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I know what we’re gonna be covering
today how to generate leads build your brand and grow a targeted following on
Instagram alright so without further ado let’s jump right into the boot camp so
first things first I wanna talk about here’s what we’re not doing right this
is what we’re not going to be doing when I getting on here to socialize all right now you need to remember that
Instagram is a social network so don’t get caught up in socializing that has
nothing to do with business ok if you need to create a separate business
account that you’re going to designate for building your business building your
brand new that we are not here to socialize right second day directly promoting a business opportunity on the
front end so if your network marketing we are not promoting your network
marketing company on the front end that’s not what we’re doing a lot of
people have a hard time understanding the power of generating leads in growing
and brand through using attraction marketing and I see it all the time
people are leading with their business not building their own brand we’re not
doing that ok in the third dang is were not
aimlessly posting following and hoping all right we’re not going to you know
put everything on hoping alright that’s not what we’re doing here is what we are
doing we’re using a business building strategy right reusing a strategy not
hoping you write second thing we’re building your brand that’s what this is
about building your brand ok there are 10 we’re gonna build an audience you
need to build I targeted audience that’s what we’re doing and then lastly you’re
building a business ok you’re making sales you’re looking to get sign ups
that’s what we’re here for and that’s what this boot camp is about right so
let’s get started first things first you need to set up your profile in a way
that’s appealing in a way that would draw people in in attract people you
must have a profile pic alright this is a must there’s no question about it you can’t
you can’t get on here and not have a pic and I’m sure most of you already do so
leave it up find something that’s attractive put
that picture as your profile pic right next thing you want to do here is you
want to let people know who you are who are you ok put that in here you can see
I put next level entreprenuer alright I’m helping
entrepreneurs grow and grow their business on the internet that’s what I
do what else about me I’m a vision a marketer and I’m a coach I help people
grow their business on line now the next thing you want to do is you need to have
a call to action right what do they get value on the other side of the capture
page right of the link if they click the link and that’s a fourth when you need
to have a capture page right here you have a link area Instagram allows you to do this you need to put in here right
above it call to action in what value they can
receive on the other side of that link on the other side of that capture page
now if you came to this video through a capture page or through my Instagram you
knew exactly what you were getting on the other side Instagram boot camp that’s exactly how
you need to say you were profile up right doesn’t make sense ok now what are you gonna post right
what do you what do you post to attract customers to attract prospects to grow
your business well here’s what I do I do quotes so I
have a quote here I made this and just so you know I’m gonna show you exactly
everything I use on my Instagram to grow my business and to put content out there
I’m gonna give you my exact strategy alright so I do quote inspiration do
motivation lifestyle pictures progress in social prove if your network
marketing you need to be doing this right if you hear rank or you have other
people on your team you need to put that up its social proof ok and also if you
meet people let’s say that you have events in New meet you know people who
are inspirational put that up there put pictures of you and them you know you
took pictures with them put that up there right that social proved in the
last but not least as one of the most important things is you write so you
need to remember that Instagram is a social network but like I said in the
beginning we’re not here to socialize but we are here to be transparent you
want people to see you now as you can see in these three pictures all these
pictures are of me now I don’t always do that that but you need to have some pictures
of you you need to let people in let them see you ok that is part of it being
transparent showing them you showing them your life now like this one are
here this was just me over the holidays my family and I we went we went to the
mountains we found some snow we went sledding so I put this this is actually
one of the most like pictures I had on Instagram so make sure that your
incorporating pictures are you alright next is you can actually repost content
using an application that i’m gonna show you later of users that actually have great
content so I put a list here of users on Instagram that I will actually go to get
inspiration from so you can see success success diaries build your empire
success marketplace and then of course if you need some inspiration you can
feel free to check out my my page Mr Lucas ok so what’s next when do you post
your pictures and then how do you schedule now so how do you find out the
best times to pose and can you actually scheduled well the answer is yes and
it’s an application called crowd fire and it’s a Chrome extension for the
Chrome browser so you need to have the Chrome browser in order to do this if
you don’t have that go ahead and download the Chrome browser in my
personal opinion it’s my favorite it’s all IOU’s but it has some perks
including this one so after you have the Chrome browser downloaded in the top
right hand corner you’re gonna see this symbol rate just these three lines when
you click on that you’re gonna drop down and go to Settings after settings click
on extensions and then you’re gonna scroll all the way down to where it says
get more extensions and then what you’re gonna do is just gonna search for crowd
fire and then download this application and then this is what’s gonna come up
you know you’ll see in the top right hand corner of your menu bar at the top
bar you’ll see the crowd fire symbol looks just like this and once you get in
here and you sign in you can have Twitter Instagram and it’ll have your
profile picture here so on the left hand side you’re gonna see a column right
here you need to click on this rocket okay once you do that you’re gonna see
it’s going to be really big on your screen so all you’re gonna do here is
your gonna type in what you want your caption to be for Instagram right now
we’re talking about scheduling out of post here once you put that in you can
actually upload an image after you created and I’ll show you when I used to
create images in a little bit once you do that this is what’s awesome is you
can click that’s time now what crowd fired does is it’s really amazing crowd
fire see everybody has followers that are different alright and your followers may be on
Instagram at different times than my followers crowd fired does is it actually has an
algorithm to find out when your personal followers are online the most when they’re using their
Instagram so it’ll actually scheduled out and tell you the best time to post
on Instagram once you do that you click on published now and it’ll be scheduled
out to post okay and you can do several of these a day now once that time comes
it’s gonna alert you via mobile alright once that time comes now because instagram has rules crowd
fire follow those rules and they won’t actually post to your Instagram on your
behalf what’s going to happen is there going to notify you on your mobile phone
and tell you it’s time to post and that’s when you go and you application and you just make the post
this is very powerful because what’s going to happen is crowd fires algorithm
tells you this means that the most eyeballs possible out of your followers
will see your post and that’s what marketing is how can you get your
information in front of the most viable as possible and that’s why I love this
application so this is always a feature that you can use now I would say you
need to try and posed daily alright I try and make opposed every day on
Instagram no I don’t always make a post every day but I would definitely
recommend trying to posed every day and I have personally found the best time to
post on Instagram is either early in the morning or in the evening that’s when
you get the most engagement on your pictures ok so you know I’ve tried doing
afternoon pictures and I’m not saying don’t do that all I’m telling you is
when I have personally seen the most results early morning and then late in
the evening now I personally use for Instagram and like I said after I go
over these are very quickly I mean a show you exactly my exact strategy that
I use right now to this day to market and build my brand in my Instagram
online ok so the first one I put this one first because right now it is my
favorite applications are using its called over this application allows you
to use pictures high-definition pictures they have their own library that you can
use if you don’t want to use those you can import your own pictures and it’s
really awesome because they have so many different fonts of texts they have
filters that you can you can resize your pictures they have so many different
options that you can use they have art that you can use its really awesome highly highly recommend using over I
love it I use it all the time and that’s how I’m creating my pictures right now
with over texts tagsforlikes you probably have heard this but what this
allows you to do is to create hashtags ahead of time even categorized them for
different post that you’re making that might be the pro version I have
provision and if you can spare few bucks I definitely recommend pro version if
not I still highly recommended download tagsforlikes the free version ok it
allows you to see it saves you a lot of time right that’s what it does is you to
save time instead of typing in hashtags every single time you post the next one
instant quote really good as preloaded quotes for you you can change the
backgrounds another one I highly recommend is instant quote I personally
use this one several times ok crowd fire we’ve talked about a
little bit in a browser aspect but in this boot camp I’m gonna go more in
depth how you can use ground fire rights of definitely download the app crowd
fire it’s amazing I’m going to detail in just a little bit repost alright I think
this is a must because when you’re on the go most people are busy sometimes you don’t
have time to actually take the time to create opposed that’s where every post
comes in you can quickly search somebody else’s pictures use the application
reposted give them credit for their picture and put it up in a matter of
just a few seconds all rights of repose is awesome another highly recommended application
to use HQ Wallpapers I haven’t used this one in a while but this one is actually
really amazing too because he has so many different pictures that you can use
freely right it’s totally free and you can use these high-definition pictures
so if you’re looking for pictures other than over I actually recommend the most but if you
want to check out HQ Wallpapers I still have this one downloaded on my phone to
this day check that one out photo grid is another
really good one that I’ve started with a while ago and what it allows you to put
a bunch of different pictures into a collage I’ve actually used photo grid
several times before I downloaded over I used to use photo grid all the time to
overlay my handle on any picture so a lot of times you post a picture I
recommend you guys do this every single time you post a picture and that is just
put your hand all on top of that picture so mines at Mr Nathan Lucas almost all
of my pictures have at Mr Nathan and the reason behind that is because its
branding once again you want to build your brand and then also if people
repost your picture it’s on there so a lot of times people might take a picture
and not give credit to you and I’ve actually had someone I it’s rare that
you come across someone who does I found someone who took my picture did not give
me credit but guess what did it matter because my handle is on there they knew
people can see that picture and know who originated that picture I definitely
recommend that so photo grid is another one right now here’s a secret eyes and
see this is this is next level marketing I’m sharing with you guys and i know im
excited to share this with you I know you’re going to get a lot of people
don’t think about this next level type stuff in it it’s not really that big of
a deal but at the same time it is go to 2015 that’s nine dot com I know its 2016
or beyond but I’m using this but guess what look at this you can actually search any
user on Instagram and get their best nine pictures now I would imagine 2016
2020 doesn’t matter whenever you’re watching this
there will be that you’re here right just search it twenty year that’s not
dot com and then type in someone who is a leader in your industry company in
your industry and find out what their most like pictures are its gonna tell
you the nine most like pictures and why this is powerful is because you can use
those pictures as inspiration to create pictures or you can simply repost them
and you give them credit for doing that right so 2015 absolutely
amazing gives you a lot of ideas to create your own content or you can
simply repost that content and you know it’s already been like the lot so people
liked it so why not repost it ok all right now I’m gonna talk about how to
get targeted followers all right now when I say targeted these
are people who will buy from you and they want to join you in your business
opportunity right that’s what we’re looking for when I hear screw around
when I hear socialized we’re here to build a business right I want you to
build your business I want you have breakthroughs that’s what this is about alright here’s what you do you follow
others in your niche or any MLM company alright so you can search any MLM
company if your network marketing if you’re an affiliate marketer and your
target market is network marketers and you want to build a brand within that
industry that’s what you want to do right that’s exactly what I do and then
what you do is you follow their followers and I hope that makes sense to
you so you’re going to search the MLM companies and follow their followers
next search entreprenuer more success related users and here’s an example I
personally do exactly what I’m telling you right now I will search this user
rain here at success one of the biggest accounts on Instagram success related
entrepreneur alright you will search them and then you’re gonna go in there
look at their followers and follow them you want to follow these followers and
why do you want to do that because they’re already success minded there
already entreprenuer minded and they might be
interested in what you have to offer joining you in your opportunity that’s
why you wanna do that right the next way to get targeted followers is through
hashtags now you can actually use hashtags to categorize your post so when
you make a post you want to hash tag within the category or within your
industry now thirty has to be at the time that I’m creating this video
there’s thirty allowed on Instagram use them know I’ve seen other training
videos and other people recommend don’t use a lot of hashtags was it makes
you seem desperate no forget that use them in here’s why fill them up because for every two
people who may come to your picture or see it through a hashtag say oh he seems
desperate they bounced out for every to your gonna have forum or see your post alright it’s all about eyeballs them or
hashtags you use the more strategic you are with your has tags and get more
eyeballs on your post your content they build your brand and that’s what you
want right called marketing you want more eyeballs
on your content so use them I use like we talked about tagsforlikes I use the
pro version if you’ve got a few bucks I recommend using the primers I’m gonna go
into that actually show you the exact hashtags I use on my post right next
find users who like post based on niche related hashtags what do I mean that
well if your network marketing industry or your affiliate marketer in the
network marketing is your target market you might search
MLM network marketing passive income or any network marketing company alright that’s what you want to do this
is personally what i do to grow and build my business on the internet or on
Instagram and I highly recommend you do the same all right now I had to throw this in
here because this is a powerful right how can you have interaction on
Instagram but on a desktop her lap or on a laptop right it’s called icon on
square dot com and you may have heard of this but maybe you’ll get something out
of this that you haven’t heard before so i cant all square actually allows you to
interact on your desktop or laptop but here’s the cash and it’s really not a
catch because I can’t ask we’re just like crowd fire is following the rules
that instagram has in place and that means no posting their following the
rules so you can’t go through icon on square and post but what you can do as
you can like other people’s pictures you can interact with people by commenting
on their pictures right and that’s pretty cool and I think you can also
follow other people so there is definitely some functionality with this
now what I want to really highlight here is under to promote their website and
you sign in using your Instagram account under promote to have you have a
Facebook tab you can create one and that means if you have a Facebook page if you
don’t I highly recommend you create one you can have a tag there that will have
your Instagram feed pretty powerful stuff you can also have a facebook cover
photo that is a collage on your facebook cover photo and that to me is also
pretty cool and then the last one which is what I personally use and I highly
recommend is on your blog you can have a widget for your Instagram feed now this
is exactly what mine looks like from icon on square i thought id throw it up
here and let you guys see exactly this is on my blog today alright so this is pretty cool to
throw up on your website so people can see that you have an Instagram and then
they can go follow you like your pictures and you get more interaction
outweigh alright pretty cool alright guys now here’s what I mean do you go
into my exact strategy of how I market in how I recommend you guys market
alright this is a boot camp for a reason because it’s for creating results alright that’s why it’s a boot camp so
this is exactly what i do to create and post content on Instagram the first
thing I do is I searched for inspiration success entreprenuer related that is
what I personally do and I do this through looking at hashtags are users
and a lot of times I do this through users and I’ll get into that in a little
bit also I might find inspiration and maybe like I said before I don’t have
time so I repost it and I use the repost or I make it my own I make it my own by
taking it and creating through over my own and if I don’t do that I take it and
I create my own pictures from scratch and write a lot of times you might get
inspiration from other people’s pictures you know when you might have creativity
starting to flow through you and I i have done it before and I create my own
you know I created my own quotes and maybe you can to have done all that
through over right and that’s what I currently use right now is over but
remember there’s all those other applications that we talked about that
you can feel free to use alright used tags tagsforlikes app for hashtags and I
talked about this already these are my exact has to head right now notice I named this MLM because I’m
within the network marketing industry and I copy these tax so feel free copy
me that’s why this is exactly what I use alright I uses has towns all I do is I
click copy and paste them straight into my pose on Instagram and I post it
alright so hashtag for tagsforlikes is an amazing application and it saves you
a lot of time right now this this is the strategy that is really gonna create a
following in your gonna do it by following and unfollowing people within
your niche all of this is going to take place in application called crowd fire
we’ve already talked about crowd fire on the desktop side now we’re gonna talk
about it using your mobile application right to you can download this on your
phone alright so you’re gonna open open
application on your cell phone and your gonna copy followers and here’s what
this looks like and I want you take note appear real quick because I’m not going
to go into this but it’s the exact same thing of copy followers is just non
followers you would unfollow but let’s dive in to copy followers this is what it’s going to look like
when you open your app and you’re gonna click Copy followers and once you do
that this is what it can look like and once you start searching for you know a
company or you want to search for a user with your target market it’s gonna it’s
gonna pop up down here and if you see the user that you want to follow or copy
their followers and click it it will populate up here and then you’re gonna
get this little tap here after you click search now this is the one here success
mindset which is the user success right here you can see it this is one of the
most followed accounts on Instagram for success so I actually will follow the
following his followers within this account so you gonna create that blue
button and then this is where it’s going to bring you your gonna start to see all of the people who follow that
user now here is what’s so powerful about using crowd fire these are the
people who are most engaged with this user alright that’s important because they’re
within your niche there within your target market right so if they’re
already involved these people are highly targeted and all you’re going to do is
start clicking this button tap it over and over and over again until you get a
notification pops up in a pub right on the screen says you’ve reached Instagram limit try back in an hour once
that happens alright you followed enough people
you’re good because like I said this application actually follows Instagram’s
rules in somehow they calculate when you reach the limit within which is awesome
because if you’re following people with Instagram there is no warned you might
follow too many people in Instagram will actually lock you out for a little while
from using that function and I’ve heard of people getting their account shut
down so this is actually a safe way to do it using crowd fire without getting
banned or booted from Instagram so once you do that in you see that guess what after an hour or so this is what you’re
gonna see you’re going to get a notification on your phone crowd fire says good news in hourly
Instagram limit has been lifted what are you waiting for and at this
point here’s what you do last rinse and repeat pretty simple you do the same thing over
and over and over again and it’s the hustle this is what people are not
willing to do are you because a lot of people want this is what it takes to
build a fall in building brand using Instagram you do this over and over and
over alright I’m built over 6,000 followers
doing this method that I’m sharing with you right now and not just followers
targeted followers alright I’ve gotten plenty of
leads from my business doing just this alright so I hope this really helps you
hope you understand the power behind following and getting followers in your
target market right these are people that will they will buy from you and
they would join you in your opportunity let’s go next year if you follow these
steps you will grow your brand and following on Instagram guarantee no and
buts about it you will grow your business that’s what this boot camp was
about for you to get results to get a following and build your brand on
Instagram in that that’s big here I’m still new to guaranteed and I stand by
that you will build your brand and falling on his room if you follow these
steps and implement them and take them seriously alright take your business serious
because when you treat it like a business you get paid like a business
and i know you’ve probably heard that but it’s so true tree like a business you paid like a
business for inspiration always feel free to go check out my
account Mr Nathan Lucas and if you want to repost my pictures that’s fine with
me I recommend using the repose at because it automatically will give
credit that way I don’t recommend stealing them from me but you know to
each their own alright next if you are interested in
growing your business continuing to learn more you want to work with me personally you
want to build your business online learn how to generate targeted leads not
just in Instagram and learn how to use attraction marketing to grow your
business to use the internet to work for you are you sleeping that’s what I want
to help you do alright that’s what I teach people how to do you can go to
results you might be able to click this link right here or depending
where you’re at there might be a link below this click
that link in on the other side I’ll show you exactly how you can grow your
business generate more leads and embrace
attraction marketing to grow your business online I’ll talk to you guys

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  1. Excellent video.  I took a lot of notes and will be Instagramming the crap out of my account.  LOL   Thank you again.

  2. does adding hash tags on a week old post help it attract more?
    Also, been having issues getting YouTube videos saved to my iphone. Seen a lot of videos, showing a couple apps though I don't see what they're showing.

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