How to renew your Norton product by entering key or code
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How to renew your Norton product by entering key or code

Welcome to Norton Support. This video will show you how to renew your Norton subscription using a product key or code that you have already purchased. By renewing your subscription, all your Norton services stay updated and your devices are protected against the constantly
evolving array of online threats. You are prompted to renew your subscription when you have less than 30 days left on your current subscription. To remain protected, it is important that
you renew your subscription before it expires. You can start the renewal process in one of
the following ways: Either, in the main window, click Help and
then click Enter Product Key. Or click Renew and then click
I have a key or code to enter. Enter your product key or code and then click Next. Your product key is validated and the number of days remaining in your current subscription is updated. There you go. You have now successfully renewed
your Norton subscription. Thanks for watching. For more help,
please visit the Norton support website at:

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20 thoughts on “How to renew your Norton product by entering key or code

  1. If I want to update all multiple-licenses (e.g. "10 devices" 1-year subscription), why does Norton now force me to update the license key individually on each device? Well, the answer is obvious I guess (to steer users to use Norton's pricier/automatic renewals), but as recently as last year I could update all devices under a multiple license at once on my Norton online account. Thumbs down.

  2. I had 48 days remaining and by adding an new key using the info in this video somehow now only have 366 days. Where have my original 48 days gone??

  3. We have been purchasing on Amazon, through Norton, getting the product code. 29.00 for 3 devices and 35 for 5. Works every year for us. And do not install an update, until the last day, or you will lose days.

  4. WHY WOULD you put this function under HELP? It belongs under account management or on a line RIGHT BELOW the Renew button. And then your alternative method at 0:43 is already obsolete not even a year later, because you keep redesigning the UI like a bunch of morons.

  5. The way renew > I have a product key doesn't work anymore. By clicking renew, you're directed to the website, where you are only offered to buy a renewal online. There is no input box to enter a product key. So the only way is via Help > Enter product key. Have I overlooked something?

  6. put it back under RENEW option where it used to be, should not have to go to Youtube to renew license

  7. Can not renew even if you bought a new version WITHOUT GIVING UP YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. This will be the last time. I purchased the so called bundle in the store and come to find out the tune up program is ONLY good for ONE USE ONLY HAHAHAHAHA NO! Over priced and want my cc NO WAY this will be the last time. THIS video DOES show how to get around that which is great but still YOU WILL LOSE ALL THE PREVIOUS TIME PAID FOR. Another tactic for MORE MONEY.

  8. The fact that when you click renew and the only option it brings you to is to purchase and not able to redeem a code just shows what type of company you are. Greedy money hungry purposely making if difficult for people.

  9. The video shows what's needed in the Help Menu – the other function when you select renew is not available. This should be more apparent on how to do this. I shouldn't have to google this question then go to a YouTube video. Norton makes this obscure so that you'll use their renewal service and pay double or more.

    Norton you idiots, if you read these – make this option available when you select Renew! Even you're online support at your website does not make this easy to find. I may try something else next time around if I have to keep putting up with this hassle. (Yes, once you find it, it's easy. A year later I don't remember and then have to go searching all over again to find where you've hidden this information.) I don't need this extra hassle for something that should be easy and stress free!!!! Greedy Morons!!!!

  10. For those losing the days still remaining on your current subscription when you renew with a product key: just contact support via chat. This is what I've done, and they have always added those remaining days to the new subscription time.

  11. Norton is a virus. This crap comes on all new computers, makes your computer run like shit and they make it damn near impossible to get rid of. Even the removal tool stays on your computer and you have to clean registry to get rid of this garbage. I wouldn't use Norton if they paid me $1000. Anyone stupid enough to use this software needs mental help.

  12. There are no renewal options! Well it's some hours later now and wanted to edit my comment. I had to seek online help to switch off automatic renewal before I could access the renewal tab. So you should have added this part to your video also….If you have auto renewal switched on then you can't renew manually.Hope this helps others.

  13. hey buddy wanted to ask you i have already installed norton antivirus and i also want to install a norton wifi privacy that i bought from the shop and cant install it,so how do i install a norton wifi privacy?

  14. Well I might as well throw my 22 cents in here ,,, this is exactly what went down with Norton. I have two desktops and my Mac protected by Norton and no issues at all with the service and protection.
    So my one year protection for my three devices expires in 21 days and of course on the three devices we are being bombarded with renewal warnings and also renewal offers.
    Very nice, great deal they offered $ 29.99 deluxe 360 five devices one year ,, okay then ,, but first I have a simple question ,, that offer, is it USD or Canadian ( I live in Canada ).

    So I am on Norton Support ,, advise that I use chat service ,, very nice, okay I ask the question US or Canadian funds on the $ 29.99 offer ,,, ah of course " I'm sorry sir, I'm not sure but allow me to check that for you " ,,, no, not a chance this fucker is going to answer the simple question I put to him. Instead he advises me that " since I am such a good customer he will give me a very good price " ,,, really ?? how does he know if I am a " good customer " ??

    So this is what he is going to do for me ,, he will give me Norton 360 Deluxe for five devices for half price ,,, regular price he tells me is $ 119.99 so he will let me have it for $ 59.99 ,, wow, and is that USD or Canadian ?? ,,, well now, bugger me with a rolling pin this man was quite upset when I said no thanks ,, or words to that effect ,,, shame, poor soul was quite disappointed.

    Anyway, I did purchase Norton 360 Deluxe to cover my two desktops and my Mac for the next year ,, oh gee, did I not mention what I paid for that ? ,, silly me ,,, my local Best-Buy had Norton anti-virus on sale this week, my Norton 360 Deluxe cost me $ 33.12 ( Canadian, taxes in ) ,,,, regular price $ 69.99 ,,,, yes my pal from Norton, I was born at night, but it wasn't last night ,,,

  15. I have used Norton many times. Purchased a renewal at Office Max. Went to enter the code and was asked to put in a credit card number for future renewals. This is the first time this has happened. I have always just entered the code and that was it. This sucks.

  16. BUYER BEWARE. Norton has changed their subscription policy. If you buy from a retail store, which is way cheaper, especially during Black Friday sale. To activate the software you still must enter your credit card number for future subscription renewal. Why would anybody want to do that, when you have already paid for it at the store. They just want to charge you towards the end of your subscription, which maybe 5 times the Black Friday price for auto renewals.

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