How To Sell Your Home for more Money
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How To Sell Your Home for more Money

– Will your home pass the test? Can you sell your home for
a top dollar right now? Or do you need to do a
few things to make sure you sell your home for a top dollar? Hello. I am Natalia, with OMG Realty. Lets take a quiz to see if
your home passes the test. We have sold hundreds of homes, so we know what we are talking about. When you walk up to your home,
does it have a curb appeal? Fresh landscaping, fresh
flowers, plants or trees? Maybe a fresh door pin. Have you done this 3D’s? Declutter, depersonalize,
and deep cleaning, and I mean a real deep cleaning. Baseboards, scuff marks,
clean up the landscaping, change out the old light bulbs, and more. Is you’re lawn lavish and
green, or yellow, or crispy? Yes, these things matter. Are the walls painted in a neutral color? Do you have updated
flooring and counter tops? Are your cabinets still the
same as they were 20 years ago, or have you updated them? You see, all of this matters. And this is the big one. The smell tell. Oh my gosh, I’m sure
you don’t realize that, but did know, most people have a smell to their home. Yes, a smell. We love pets. We have two cute Yorkies, we consider them a family, but if I were to sell my home, I would febreze like crazy, because I would have to
pass the smell test as well. Have you truly compare your home, to your competition? Everyone including me, thinks that they have the
best home on the block. Is your home partially staged, or fully staged with modern furniture, to ensure it shows to
the best of it’s ability? Or is your furniture outdated, and probably will look
better in grandma’s house. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, I am just trying to help. When you look out of your window, are you looking at your
neighbor showering? Or is there a lake? Or maybe your house is
surrounded by mature trees? So, I challenge you to take a quiz, and get a scale from one till 10. Are you ready to put
your house in the market, and sell it for a top dollar. Or, if you need to make a few changes, most of us have to make changes. Oh my gosh, if I were to sell my house, I would have a handy-to-do list for days. Call us and we will advice you. Natalia, OMG Realty. (up beat music)

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