How to setup your marketing team for success
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How to setup your marketing team for success

If you want to grow your company through
marketing you have to be strategic. But what if you’re not giving your marketing
team the things that they need to succeed? Let’s talk about three ways that
you can help your marketing team be more strategic and drive better results. Marketers need guidelines. They need a
budget and guidelines for their resources. Too often I hear “Well tell me
what you think we should do and I’ll tell you tell you what we can set for our budgets.”
Or the budget’s set arbitrarily without paying attention to what’s the priority
for marketing and what the company goals are. Have you ever tried shopping for a
car without having a high end or a low end of the budget? It’s nearly
impossible. So marketers need guidelines for resources
that’s budgetary as well as all sorts of other time and people components to know
what they can do with their efforts. Marketers need sales insights. They need
connections to the front lines, they need to know what’s happening in the field,
how people are reacting to your product to your service. They need to see the
emotional and logical decision-making that happens when selecting your company.
The closer the marketer can get to the customer experience the more authentic
your marketing messages and your results become. Marketers need company-wide
integration. Marketing’s no longer just a department, marketing strategy spans the
entire organization from the leadership team sharing innovative ideas about how
their product is changing or the trends in the marketplace to the sales team to
the customer service experience. Don’t reserve your marketing team to just
promote stuff once your product is ready. They need to be in on the product
creation, the pricing strategy, the value, the customer experience, and more. For more strategic marketing tips like this
head over to our blog.

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