How To Plan Content For Instagram
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How To Plan Content For Instagram

Do you ever feel like a hamster, like you’re on this never ending content
creation wheel just to keep up with the Joneses of online business? And even though you know that Instagram
is the world’s number one social media platform, you might still
be feeling overwhelmed, like you have to create content for it
all day, every day. In today’s video, I’m sharing with you how I plan
out my content for Instagram, for both my personal account
and my agency’s client accounts. So if you’re in for this topic, be sure to hit the subscribe button and
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your online business again and stay tuned until the end where I’m going to share
the one method that you need to adopt in your business today so that
you can finally get off the
frantic hamster wheel of content production. Using my content planning method for
Instagram has worked for my friend Natalie Sisson, plus a bunch of other
students who I’ve worked with too, to save a ton of time and their sanity. So as we’re talking about
content for your Instagram feed, let’s start high level. I don’t want to get granular yet
because at the end of the day, why are you putting out
all of this content? You’re putting this content out there
on your feed to connect with your audience, right? You want them to get to know you
then like you and then trust you. So how do you do that? Well,
like anything in business, it starts with giving value. So the same goes with your feed. So how
do you give an Instagram follower value? Well, I define value in three ways. The first way is to inspire someone. So if you inspire a follower to take
action or just have a new thought, that is free value that you’re giving
them. The second way is to entertain them. I mean, a lot of us scroll
on Instagram to kill time. So if you make someone laugh or smile,
that’s value that you’re giving them. And the third way of giving
value is to educate someone. So if you’re teaching them something
new that they didn’t know before, that is free value. So that’s the big picture for your
content that you’re going to share in your feed. Every piece of content
should in some way give value, whether it’s inspiration,
education, or entertainment. So let’s take things down the next level
and let’s get a little bit granular. What are you actually
gonna post in your feed? This plan is important to have when it
comes to actually knowing what content to share. So it’s important to like
go through this process right now. Once you go through it once, you’re not going to have to do it again
for at least you know, six months or so. So in terms of what you’re
going to share in your feed, keeping in mind how you share value, what I recommend is to choose between
two to five themes that you’re going to share consistently in your feed.
What do I mean by themes? Well, the theme needs to resonate
with you as a brand, whether you’re a personal brand
or a brand outside of yourself, but more importantly, it needs to
resonate with your target follower. So me, for example, I’m a
personal brand @EliseDarma. And what I like to do is share
certain themes about my life that yes, they reflect me, but more
importantly, they resonate with you. The freelancer, the entrepreneur,
the content creator, you’re the person that I’m
really trying to connect with. So when it comes to my feed, I’ve
chosen certain themes to share. Like I like to share about
my life as an entrepreneur. I like to share my travels that
I do when I’m working remotely. I like to share thoughts that
are keeping me motivated. I like to share other people
or other stories that, um, are inspiring me. So as much as they
resonate with me, at the end of the day, they’re designed to resonate with you. So you got to choose two to five
visual themes that reflect your brand, but more importantly,
resonate with your follower. Why two to five? Well, if you choose two, it makes things pretty
simple for you, right? You post one theme one day and then you
switch to the next theme the next day and you just keep going back and forth. What you’re gonna end up with is a
checkerboard pattern in your feed. Now if you choose up to five, which I really like because it
creates a lot of variety in your feed. If you choose five, what’s going to happen is no two themes
are ever going to be right next to each other or on top of each other
in the feed. So like I said, you get lots of variety and you’re never
going to have redundancy in your feed as well. Before I move on, I want to dig deeper into themes to give
you a few ideas of what visual themes could be. So here are
some of my favorites. One thing you can add into your feed is
simply answering the common questions that your customers or followers ask you. So visually I’m thinking it’s
going to be a quote card, right? Maybe the visual will just
be their question and then
in the caption you answer it. Now, where do you get questions
from? Well, if you’re just starting out, you might just want to sift through your
inbox because surely some people have asked you questions there. Or if you want to go into some
industry-related Facebook groups, go ahead and search those groups and
you’re going to see what questions people are asking there. Another
place you can look is Reddit, so subreddits are themed forums around
your topics so you can go ahead and see what people are asking
in those groups as well. Then go ahead and compile all the
questions that you’re finding. Create quote cards and then like I said, go ahead and answer their
questions in the caption. Another thing you can consider is you.
You as the leader, you as the founder, this is really great, especially
if you’re a personal brand. You might notice that a lot of online
entrepreneurs are showing up more in their feed on Instagram. That’s
because at the end of the day, we all do business with you,
the person behind the account, so creating content around yourself could
be as simple as getting a tripod and taking a selfie photo or you could, like, ball out and hire a photographer to meet
you at your Home Office and do a photo shoot for a couple hours. That way you’ll have a whole bank of
professional images of yourself that you can pull from at any time. Another visual theme that I
love is tips from your industry, so similar to answering questions, this is where you’re actually
getting free education or free value. Now you have the option of pulling
an image like a stock image, which is copyright free, or you can create a quote card that
literally just says what the tip is. The point here is to give free education
that’s short and snappy so that people feel compelled to save your posts or
even share it in their own Instagram Stories. Another thing you can consider
is memes or funny videos. This obviously falls under the
entertainment value category, but a great place to check out what’s
trending is your Explore page and you could very well see what’s trending. Save it to your camera roll and repost
it as curated content to your feed. Of course, you’re going to want to give credit
to the original poster in the caption. One other theme you can
consider is a client story, a client testimonial or the transformation
that you helped someone achieve through your business, either
your program or your services. This is a really great way to drive
home the value that you know how to get people results. Now I
know what you’re thinking: We don’t get these testimonials
or these stories every single day, so if you only have a
handful, that’s totally fine. Whenever this theme comes
up again in your planning, you can swap that in for maybe a quote
of your own or something that you’re feeling that’s inspiring you. The point of this theme is
to inspire your follower, either through your own
thought, your own quote, or your own client’s story
and testimonial. Question, what type of content do
you like on Instagram? Let me know in a comment below this video. Do you like content that’s
educational, inspirational, or entertaining? I’d love to know! So, I hope those ideas got
the ball rolling for you. Go ahead and plan out what your two to
five visual themes are going to be and then you’re going to have to plan out
where you’re going to source that content from. So I mentioned Canva a few times. Canva is my favorite tool where I
like to create quote cards for free. I also mentioned
copyright-free stock photos. Those are really great for when you
just want a simple visual to really illustrate your caption. And I
also mentioned photos of yourself. I’m a big fan of working
with a photographer maybe
once every six months doing a nice brand photo shoots. Invite them
over to your Home Office. You know, take some photos of you
and your environment. And that really is a great way for someone
to get to know you on a deeper level. So go ahead and plan out your themes
and figure out where you’re going to source, curate or create each one of
them from. After you’ve done that step, you’re going to want to create a bank
or a library where you can store all of these images. So it could just be in
your Google drive, your Dropbox folder, or if you’re a Later user like me, you can use Later’s media bank as
a place to store all of your files. If you’re with me so far, then this brings me to the method that
you need to adopt today in your business to save time. The method is batching. Batching is basically what I’m setting
you up to do in terms of content planning for your Instagram account.
But first, what is batching? Cause I’m not talking about
making a batch of cookies, I’m talking about batch
work. So to be clear, batching is when you take a
certain project or a certain
workflow and you divide it up into chunks of time so that
you’re only doing one thing at one time instead of jumping around from task
to task. To give you an example, when most people post on Instagram,
they’ll find the image they want to use, then they’ll write the caption,
then they’ll find their hashtags, then they’ll post it and then
they’ll respond to comments. So that’s jumping from task to task.
So when you batch your Instagram, you’re not doing that. You’re not
jumping from one task to another. You’re doing one task over and over again. So your very first step
would be to con- ugh. Okay. What I’m suggesting is to not do the
same process every single day when you post, but instead set aside an hour, maybe on a Monday or Tuesday where you
go through that whole process in one fell swoop. So in one hour you’re gonna
find all your content for your week. You’re gonna write all your captions, you’re gonna find your hashtags in that
one set of time so that you’re not doing all those little tasks over and
over again throughout the week. So where are we at in our process? Well, you know what your visual
themes are going to be. You’ve created a bank of libraries, so you’re already halfway
there to batching. What I recommend next is dropping in
your images into a scheduling tool like Later. That way from your desktop, you can actually drop in your images
that you want to post for the next week. Write your captions in one go. Find your
hashtags in one go, set it, forget it, and that’s it. You’re going to save so
much time by batching this
activity versus posting every day on Instagram, starting from scratch
every time you open up your app. One tip that I love is to actually
have a note on your phone, so I just use the note app.
Anytime a caption idea hits me, maybe like earlier today I was
walking around and I saw a horse, I saw a police officer on a horse, so
maybe that sparks an idea for a caption. What I like to do is either go into that
note app and send myself a voice note so that apple will transcribe it
or I’ll just quickly type it out. The point is is sometimes you get ideas
for your content that just hits you in the moment. You don’t want to lose them, so either send yourself a voice note or
quickly write it down in your note app so that it’s available for you the next
time you sit down to batch schedule your content. There you have it. Batching is how I get off of that annoying
hamster wheel of content creation. I do it once in my week, all in one go. Set it and forget it for
the rest of the week. If you like this video and you want more
trainings on how to actually grow your business through Instagram, I invite you to sign up for
my free Instagram masterclass. The link is right in the
description below this video, you’re going to discover real tangible
ways that you can grow a quality following today so that you actually get
more customers and sales back to your business. To ease and revenue. I
will see you in the next video. What is batching , basically, what am I talking about? To ease revenue and fun content
planning for Instagram? No, that’s too long. To ease revenue
and content. I’ll see. You know.

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