How to Select Digital Marketing Institute
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How to Select Digital Marketing Institute

From many days I was receiving messages and calls from people who were asking me to tell how to select the best digital marketing institution Tell us how to select the best institute for us rather than selling your own course So, today I will tell you about how you choose the digital marketing institute I am not selling you my course. I am telling you how you can choose The first step is you have to check modules. Modules contain the syllabus which they will teach you In our country, we often run for numbers We feel like if somebody is teaching 50 modules then he is good then who’s teaching 15 modules. But here we need to check who’s teaching in-depth and in detail rather than numbers of modules Now, what happens is I will definitely promote my course because it is my channel Our modules are less than our competitor’s modules But if you check in detail then I am giving you few things which nobody is giving like video presence Even this video is I am recording in front of my students and they arranged all the setup Now how they re able to do it? Because they learned Digital marketing is part of marketing. So You need to learn marketing first Everyone is teaching you how to use tools and how to run ads. So basically they are making you a robot Your IQ is not increasing and you are not learning enough. SO you need to check whether they teach practically or not Next point is fees. Fees should always be affordable to you If you are earning crores in a month then you can afford any amount of fees But if your financial situation is not that good, so you have to check affordability according to you Maybe the course which is best in our country is not affordable for you For example – There is a course worth 80k which is best according to the parameters that I talked about but it is expensive for you So you also need to check your affordability Next thing is you need to check faculty. It doesn’t mean If I am the owner of the institute so I will teach you myself You need to check logically about the teacher’s experience, their knowledge and way of teaching and all before enrolled there. Don’t join if you don’t feel comfortable there If you have a lot of money then you can try otherwise do proper research before buying any product Next thing that I need to check is how do they teach. DO they teach through classrooms, or some outside place or anything? DO they teach only theory or practically or mixture of both or case studies and all? SO you need to check that Now how will you get to know about all these things? I will definitely appreciate my own course You need to ask these things from their existing or past students You can directly ask from the branch that you want to talk to their past students once Or you can also search from Lapras. For example Lapaas: Search for those students who mentioned in their profile “trained by Lapaas” or something like that So you can ask from those students should you join that institute or not? And I am talking about specific locations If you coming because of me and I am teaching then its good but if my employee is teaching then this is wrong Because you came because of me not because of my employee so try to understand this thing also Now, the biggest question is online vs offline Many people told us to launch my online course Basically, in my module, there is physical interaction So that you can easily tell us about your business model and its requirements In our module, you need to bring a business model and you have to apply all those things that I will teach you in that particular business model If you will come to me only then I will able to study your business model But if I make it online then I will not able to talk one to one at any cost Although I will try to mix both. But I will recommend you to learn from offline, not online In online you won’t be able to learn effectively because of the absence of physical interaction No matter how many times you watch the video but the way of teaching will remain the same But in offline the teacher will try to make you understand in different ways So according to me physical is better Now the next point reviews. You need to check reviews from Google my business about the specific branch You will get to know about the institute is it good or not. You can also go to that institute and ask the students individually about the institute and how they teach and all I still remember the case. A student once came to my institute for joining the next batch He was interested but my students told him only join if you can do hard work a lot and blah blah and he got afraid and gone and never came back SO you will get an idea about that institution where you are planning to go You can also check for a testimonial video. But I will always upload good reviews video not a bad ones But you will also get some idea about good things Next thing to check do they really have the knowledge or not? They always say that they will make you a leader in SEO but if you visit their website so they don’t have an SSL certificate on their website And according to Google SSL certificate is mandatory if you want to rank in Google So if any digital marketing institute website doesn’t have an SSL certificate so they might don’t know about its importance or they don’t really know about SEO Anybody can teach you from reading but do they have practical experience or not this is important Next point is Free tools Many people say they will give you free tools worth 50k or 100k But how can it be possible because fees are 50k and tools worth is 100k? Are they running a Ngo or food panda? Or do they have some funding? NO So Always search for the tools on the Google that they re offering Now let’s suppose many of friends are developer’s Now, I will ask them to build a theme or plugin for WordPress and name it XYZ And I will tell them to publish it on their website with a price of 60k and I will give these tools to my students But if you search about these tools then the price will show 60k. SO this is also a fraud So for example, if they are offering you a theme so search for it and it’s reviews According to me, nobody will give you tools worth 60k with 50k coaching ee and if they give then it is a fraud Now let’s assume they make you labor. I am not giving my example it could be anyone XYZ Institute They taught you how to use these free tools but these tools will be expired after 6 months And now you know nothing except those tools, So in order to renew those tools you will go to my friend And then Indirectly I will also make a profit. SO these types of frauds are also happening So always search will they make you labor or a businessman According to me, these are the main points. Now you need to search about institutions according to your points Always go which suits you best. My recommendation is to go for the offline course rather than online Bye good night and good morning whenever you are watching this video

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  1. Doing the course from here n I can confidently say at Lapaas u get to know the mindset for digital marketing rather than just tools.

  2. hello sir aap ki video bahut acchi lagi aap ke insitute me addmission lena he but aapke paas emi option nhi he lekin aap ki help chahiye mene dsim me baat ki he unhone dsim ki fees 70000 batayi he or didm ki fees 40000 he aap bata sakte ho sir kon sa insitute better he i mean best he pls sir

  3. Very good topic bro. Investing in courses are good for personal benefits and would improve a lot of your skill. Thanks for sharing bro.

  4. भाई हम अपने ब्लॉग पर किसी और के वीडियो के लिंक डालें तो क्या हमें कॉपीराइट आ सकता है प्लीज भाई उत्तर दीजिए

  5. Sir mujhe ek Android application banwana hai kaha se banwau…resnable price me…and kya kya baate dhyan me rakhni hogi…plz. reply sir

  6. Sahil Bhai ur talking about DSIM I know ya I agree with u they are fraud ppl always says we will provide u 50k tools for free and all. They are fooling students to join their institute .#Sahil Bhai thank you for sharing a worthful knowledge with us..👍👍

  7. Bro how to find good people for digital marketing for the company. As when you contact companies they say they can do it and charge lots of money and give no return. So advise on that and make video as well.

  8. Now a days everyone who do some blogging or digital marketing. Open their institutes starts selling their courses and soo on.

    I saw this video and i wanna ask that on how many keyword you are ranked and what is the period of time you take to rank ur keyword.

    The truth is its not easy to rank seo is not a thing which anybody can do by doing some shit courses .

    I'm in digital marketing from 1 yr almost

    The thing which i saw is those who work for some time and cant get the results. They starts their channel with some catcy title to get views and making people fool to earn some money.

    Those who want to learn digital marketing.
    Learn from by neil patel by brian dean
    Chase reiner – youtube channel.
    Go to to learn white hat and black hat tactics.

    50,000 fees bharne se acha 50,000 apni website banake apne promotion campaigns pr lagao.

    Jake udemy se purchase krlo course jiske pas uske bhi pese nai jake coupons nikal lo online.

    Dimag kholo apna yaha sab pesa kamane ke lie hota hai.

    Ye jo guru bane bethe hai inka ek dialouge bhot famous hai.
    I do this i do that but i can't reveal my websites name.
    Kuki u cant do anything.

    Neilpatel ko jake suno padho vaha se waha with proof hoti h baat.

    Indian blogger youtube chaneel by akash gola waha jao sab mil jayga.
    Youtube ka use dhanaka kro.

    Logo ko entertainment chaiye or chutiya banane wale log.

    Dimag lagao yaar. Google mei sab kuch padha h bss mehnat lagti h.
    Par logo spoon feeding ki habit hai.
    Job bhi ghnata nai milti jake pucho jo so called course krke bethe.

    Your resume is your projects in this field.
    Show your work show your rankings.
    Then expect some decent amout as a salary.
    And at last try to do something on your own.
    Like earn from adsesnse or
    Make landing pages do affliate marketing. There are so many things.

    Try to target low comp. Keywords of high cpc countries. Rank your keywods drive traffic make money.

    Jake dimag lagao padho chize.

    Search engine land
    Marketing land is a newspaper for us.
    Usme se dekho kya improve kr skte ho.
    Moz blog padho. ye site kholo or padho vaha jake.

    At remember real gems in this feild are many but they dont have tym to share things on youtube.

    There are few who are on youtube but they tell you in a way that you have to use your brain to find what they wana say.

    Ex news in search engine land tells a lot to make new tactics but dimag lagao.

    Ye skul wali padayi nai ki jake beth jao kisi institute mei.
    Yaha sab change hota h jo kal tk no.1 tactic thi ajj kuch nai hai.

    Be a detective be a person who thinks 2 step ahead.

    Padho voice optimization kese kre apne blogs ke lie.
    AI ka use kese kre seo ke lie.
    And so, on.

    I know ab yaha kuch bnde jo ki andhe fan honge wo galiya likhenge.

    Par muje ghanta farak nai padta jake dekho fir bolna. Ki kya shi kya galat. Dimag khol ke follower bano.

    Ye wo desh h jaka rohitkhatri jese bnde fitness guru h.


  9. Owesme spich sir
    And vo achha thha
    Mera chenal hai meri marzi
    Mai to apna Dunga😂😂😂🤣🤣

    And sir what is ssl certificate?

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  11. Dear Sir,
    After completing my digital marketing course Is there any Master Course for DM.. Pls Help regarding it

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  14. Unlocked with google digital marketing course free hai isme kya future hai agar complete kia to
    Please make video or comments please

  15. Sir Maine tybms marketing se kiya hai or muje 15 month ka experience hai sale Executive me kya muje Digital marketing mere career ke liya acha ho ga…

  16. Hello Sir I completed my Bvoc in Sales and Marketing and I'm also complete diploma in electronics and telecommunication. And now I've interested for digital marketing carrier So I'm Confused in which field should I do MBA marketing/Digital marketing or doing a digital marketing course on side with MBA marketing. Please suggest me which one is best for me.

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