How to Shift College Education Marketing Strategy – J.T. Allen
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How to Shift College Education Marketing Strategy – J.T. Allen

>>Erik: What is challenging you the most in
shifting your company`s transition from teenagers to twenty somethings through forty somethings?>>JT: It`s a very
different demographic. In high school, when you kind of think back when you were in high
school, you don`t really think that hard about what you`re going to do with your life, or
you do for an hour on career day.>>Erik: Right.>>JT: What we`re finding is that the folks
who contact us in the older demographic, they are thinking hard about their life, because
for whatever reason, it hasn`t worked out according to plan. They graduated high school
maybe they started college but couldnÕt finish for some reason jobs took over kids took over,
whatever now they want to get their lives on track and so when they call us or go to
our site, they really have a sense of purpose. Which isn`t really present in an 18 year old
so it`s kind of a shift in how we provide information back. I think the 15 to 18 is
more exploratory, what are my options what are some of the crazy things I can do, in
college or go abroad, or whatever it may be. And the 25 to 40 year old is really about
“ok, I need a better job and how can you help me?“ So, it`s very focused on A to B
it`s less of all over the place.

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