artist and I say you know I loved collaborating with you I think this cake
was amazing bubble blah maybe I know when they’re gonna be featured I say you
know Vancouver Brides picked up this wedding we’re gonna be future February
2nd I’m also very careful to say please
share these images please you know shout out for the rooftops but these are the
vendors that contributed and everyone needs to be credited because I don’t
want you know the planner to come back and say what happened why are we on this
you know Bakery website because sometimes images
get shared and it gets you know in the interwebs and all the vendor credits are
lost so we’re really pushing that everybody gets credited always no matter
where it is so that’s something I really highly recommend that you do just keep
saying here’s the team credit the team credit the team credit the team another
tip or option that you have for promoting and getting the most out of
this shoot that you just did is printing some of the images you could create you
know a little stack of prints for each of the vendors tie those up send a note
and really reinforce that relationship that you just made you could create a
little photo book for each vendor with their images from the shoot and just
create a way that it makes it really easy for them to share about you so
maybe you have a few business cards in there but ultimately they’re just so
thankful that you thought of them and they have all these physical prints to
share with their clients but they didn’t have before so you’re making them look
to their clients because they look professional and they’re gonna think of
you when they’re showing that book to a bride and saying that’s my cake or
that’s our gown that we designed they’re gonna be really thankful that you the
photographer sent them this book and they’re gonna think of you way faster so
you’re staying top of mind so get creative with ways that you could use
these images in these relationships and give them something really small really
affordable just to stay top of mind and to really just thank them for
collaborating with you you would like for me to create a q-and-a wrap up
series for styled shoots maybe there are questions that you have areas that you
felt like I just didn’t go in-depth enough ask your questions below if I get
at least 20 questions I’m gonna go ahead and refilm an entire wrap up to this
playlist so thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you next week bye
guys you

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9 thoughts on “How to plan a styled shoot for photographers | marketing tips!

  1. Have you thought about writing a book? You could add there all your tips and tricks how to shoot wedding and be successful. :))

  2. You did a great job answering questions as you filmed this series. Great work! I would love to see a behind the scenes “vlog” type instructional day of video of an actual styled shoot some day. Again, you did a great job with this series!

  3. Great 3-part series Joy. Styled shoot is something I need/like to do more of. I'm definitely inspired by watching your tips and advice on it!

  4. I didn't watch the video yet but I will soon. I usually binge watch your videos every week or two to catch up. Leaving a comment since you requested on Facebook haha.

  5. Hi Joy! I was thinking about planning a styled shoot with another photographer, how do you feel about that or do you think it’s a bad idea? I have never done one so I was wanting to plan it with someone else but not sure how it would go on the actual shoot. Thanks!

  6. This is super helpful, thank you Joy! Do you recommend any photo book in particular that is affordable? I've toyed with this idea but it has seemed too expensive everywhere I've looked! Thanks so much!

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