How to Quickly Do A One Page Business Plan
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How to Quickly Do A One Page Business Plan

In this video, I want to share with you how
to do a business plan on just one page. And before I do, if you’d like to learn more about
how to add six figures to your net profit, in the next 90 days, go ahead and visit
or click on the link below. So entrepreneurs come to me, and I ask them, do you have a
business plan. And I kind of know the answer already. It’s a very rare thing that a lot
of business owners have a business plan. They had to go to funding from a bank, then it’s
just something that they kind of never really get around to. They know that they should
do it, but they haven’t done it. Now, I could give you a 40 or 50 page template with lots
of nice headings in there for you go and fill out, but I just know that you’re highly unlikely
that you’re ever going to get around to that. So, let me share with you a really quick and
easy way to get everything down on one page that you need for your business plan. We call
it the Now Where How process. So the first thing you need to do is understand exactly
where you are in your business. You could do this doing a SWOT analysis. That’s looking
at where are your strengths? Where are your weaknesses in your business? Where are your
opportunities? And where are your threats? So pretty much going through each area of
your business to get an understanding of where your weaknesses are. But here’s the thing.
As a business owner, the low hanging fruit for you is pursuing opportunities out in the
marketplace where you can use your strengths. I say to my clients, play to your strengths.
And so once you have a full understanding of where you are now, you’re ready to think
about your business goals and where you want to be. So, the next step is to look at where
you want to be. This includes your business vision, your business mission, your values,
and your top goals. Now, through working through your SWOT analysis, you’re going to find some
opportunities that you want to pursue, some things in the marketplace that are there,
ready for you to use your strengths to go after. My suggestion would be pick the low
hanging fruit. Whether you’re going to get more customers, develop more products, or
diversify, you want to go for the most easiest strategy that’s there for you. I always say
to my clients, think about it like you’re walking through an orchard. You want to get
all the low hanging, ripe fruits off the tree first. Remember the purpose of a business
is not only to make a difference in the world, but it is to make money. So, go through, have
a look at where you are, and define those things, your vision, what your business is
all about, your mission, what it sells, who it sells to, your point of difference, and
then get some business goals for the next 12 months around how much you want to make
in your business, the sales, what products you will sell, and who you will sell them
to. You only need a few bullet points. Keep it really simple. Once you have your top level
goals, then of course you can just do a to do list, the action plan of how you’re going
to move from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s literally just an action
list. Don’t let the concept of doing a business plan completely overwhelm you. The thinking
is really important. The document is not important at all. Once you’ve done the now, where, how,
finally, and I’m going to say a dirty word here, I know, you have to do a budget. That
is, you have to get the numbers together in a spreadsheet or in your accounting software
that projects the profit and loss in your business. Again, it’s probably not as hard
as you may think it is. One of the things I say to people is, you must learn to love
the numbers. They tell a business story. So there you go. No 20 page documents, just a
simple one page, where you are now, where do you want to be, a to do list with how you’re
going to get there. Put that together with a budget, and you’re done and ready to go.
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