How to sell products on e-commerce platforms in China
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How to sell products on e-commerce platforms in China

I’m going to talk in this video about E-Commerce for Fashion Brand in China. And especially about TMALL. Because TMALL and Taobao they are the leader in the market. But when it matters to fashion, you need to target mainly girls. And most of these girls, their first reflex would
be to buy things on TMALL. It’s a very big difference
between the West and China, because in China they don’t trust about independent website. But they trust on TMALL platform. Because they first pay the platforms and when they receive the product, TMALL will pay the final consumer. So, TMALL is basically the trust that chinese customers need
before buying a product. TMALL is also number one
marketplace for fashion. So when somebody needs to buy fashion clothes they will automatically go to TMALL to search for buying. So if they get information
on Red book or on WeChat, part of them will search directly information on TMALL to buy it. Because all Chinese
people, all Chinese girls have account on TAOBAO and TMALL. So it’s a big, big opportunity
for brands to be there. It’s not that easy because
TMALL is selective. They don’t take all the brands. They only take the most successful brands on their platforms. Especially when it’s matter to fashion. So, you need first to be accepted to open a TMALL store. And after you need to create page, that are longer, with
a lot of information, a lot of picture, a lot of videos. And then you need to advertise on this page to basically to get traffic and then to get sales. So TMALL is a great tool
to sell your fashion items, fashion accessory, luxury brands in China. It’s a tool that I will
recommend to lot of, most of our clients
who are more ambitious. In the next video I’m going to talk about some concrete case study about how some brands are
developing their business, what are the tools they use
or what they are doing with some concrete keys to help you to have a better understanding
with concrete case study. If you want to see the report
that we have about TMALL about E-commerce, it’s available. You just need to click on the link below and after we will be very happy to send you, my team would be very happy to send you. If you have more questions about TMALL, don’t hesitate to write a comment below and I will be glad to reply
to all these questions.

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