How to play the Dwarfs in Total War: Warhammer 2 | Campaign Strategy
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How to play the Dwarfs in Total War: Warhammer 2 | Campaign Strategy

Welcome to the campaign strategy section of
my Dwarf race guide. This part will focus on campaign gameplay and strategy for the
Dwarfs including starting out, later expansion and the different sub-factions Disclaimer: This guide is based on my personal
experience and opinions and is by no means the definitive way to play the Dwarfs in Mortal
Empires. If you have a different strategy or want to add something to mine please leave
a comment down below. Now that’s out of the way lets get into the video. When playing as the Dwarfs you have the choice
of 3 factions and who you choose will make some big differences to how they play in both
campaign and battle but for now we’ll focus on the campaign. The faction I played as for this guide is
the Dwarf Realms as they are the original Dwarfs added back in Warhammer 1. They start
out at Karaz-a-Karak and are immediately at war with the bloody spears and the Greenskins.
They do have a tough start but if you play battles correctly and expand quickly you can
turn it in your favour in a matter of turns. On turn one I took out the nearby bloody spears
army as well as taking the Pillars of Grungi. This gave me a good start for taking mount
Squighorn shortly after and having a full province before turn 5 which gave me a massive
head start. I then pushed south and began making friends with Zufbar in the north and
telling him to attack the bloody spears from there to keep them from back dooring me. I
continued pressing south and took 2 more settlements, karak dron and Iron rock. This left the green
skin capital nearby to attack at a very early stage. I spent a few turns building up my
armies and settlements before beginning to siege the Black Crag and taking the Greenskin
Capital by turn 40. I spent the next 60 turns expanding south and confederating dwarf clans.
This allowed my economy to grow very quickly and soon money was not an issue and my armies
could be as big as I wanted with no upkeep constraints. I finally knocked out the last
of the Greenskins on turn 99 and then was declared war on by the Vampire Counts. They
didn’t last very long and were knocked out by 110. At this point my economy and military strength
was so great that no one could touch me and everyone wanted trade and alliances which
I accepted. Doing so allowed me to designate targets across the entire map and by turn
150 I had achieved the short victory with a measly 11 losses in the whole campaign. While I didn’t play the other sub factions,
they do look to play very similar to the Dwarf Realms with some minor differences that will
be covered more in the Lords & Heroes section. They obviously have different starting locations.
Karak Kadrin start at Karak Kadrin and Clan Agrund start at Karak Izor. The expansion options are also different for
each faction. Dwarf Realms want to expand to the south and leave the north for Zufbar
and Karak Kadrin, taking as much of the badlands as they can. Karak Kadrin should expand north
and then south after eliminating the Red Eyes. Finally Clan Agrund who should head south
before heading east to take the badlands. Overall I’d say once you get past the initial
push to get out of your spawn location, the dwarf campaign quickly becomes very easy but
there’s still lots of things about them that are unique and made them tons of fun
to play as. They have a lot of possible allies and the
majority of them are very nearby so its great to make friends with them ASAP to get their
support through trade and military alliances. Of course you can eventually confederate them
all and have foot holds in every part of the map which are extremely useful for later wars
to clean up. The economic potential they have is near unrivalled
thanks to the ability to make tier 4 resources depots which bring in more money and resources. They also start in a location that is very
near to many of the resources you can get so can be making lots from trade from the
start. This is also very useful for the forge which I’ll come back to. Settlements do tend to grow slower than most
other factions but this can be sped up through buildings as well as research. The research tree also improves a huge variety
of things such as economy, relations with other factions, recruit rank, capacity and
time, upkeep and unit stats. Your settlements are also very tough to take
out even with just a basic garrison so long as you fight them manually as the auto-resolve
does not favour you at all. Casualty replenishment is also slow especially
when outside of friendly territory and you cant use battle captives to replenish like
with most other factions. You can only ransom them for money or execute them for leadership. The book of grudges is something unique to
the dwarf factions. It basically keeps a record of any action done against your faction by
others. For example if an army raids your territory, you’ll get a grudge to defeat
that lord in battle. If you do this you’ll be rewarded with Oathgold which is a unique
currency used for crafting as well as a bonus to public order and +5 diplomatic relations
with dwarf realms. If you have no active grudges it is a great thing to always have these bonuses
but if you do have some and cant fix them then it can quickly cause major problems for
you so it can be a double edged sword. The Forge is another thing that’s unique
to the Dwarfs. It uses Oathgold as mentioned before and trading resources that are being
worked or traded to you. It uses these to craft items of varying strength to equip on
your lords and heroes. These items range from common to near legendary unique items with
a wide range of different effects. It’s also worth noting that the trade resources
are not consumed when crafting. Oathgold can be generated a number of ways aside from the
afore mentioned grudge settling. Heroes can get skills to generate it per turn, a unique
building in Galbraz can mine it and all trade depot buildings earn you some per turn. All Dwarf armies also get the ability to use
the underways which allow them to cross rough terrain such as mountains in direct lines
which uses less turns but means you run the risk of being intercepted and having no escape
if you can not win the battle. This means that you will lose the entire army so use
this wisely. Throughout the campaign, as I made friends
with several of the Dwarf realms, I’d get given a choice between a faction wide public
order penalty or harming my relations with that realm. I always chose the realms as it
recovered fast enough and didn’t interfere with my alliances in the slightest. Since the Dwarfs do inhabit settlements they
do have a choice of commandments. Empower the Guilds grants +30 growth and +5% faction-wide
trade resource production. High King’s Tribute increases tax rate by 5%. Masters of Steel
& Stone decreases building cost and recruitment cost by 10% and adds 1 to the local recruitment
capacity. Finally Venerate the Ancestors grants +2 untainted and +2 public order. Finally we come to the Climate Preferences.
The Climate for Dwarf Realms and Clan Agrund are the same. Wasteland, Mountains and Savannah
are Suitable. Frozen, Temperate and Desert are unpleasant. Ocean, Chaotic Wasteland,
Magical Forest, Jungle and Island are uninhabitable. Karak Kadrin is slightly different with frozen
being suitable and savannah and chaotic wasteland being unpleasant. That concludes this section of the guide on
Campaign Strategy. The next section will cover the unit roster and how I believe each unit
is best used so stay tuned for that. Don’t forget to vote on the poll for the
next race you want me to make a guide for which is linked in the description and the
comments. If you want to check out the other parts to
this or any other guide there’s a link in the card and in the description to the playlist
for the series. If you enjoyed this video at any point please
consider leaving a like as it really does help out a lot and if you want to see more
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is free. For now though I was Colonel Damneders and
I’ll see you next turn.

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