How To Prioritize Marketing Ideas
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How To Prioritize Marketing Ideas

All right. Today, we’re going to
talk about how to market– no, we’re not going to
talk about that at all. That’s the wrong words. Today, we’re going to talk
about how to prioritize your marketing ideas. If you’re in a
marking department or you work with one, you’re
probably facing this problem. Like, you’ve got a lot of ideas. A lot of them suck, to be frank. They do suck. You’re going to have bad ideas. So let’s talk about
prioritizing your ideas. First and foremost,
before you do anything to prioritize your ideas,
figure out your frickin’ goal. What is your North Star,
Shaun Ellis would say. But what is your goal? Is it, is it 100 new customers? Is it a million dollars
in revenue a year? Whatever, $10 million? Whatever it is, work
backwards from your goal. Simple. But you forget to do that
when you come up with ideas. It’s right brain,
left brain thinking. They don’t get along. Anyways, number two
is identify weaknesses in your marketing funnel. You’ve got to figure
out where they are. Typically, not enough
traffic or your conversion sucks or you don’t
get enough customers turning into advocates. Whatever it may be,
you’ve got problems there. Figure out where they
are because you usually want to solve them. Number three is to work
backwards from your goal. I already mentioned
this earlier, but I’m just going
to say it again because it’s that important. You’ve got your goal. I want to get 100 new customers. Every marketing
activity will likely be, or those ideas
should likely be, things that are going to help
you get your 100 customers. Really, really simple. Number four, use
the ICE framework to prioritize your ideas. There’s a link to the doc
and a description or template you can use. Essentially, this
will weight, based off of the ease of implementation,
the impact it’s going to have on your business, and
a few other factors. help hopefully what this will
do is float all the good stuff, the high impact
stuff to the top, the things that are
really easy to knock out, and the crappy
stuff to the bottom. And over time, the
stuff at the bottom will kind of get
old and rot and die. So, or maybe you will
remove it manually, because things can’t die on
a spreadsheet, at least not the ones I use. All right. Number five, brainstorm
ideas that could actually solve your goals. Look, get your team, get
the whole company around, and you know that goal
that you just created and the one that you’re
working backwards from? Brainstorm ideas that can
actually solve that goal. Often times, marketers come
in with these crazy ideas and they forget the goal
that they’re working on. And so, you’ve
got the goal, come with ideas around that goal. And better yet, get
your engineering, get your customer support,
get your sales team, get your CEO involved. And that’s going to really
help solve the goal. All right. Number six, add details about
the prediction and the ROI that’s going to
come from your idea. So, you’ve got these
ideas, you know, get everyone together, your CEO
comes up with a bunch of ideas. It’s your job– and
this is why the ICE framework is really awesome–
is put all this stuff together. Add in the details. Like, what’s this idea
going to do for me? What’s the likelihood
of prediction? And how much is this
going to get me? Is this going to get
me closer to my goal? Or is this going to get me– well, it can’t get you further,
hopefully not– but what is it going to do for you? Figure it out. At Mailshake, we have a metric
that we focus on every quarter. Right now, it’s
retention, hence, me doing the customer
success role for a while. So right now, our
goal is retention. So all of our product
improvement ideas, all of our marketing ideas,
are all centered around that. The whole company bands together
to really focus on this metric. And in the few months
we’ve been working on it, we’ve chipped away. It’s gotten better because
we’re doing it as a group. All right. Last tip here is
marketing is often siloed. So make sure you
share the knowledge with the rest of your
company and invite them to add their own ideas. So get your CEO. Get your engineers. Get the salespeople. Get the support people. My best ideas have
come from support because those are the guys
on the front line talking to your customers,
same with sales. So, those are where the
best ideas are probably going to lie. Get them to contribute. Look, they’re going to have
some bad ideas, but it’s OK. It’s better than them
not contributing at all. So, there you have it, guys. Now you know how to prioritize
your marketing ideas. Now, go do it. What are you waiting for?

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  1. great info. A Trello board is a great place to keep your marketing ideas and there's an ICE plugin you can use.

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