How To Run An Effective Marketing Campaign
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How To Run An Effective Marketing Campaign

Do you want to run an effective
marketing campaign for one of your clients or for your own business if so
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can get that so guys before you actually start to build a campaign for a client
or for your business you have to consider several different things number
one we want to start off with what types of marketing are you already running or
do you plan to run for your business and what I mean by that is there are
different forms of marketing right there’s print there’s billboard there’s
radio there’s TV there’s several different kinds really there’s five
kinds and we’ll go into those you know a little bit more in detail in just a
second but it’s important to know that you’re going to have to utilize all of
these different campaigns together and how you’re actually going to be able to
integrate them to get the best results for your campaign so the first and most
important method of marketing which is obviously my favorite is digital
marketing and this encompasses anything search engine related social media email
now messenger is even included there’s several different forms pay-per-click
ads there’s several different ways that you can market digitally and it’s just
so much more effective because of your ability to track information and data
and use that data to get better results down the road not to mention it’s just
the most popular way to market now because of the fact that people are
always on their phones right so we need to be communicating with them there I
don’t think I need to go into any further explanation on why digital
marketing is important next is going to be radio and TV campaigns that I
actually used to work in TV and sell TV campaigns to businesses that
are integrated with digital marketing campaigns and it can actually be really
really effective if the company has enough budget right the biggest thing
with TV ads is that it’s very very expensive that it’s just not cheap it’s
more of a brand awareness local awareness type of marketing that you
want to utilize right so it’s not really something where if somebody doesn’t have
a budget they should go and do that that’s where digital marketing really
comes into play a little bit more and radio guys I mean look if you’re doing
it for brand awareness and reaching people reaching out to people spreading
your brand I get that right but if you’re trying to do targeted advertising
via radio and you’re trying to get people to call in or to write down a
number while they’re driving I mean guys think about it once the last time you
actually took out your cell phone and took down a number from something you
heard on the radio probably never most of us are probably listening to Spotify
or you know your iTunes or whatever point being radio isn’t that great but
if your business or your client is running a radio campaign you Deenie do
need to know maybe special offers that they’re running and that you can maybe
integrate with a social campaign then you have your outside of the box kind of
guerilla marketing campaigns and I kind of throw billboards into guerilla
marketing because it’s so old now and again that’s more for brand awareness
and building a brand locally spreading the word about your brand
it could even be things like flying banners across a large population or
maybe sidewalk just drawing with chalk on a sidewalk or even doing like big
skyscraper buildings do during massive football games or basketball games how
they’re turn lights on and off on their building to build in a design right
those are really cool ways that you can actually market and build a brand that’s
kind of more of a guerrilla style of marketing right you’re actually doing
things that are more unconventional for is going to be direct mail or print
advertising and print advertising is still kind of relevant you can still
actually get some results with print advertising and with direct mail people
like to hate on direct mail and you know it’s definitely not my favorite version
of marketing but compared to other things like TV ads and you know even
radio I would probably put my money my money into print before I did TV and
radio and then number five being the oldest of all which is referral
campaigns or word-of-mouth and basically having some way to integrate world
word-of-mouth with any other online marketing campaigns where you get people
talking about your biz outside of even social ultimately
running effective marketing campaigns comes down to a few things
number one being planning alright we’re gonna cover the tools and resources that
we use to do that number two processes and workflows alright this is what your
team is actually using to create these campaigns or all of the materials that
you need for your marketing campaign and number three is execution and adherence
to deadlines this is actually one of the hardest things to do because you’ll get
everything done and then something happens that throws your execution off
so we’ll talk about that as well but guys really quick in the comments I want
you to tell me about a marketing campaign that you’ve tried to run in the
past that you get didn’t get the results that you were hoping for if you do I’ll
try my best to actually give a response with some tips that you could use to
make that campaign better next time alright guys so for planning the first
thing I recommend getting is asana and this is where you can play we plan
everything in a sonnet like we have a team task board with all kinds of
assignments over here that we’re doing like if I showed you we’ll just go to
task list these are all of our major projects that we have planned out that
are in process we have planning as far as like our content over here here’s our
blog planning there’s our social planning everything that we post or
create is planned out at some point and assigned to somebody so get on asana a
link for asana will be in the description make sure to check that out
alright so the next thing that you guys need to understand you’re gonna see this
this video is actually playing here then I turned the sound off but we’re having
a Content meeting here and we’re actually discussing what we want to put
on the calendar any adjustments we need to make things we might need to adjust
with copy or design or whatever right but we’re going through ideas and
putting them on paper or taking notes or as you can see recording it so that way
we can use it later to jot down somewhere else so that we can formulate
those ideas so what I’m trying to say here guys is have meetings do
brainstorming sessions to see how you’re going to take all of the different arms
of your marketing campaigns and integrate them together now once you
have everything planned out that’s when you get to your processes and workflows
so we have different things you know we have long-form blogs creative elements
that we need to make Facebook Ads long-form content a different kind this
could actually be video probably this is social posts weekly task reviews YouTube
videos more blogs these are probably independent of each other right so if we
create a YouTube video or a long-form video up here it usually
with social posts right so these are all of the different tasks but then you can
see as we get in here these are all of the processes and workflows for each
individual task creation right so this would be creating a blog standalone
right just one blog by itself we don’t have a YouTube video that goes along
with it this is probably this is actually the tasks we use for guest
blogging right because they just need a blog from us so what happens is all of
these different steps come into play and each person is assigned their role
so our SEO manager is actually going to take this information fill it out on
this form which is going then going to kick all of this info off to the rest of
the people on our team that’s the best part about this this system actually
allows us to add in conditional logic and workflow so it’s by far one of our
favorite little pieces of equipment that we use we spent a lot of time effort and
money on this platform and getting everything together this is something we
custom-built and don’t worry if you’re wanting to see more we’re probably going
to create something on this later as a matter of fact if you do want to see
more on this software then right I want to see more in the comments below and
we’ll create a video on it and our final thing was adherence to deadlines right
so we’re making sure that we’re actually following our due dates and we assign
those due dates and then we actually have strikes in place to where if one of
our contractors or employees doesn’t do their job at an effective rate or by the
deadline then they actually receive a strike and then they go through a whole
penalty process where they could be you know demoted or docked pay or maybe they
OS a credit or an hour or something like that especially if it’s a contractor
we’re not gonna let people you know use our hours or basically just take free
money right that’s because I mean that’s what that is right and you as a business
owner has to have to be cognizant of that so again guys super important to
have your tools your processes your workflows your planning we also use
things like lucidchart HootSuite all kinds of different things to make sure
that our campaigns stick to deadlines that we do our planning that we have
setups that automate things for us that way we don’t have to rely on human error
anymore all right let’s talk about the six
objectives for marketing campaigns and the first one is going to be increasing
sales obviously every business or every client that you take on is going to want
to increase sales right so how are we going to do that well you do that by
increasing traffic to your website or by building awareness for your business
that way people actually know you exist a big reason why most businesses don’t
actually get the attention they need is because people don’t even realize that
they’re there or that they’re not reminded enough when time comes to buy a
product or purchase a service in that industry so then they never end up there
– is growing your brand awareness and we just kind of mentioned that a little bit
and it’s all about making sure that people know you’re there if people do
not know that your business exists you will never be found so with a lot of
businesses for example real estate agents do really well with focusing on a
wareness and reaching tons and tons of people so that way when it comes time
for people in their local market to buy or consider selling their house they
know what real-estate agent to come to so with real estate agents for example
and definitely other industries as well it can be super effective to just
consistently spend on ads every single month that way you’re consistently
staying in your local markets ear fun fact most people actually move within
you know a few miles of their own home they don’t actually move that far so
most people aren’t moving from country to country or state to state number
three is to increase lead generation right a lot of businesses that are
services for example general contractors they just need you to drive leads to
their door they’re not actually responsible past the point of you
bringing in the lead for you to sell them right because they actually have to
get them interested in the services that they’re offering at the right price you
know when they’re compared to other general contractors in the area so
you’ll use things like lead magnets or value offers as we call them in my
program or in my course and there’s several different ways that you can
generate leads a lot of people look at click funnels to create landing pages to
drive traffic to where they follow up with email automations or messenger
automations or maybe they have remarketing campaigns via social running
as well in combination with all of those things it’s all about understanding how
to generate leads and what really is valuable to the audiences that you’re
trying to reach out to number four is increasing customer retention guys if
you can keep customers coming back again and again that means you have to do less
work increasing the ROI for your client or for your business right you don’t
have to do the same work usually – and to acquire that same customer so
increasing customer – retention super-important keeping happy customers
happy and keeping them coming back buying more is always one of the best
things to understand and to make better for your marketing campaigns number five
is promoting new products or services that you’re offering new launches or new
products that you’re bringing out you definitely want to promote and integrate
with even new products you want to upsell cross-sell right all of these
different products that you’re bringing in or products that people are launching
you want to promote them so make sure you’re doing that in quick note if your
products or services for a client or for your business don’t change that often
find ways to make them spiced up right find a way to make it unique or
something different that the competitors aren’t doing if you have a different
offering or the same offering rather as every competitor but you find a way to
make it different it’s going to stand out okay so do that with your products
and services think so think of different ways to sell them and then finally
number six isn’t really like the other objectives it’s just my favorite thing
to do because it’s the most effective way to market which is grow your digital
presence guys if you can focus on digital if you can focus on reaching
people online you’re going to capture all of the attention you really need to
run a business these days you don’t have to go and buy TV and radio and print
anymore though if you can spend the money on it definitely do you don’t
really need to anymore these days so focus on what you can do online how you
can automate things because it means you don’t have to put in as much work later
next we’re going to look at the six elements of a marketing campaign
strategy that you’re going to want to keep into consideration first is going
to be the product you really have to understand if a product is worth buying
or not even if you’re just the marketer you have to understand is this product
or buying compared to the competitors in your market so you’ll want to look at
things like the price and the actual value received or perceived by a
customer with the particular product if there’s a competitor out there who
provides a better product at a cheaper rate you’re gonna get beat out every
time so it doesn’t really matter how good your marketing is number two is
going to be your audience and they actually have to want or need your
product right and the biggest thing you have to understand here is are you
targeting the right people are you focusing on customer intent are you
focusing on the right audiences or type of people that you’re trying to market
with your message are you going to old or too young or are you right in the
middle you know where do you need to market who are they where are they
actually viewing content and how do you reach them so next is your message are
you getting the point across are you is your offer clear do people understand it
and is it valued make sure that your message is very very clear and that it
lines up with whatever goal you’re trying to push people – you have no idea
guys how many times I mean even in my own business with people that I train on
my team I’ve had the same issue happen where by the time they get done creating
the campaign they realized that the message they have doesn’t line up with
the creative or even the goal that we’re trying to accomplish with the campaign
number four is people and what I mean by this is do you have the right people on
your team internally to get the job done it requires a team effort it really is
not marketing is not something that is done well by yourself it’s best done at
least from a comprehensive perspective with a team or with other people so make
sure that you have the right people on your team and that they’re actually
experts at what they say they’re experts at next is promotion which is the
creation and distribution of your marketing materials how are you actually
going to get it out there what channels are you using how are you going to
integrate them together what type of cold traffic content do you have or ads
or marketing campaigns do you have what kind of warm traffic campaigns do you
have and what kind of hot traffic campaigns do you have what different
mediums are they being used in who are they being targeted to and how are you
going to take all of those things and make them work congruently and then
number six is just analysis so once you actually create your campaign you have
to figure out procedures that you’re going to put in place to look at the
data and to really understand what happened when you ran the campaign and
then after that you actually have to understand what you’re going to do with
the data how can we use this in future campaigns to make it better so I know
that can seem like a lot and if you’re just starting your marketing agency or
maybe you run a business and you want to learn more about marketing start off
with this video up here on how to start a marketing agency I know it’s how to
start about any agency but even your business owner as I promise you can
benefit from all of the training that we give out in that video just go into the
sweats that’s where you’ll love it all right so
that is it for this video training I hope you learned a lot and since you
stayed till the end if you want one year for free of our mentorship program
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check the description for the link to get access to the course plus a free
year not to mention all of the software’s that we talked about earlier
the links will be in the description below but that’s it for this video guys
thank you so much for joining me and I will see you on the next video until
then Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start living the six-figure
work where ever be your own boss lifestyle
well it’s Cereal Entrepreneur Academy will teach you how to use a laptop and
internet to start your own social media and digital marketing agency get started
with our free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see
in the course in Cereal Entrepreneur out

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