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How To Sell Anything – The Alpha Method

Whether you like it or not, you are selling yourself all the time. Job interviews, dates, meeting with potential friends, people have to decide whether to invest their time and energy in you or not which is why it can be incredibly helpful to study sales not just for those occasions where to actually have a product to sell but for all the other times when the product is actually you. And that’s why in this video, we are looking at Alpha M. who is probably the single best salesman that I have seen on YouTube. And apparently, his numbers bear that out. I have a 99% conversion rate when they go directly to— -Very high.
-I don’t believe it It’s unheard of. I know my numbers are unheard of. Whereas other channels struggle to integrate sponsors in a way that doesn’t get pushed back and hate from their audience, Aaron has a promotion in almost all of his videos and his audience seems to love it, they meme about it and they buy in droves. So today, we are going to look at what you can learn from Alpha about selling especially when you’re selling yourself as we so often have to like in a date or an interview scenario. And keep in mind this is not the only way to effectively sell; it’s just some of the things that Aaron does really effectively. The first step in almost all selling is building rapport and Aaron does this excellently. For instance, he often starts his videos off with a compliment to his audience. Gentlemen, great to see you. You’re looking fantastic — manly, even. Hm-hm. After this video though, look out world, you are gonna look a little more manly. Other times, he tells a joke. Gentlemen, unfortunately for me, today’s video is probably going to get demonetized because we’re talking about guns! And other times, he tells a relatable story. For instance, many guys, the type who have probably watched his channel have frequented a coffee shop and had sort of a mini-crush on the barista which is why he tells the story like this — What’s up, gentlemen? It’s a funny story. So there is this barista that I see all the time at Starbucks and she’s cute… Compliments, jokes, and relatable stories highlight two of the main pieces of rapport building which is, first, a feeling of I-like-you and also a feeling of I-am-like-you. Feeling that similarity is why you feel a strange connection when you’re out of state and you meet someone from your hometown or when
you meet someone who just happens to share your birthday. It’s also why well-told stories are so powerful; they make us feel similar to others. Now, a ton of our channels videos are about how to make people like you and how to highlight the ways in which you guys are actually connected. And rather than dive deep into it here for rapport-building, I’m just gonna link to a playlist. If you want to learn more about rapport-building, storytelling, and likeability, check that out because that’s where I’ve done the deepest work on that. The point is when you like someone and you feel like you are like them, you are in rapport — which takes us to the second point. Now that his audience feels rapport with Aaron, they are open to his recommendations. But Aaron doesn’t simply talk about the product like most people in sales do. He talks about the results that the product will get
for his audience — the ones that they already are craving. For instance, many people will just describe SeatGeek in terms of the discount tickets that it gets but Alpha goes a step further here
and connects it to the results that his fans want. Now, let’s take your date to the next level. I’m gonna do that with a little help from my amazing sponsor, SeatGeek. Alright? I’m gonna explain a little bit later why SeatGeek is like your amazing date wingman and why if you’re not using SeatGeek to buy your tickets to amazing events, you are getting screwed. Not only are you gonna get the best seats for the best price, all your friends or your date are gonna be like, “Do you know someone?” “Actually, yes. You know me and I know SeatGeek.” Guys, there’s a link down below— As the old saying goes, “People don’t buy drills. They buy holes,” meaning that people don’t just want a tool they want the result that that tool can get them. That’s why if you’re interviewing, instead of simply saying that you have experience in Excel, you should instead talk about how the analysis that you are capable of can earn that company more money. Your experience is just a tool. What they really want —
the extra earnings — that’s the desired result. So whenever possible, Alpha doesn’t just stop at
verbally explaining his results, he also demonstrates the product. …and then all you gotta do is go in and enter your promotional code. It’s gonna give you a twenty-dollar credit on any event you want to attend. This product and this blade actually gets closer to the skin than this one. Sunglasses. The sunglasses that MVMT are selling are ridiculous. In terms of the quality, the styling— And of course, he takes special care to demonstrate the result of the product as well. For instance, he could have just showed a photo of his DVD set when he was pitching his style company to Shark Tank. But watch instead how he dramatized the results of his style system live. Meet Joe. Joe is average. But by using the Alpha M Style System, Joe can build the perfect basic wardrobe with the simple-to-follow fashion formula. Joe’s got a hot date. He follows the formula and Joe transforms from average Joe… Aaron: …to an alpha male.
Barbara: I’ll take this Joe. These demonstrations are critical for building trust because uncertainty is often what prevents people from buying. And when you demonstrate the process or the results of that process, you can take some of that uncertainty away; people now know what it looks like. So if you can show a date that you’re adventurous by actually being spontaneous and creating a unique experience during your date, that’s so much more powerful than just including, “Loves adventure,” in your Tinder bio. But everything that I’ve listed so far is just sales 101. What really makes Aaron perhaps the highest selling promoter on YouTube, at least amongst people that I know of, is that he realizes one incredibly important mindset for selling — people are only partially buying products but really, they are buying him. And the Sharks on Shark Tank realized this very quickly when he
was pitching his company for the second time on Shark Tank. …this is a bad product but it’s you selling it. The real product is you. This just happens to be what you’re selling right now. You’re the product and they think you’re peddling is enthusiasm and confidence and there’s nothing more magnetic in any business field than that quality and you’ve got it. But what does it mean to buy someone?
After all, it’s not like you can take them home with you. So pay attention here because this is the part that affects you the most even if you never formally sell anything at all in your life. When people are deciding on anything whether to date you, to hire you, buy from you… whatever, they are essentially deciding if they want your emotional state. Emotions are contagious and if they feel like if they
do what they do, they will be buying your feelings. That’s why nervousness oftentimes comes across so poorly in interviews; you might be super well-qualified but that nervousness communicates uncertainty and employers don’t want to hire people that make them feel uncertain. Alpha, on the other hand, is selling certainty confidence and
enthusiasm and watch how those come across in his work choice. He is a class that you have to — not should, I’m talking you’ve gotta — go check out. The class is like an hour-long and it is so packed full of knowledge and just amazingness. Guys, you guys are gonna freaking love it. Notice that there is almost no uncertain language in Aaron’s promotions. He tells you what is going to happen as if it was a foregone conclusion and he does it enthusiastically with a smile on his face. Check it out. This sexy little box is the grooming essentials box that they’re gonna send you for $5. What you’re going to get is an executive handle— You’re also going to get a pack of their incredible blades. It’s going to be a game-changer; you’re gonna feel incredible, you’re gonna look amazing… Take your sexiness from a seven and a half to an 11.5. Since you’re already in rapport and you feel like you and Alpha are similar, you also sense that you’ll feel like he does if you do the things that he does. So when he says that a razor is amazing, you’re not just buying the razor — you’re actually only even kind of buying that clean shave — really, you’re hoping to feel that enthusiastic and that excited in general. And this only works because Alpha is congruent with what he is saying. He is a guy who genuinely loves style; he’s into fashion. This is not stuff that I could do because that doesn’t matter to me personally. Just watch how his vocal tone and his expression and his word choice all communicate that same excited feeling about the things that he’s discussing. …super quiet. It comes with a bunch of different
attachments so you can adjust the length. This thing has absolutely blown my mind. There isn’t often where I find a product that I think is a category killer. Brio Beardscape is a category killer. There is no better beard grooming tool or body grooming tool out there that is better. The other cool thing, the price, insane. Since yesterday’s video sponsor, they are the greatest
undershirt in the history of undershirts. This is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful watch designs I’ve ever seen. Look at that — that domed crystal, the rose gold case,
the gray leather strap… this thing is ridiculous. So apply this to a first date or to an interview. Since emotions are contagious, a huge chunk of how the person opposite you is making their decision has to do with what you believe about yourself. If you think that you are an amazing catch you’re more likely to communicate that congruently and the person’s going to respond if it’s sales and you truly believe that your product is amazing it will come through and be so much easier to sell now of course congruence can be faked that’s really just being a good liar and we have a video on how to spot Liars if you want to check that out as well but being honest and believing in yourself and the quality of the product that you are selling in an authentic way is by far the longest lasting way to boost your sales and while it’s not easiest in the short term I think it’s the best way to go now of course you still have to talk about the product and the result that it’s going to get for your customer but you’re gonna be working backwards from where the actual buying decision is really made the emotional state that you feel which highlights a super important point if you ever feel like you’re selling a product that you can’t be enthusiastic about improve that product or move on and if you ever feel like you can’t be enthusiastic about selling yourself improve yourself hopefully our videos will help with that or take the time to reflect on the amazing things about you that you maybe don’t notice enough so for instance before date or an interview like we’ve talked about maybe you’re feeling nervous take two minutes and just write down why you would make a great choice your hard-working or experienced for a particular job role or maybe you’re thoughtful and caring and fun to hang out with when you’re in a relationship just going through this reviewing this and really connecting with it will help you communicate your value with conviction you don’t even have to say it you’ll just feel it and it comes through in the way that you speak and that’s how you can ultimately internalize the most important mindset for sales probably that hiring you dating you buying your product whatever it is is good not just for you as the person who is selling but actually for the person that you are talking to the person who is making that decision about whether to buy from you or to be with you now as I was researching this video I realized that I’ve actually done a pretty poor job of internalizing this message and that’s why I love doing these videos I learned something almost every time and this was no exception but I realized that there’s part of me that felt like selling just had to be icky that there was always some way in which I was taking from the other person in an unfair way if there was an exchange of money which is why I actually don’t talk about our course charisma University on the channel that much and it’s why some of you even some of our most die-hard fans as I found out recently might not even know that we’ve offered a course in the past but this video actually made me rethink this and recognized some of my own limiting beliefs and actually that it’s shortchanging other people because I’m not telling them about this which is why right now I should just want to invite you to join our course and tell you a little bit about it so here’s the deal we have this course and it’s called charisma University and despite the fact that I don’t often talk about it it has thousands of students that have gone through it and it is the best thing that I have ever put together when it comes to developing outstanding charisma now it’s purposely laid out in a way that encourages you not just to learn about charisma which is hopefully something that you’ve done on our channel but actually to take action there’s a daily action guide one thing to do every single day so that you build charismatic habits so that you become the person that people meet for 30 seconds but walk away remembering and wanting to actually reconnect with which is huge when it comes to making new friends or getting a date with someone that you really have a crush on or just shining in an interview process and personally the thing that I like the most is it just makes me feel more confident right wherever I go I feel like I’m capable of opening doors to new connections with people and the course is actually getting even better because I’m up dating it right now and I’m taking feedback from some of our current students on what we can do to make it better if there’s any other topics that I haven’t covered right now it’s got first impressions confidence how to have an amazing conversation that you don’t run out of things to say storytelling how to have body language that is magnetic so that people can feel your presence leadership it’s got comedy there’s a ton of different stuff it’s really it’s it’s everything it’s like ten plus hours of videos right now with action guides so I’m going through it trying to make it even better right now and focusing especially on how to make sure that there’s that that accountability piece that is so important for getting people not just to learn things but to really internalize them so it so wants of changing your life now the entirety of this course with everything that I mentioned is $600 but when you join our email list which I’m going to link to in the description you get a preview of a smaller portion of the course that piece on first impressions that I mentioned which is the first part of the course the first week and if you want to buy that piece which is how to make an amazing first impression on anyone that you meet you can check it out for 27 bucks and if you like it which many people do when they go through the course they often decide to join the entire thing that’s kind of why we offer this at a discount and hopefully that speaks to how valuable people have found it and really that it can make charisma your natural habit so that is my first take thank you Aaron for teaching me how to feel a bit more confident in selling things and really connecting with the fact that this is good for you guys the people that I’m talking to so if you’re interested go ahead click that link below drop your email in and if you want to join the amazing first impressions course and make more amazing first impressions consistently click and sign up to join today anyways I hope that you guys enjoyed this video I hope you learned a ton as much as I did and I will see you in the next video

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  4. Your content is great 🙂 For relationships I understand your point but not everything is a selling strategy. You are also a buyer and have to turn the situation to your advantage otherwise you are not a challenge anymore.

  5. Building rapport is really the most important thing to selling anything. If you don't make people connect with you, they won't like you, and they definitely won't buy from you. My mentor, Antonio T. Smith Jr. always says if people like you, they will trust you. If they trust you, they will buy from you. Awesome video. Thank you!

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  8. Great video. I am getting into sales and this video opened the door to the possibility that I can be much better in sales than I thought I could be. I was starting to believe you are either born a salesperson or you are not. Nah, it's a skill that can be developed and there are many tools that can help like this one if one puts the work into it. Greatly appreciated.

  9. alpha m. is a great salesman, but a piece of shit tbh, I saw him doing all sorts of shady shit with health products, just to make fast money. like shitty training programs which were very amateurish and in no way shape or form deserving the price he charged.

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  13. The word "alpha" gives away all your power to the people around you. Nobody can be 'alpha' unless the people around the agree to be beta – and that never lasts for long. This is not leadership and it's not powerful

  14. This is an unnecessarily lengthy upload, about a youtube master salesman. So here's a ridiculously long comment, in reply.
    The technique is called "reverse engineering the sale", which was common in 80's and 90's.
    Alpha's approach is unique because of his personality, but mostly because it's very old-school sales. Sometimes effective, sometimes annoying. Just like any other form of sales. It's just new to Millennials and younger.
    While it's effective, it's not sustainable, because of the level of energy and youth required.
    "Alpha" is also a dated term, which is already largely lack-luster.
    Is Alpha a good salesman in my opinion? Absolutely.
    Is he able to continue doing this? Of course not…that's life.
    Sooner, rather than later, he will have to update his "Alpha" Shtick. He'll have to hire someone younger to take his place as well.
    Don't get me wrong, I used to watch a lot of his videos, for entertainment value. But let's face it; all that yelling does get a bit old; and the endless, [hipster start-up] products -a little silly.

  15. To me "Alpha" just looks like a douche, I do not only not trust him, but he also seems fishy, coming so strong only makes me feel like he's hiding his real intentions under a huge amount of non-realistic enthusiasm. I guess what's charismatic for ones can have the opposite people in charming others.

  16. i don't know if it's just me (and i'm not trying to shit on aaron here), but i've always had a bit of grudge against those salesmen who appear so confident in their craft as if nothing could possibly go wrong. i prefer someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, confident, albeit not over the top confident. a small dose of humility i think could go a long way. example, i don't like "OMG you're going to LOVE this!!", but i prefer "the results speak for themselves, so i'm confident that you'll appreciate this as well. if not, i'll refund your money no questions asked"

  17. So, basically, look like you're telling the truth when you lie, and have confidence whenever you're bullshitting someone. Great advice.

    Using seat geek will trick my date into thinking I have connections and razors will take me to an "11.5"? Who believes this nonsense??

  18. Charlie! Your videos have helped me so much with making connections with people! I’m at a course right now that’s going to help me further my business and I’ve already befriended both people in charge within the first day! Everyone in the class talks to me and the boss pays more attention to me! I made sure to have open, confident body language, I was displaying giver traits and making other people feel good about themselves and it worked!

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    In the same way, if we know that a product or service we are selling is awesome and actually benefits people, we won't have to try to "sell" it, we just have to be enthusiastic and share why its so damn awesome?

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