How to source $1600 profit in 2 hours W Retail Arbitrage
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How to source $1600 profit in 2 hours W Retail Arbitrage

Super bummed out that my phone died out
earlier. Probably shouldn’t be snapping while I’m driving but I spent a
$1,000 at Marshall’s on shoes and I really wanted you guys to see it. Luna what are we going to do about
all those shoes back there? [Luna] Sell some to uncle G. [Reezy] We’re going to sell… Just wanted to show you what a shipment
looks like. We do two rows deep, little bit above chest height.
These ones are all stickered and ready to be packed. Ready to go, order and
system, key to success. Got to have your systems in place. Another shipment on another table
conditioned and scanned in, ready to be stickered tomorrow. Shoes that I picked up today. Power
outage just happened, so I’m just trying to get the computer back up
and get these listed. Let’s go! Did that in about 2 hours
at one store ($1,664.44). That’s how much it cost me ($1,178). That’s how much it’s going
to sell for ($3,580.79). 57 items, 29… 9.14pm, still getting work done.
No sleep for the hustlers.

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5 thoughts on “How to source $1600 profit in 2 hours W Retail Arbitrage

  1. Lessons In This Video #1 Shoes at TJ, Marshalls Etc can be profit makers
    #2 Clearance bras can be too.
    #3 Systems are needed for success. So figure out your steps to divide and conquer.

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