How to Start Affiliate Marketing – Easily Add New Income Streams!
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How to Start Affiliate Marketing – Easily Add New Income Streams!

– Affiliate marketing is
an incredibly powerful and easy way to both add new
income streams to any business and add a ton of extra value to your subscribers at the same time. In this video, we’re gonna step through how to start affiliate marketing, but not just for beginners, we’ll also cover off on
some pro tips that we use to generate over six figures
per year in affiliate revenue. (upbeat music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown,
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything
we mention in this video. You can find linked in
the description box below. So, let’s jump into it. So, affiliate marketing is, at it’s core, getting paid a small commission or a reward for referring new customers to a product or to a service. In some markets, affiliate marketing does have a bad name, due to spammy or unethical marketers, but aside from all those bad outliers, the system itself is
actually an incredible way to add big value to everyone involved. We actually now generate over six figures just from affiliate marketing because do it in a way
that it adds value to, not just the companies
that we trust and support, but primarily because we focus so heavily on adding value to our subscribers. Now, if you’re wondering how affiliate marketing actually works, I’m gonna give you a quick overview and run through an example that we use, and then we’ll jump into how you can start implementing this yourself. So an example of a product or a service that we use all the
time, and we recommend, strongly recommend, a lot of people use, especially in relation to video. It’s called, and it’s a transcribing service
or a captioning service, so if you’re looking for
subtitles and captions or to transcribe your
videos into other languages, that is the service that we recommend. Now, whenever anyone
clicks one of our links when we’re recommending either from a video or some other resource and they make a purchase, then we receive a commission for sending that sale their way, or that customer their way. Now, we normally put these links in the descriptions of our videos. They could be in e-mails,
websites, blog posts, wherever it is a fit for us to mention that to offer value to our audience. Now, different affiliate programs will have different
commission structures as well. So some of them work off a, percentage basis, or a fixed dollar amount or some of them will have
a recurring monthly payment that comes to you for referring that sale. Now, Amazon, for example, will actually pay you a percentage from what’s actually in the cart at the time of checkout. So, we’ve had instances where, someone has clicked our link
for a 20 dollar microphone, and the customer has gone on then and purchased a heap of other
stuff from Amazon at that time and when they’ve checkout
out from clicking our link then we’ve actually received
commissions from everything that was in their cart in that purchase. Also, a lot of software
platforms out there, especially the
subscription-based ones can offer up to 30% recurring
commission month on month. Now, just before we get into the steps to get you started with
affiliate marketing and then on in to some big tips to help you maximize your results, I do want to cover off a couple of really important things
that you should remember. Only ever recommend products or services that you’ve tried, that you’ve tested, or things that you actually use yourself, or things that you would
recommend to your best friends. Focus on delivering value
to your subscribers first. You don’t wanna be the person
that’s recommending stuff that’s actually not going to help people, or that it’s a bad product or it’s buggy, or it’s going to create more
hassles and a bad experience. That’s gonna be a reflection
on you for sending them there, and that’s really where
a lot of people go wrong with affiliate marketing. Is that they start by looking for, the products and services that have the highest commissions and pay up the highest amounts, and they work backwards from there, and that’s really unethical, and is not gonna be
sustainable for you long term. You’ll also always wanna be disclosing that your links are affiliate links and that you are being paid a commission if they do sign up using your link. You also, really need to get clear on the program terms and conditions for each of the affiliate
programs that you’re a part of. They are not all the same, and some of them have strict rules or regulations around
what you can and can’t do, and where you can and can’t
put the links, as well. Okay, so now that we’ve got that covered, this is how you can get started
with affiliate marketing. The first step is to write a list of everything that you use or recommend. This could be software, it could be tools, it could be books, it could be courses, programs, whatever it is, look at the things that
you’re actually using on a daily or monthly basis, or the things that you
use to create your videos, or the things that you
use to run your business or to help people. What are the things that you recommend, and start writing out a big list. Step number two is to identify from all of those on your list which ones are going to most help your subscribers, your customers or your audience. So for us we get a lot of questions about the gear that we recommend, and the systems and tools and things that we use inside of Primal Video. People wanna know this
because they trust us and using what we’ve tried and tested and the things that we
recommend saves them time, researching online, buying, trying and testing things themselves. So, that’s one niche, but you can do this in almost any niche. So take dog training, for example, if you’re a dog trainer, you could just look at things like, dog food, dog toys, any training
implements that you need, or it could also be
things like pet insurance. That’s something that people typically would spend a bit of time researching and reading reviews and comparing
all the different pricing and what’s covered and what’s not. So, this is something
that you can actually help your audience with by saving them a lot of that research. So, that’s one example, but to give you another quick one, if you’re in the fitness space, you could look at things
like the gym clothes or the training clothes or workout clothes that you recommend. It could be the proteins or the shakes or the products, the nutritional products that you take and that you recommend. Or it could even be things right down to a gym membership. A lot of the major gym chains have affiliate programs as well. And that leads us on to step number three, where you wanna make a short list and then go and check
to see if they actually have an affiliate program already set up. Now, this is really as simple as doing a Google search for the product or service, along with the words affiliate or referral program. And if they’ve got one, then it should show up
there in the search results. And if they don’t have one, then definitely reach out and ask them, and let them know that you’re interested in promoting their product, and you will be surprised
by how many companies will go out of their
way and set something up that’s unique for you. Step number four is to get familiar with each of the programs’
terms and conditions. I know I mentioned this earlier but I really can’t stress this enough because you need to know
what you can and can’t do. And a really quick example on that, I know that we mentioned earlier that we put some affiliate links into emails and those sorts of things. Amazon, in particular,
doesn’t let that happen. You’re not allowed to put your Amazon affiliate links in emails. So, that’s just one example, so it’s really important
that you get familiar with what you can and can’t do with each of the different programs. Step number five is to
share your links out, but I really stress here that you wanna be doing it in a way where
you are adding value. So, it could be things like reviews or how-to videos or a comparison video. What are the different competitors to that product that
you’re wanting to promote? And how does this compare? Again, coming from that authentic place of adding value but what are the things that your audience would need to know when they’re deciding
which one to purchase? It could also be things like, advanced training or courses
or content that you create, to help people get specific
results that you get yourself. Remember here is not about just spamming your links out there. Make sure that you’re adding
value to your audience, and also make sure that
the products and services that you’re recommending are good. Now, we actually had to recently pull down a full video training series that we had inside a
Primal Video accelerator, where we could no longer
recommend the product that we were talking about in
that video training series. That was a big part of
that video training series. So, we had to pull the whole
thing down and reshoot it, when we had something
better to replace it with as a new recommended product. Because once that product
wasn’t a fit for us. we had a bad experience with them. We couldn’t recommend them anymore, cause we didn’t want anyone else having that same experience. Now, I’ve got a pro tip
here that’s gonna save you an absolute ton of time with
your affiliate marketing, and that’s to use redirect links. So, when you sign up for
an affiliate program, they’ll assign you you’re own unique link. And that’s their link that ties that sale or that customer to you. Now, what most people do, at this point, is that is the link that they
put in their descriptions, in their emails, on their
websites, on their blogs, and all of their videos and things. But if that link changed, if that affiliate provider
changed that link, which does happen quite a lot, and more than you would think, then you’ve actually got to go back to all of those different videos and blogs and places to update
that link with a new one. So, you can actually add a
redirect link that you own. So for us, we use
forward slash, go, forward slash, whatever the product is, Rev, was our example from earlier. So, if someone goes to our link
it’s going to redirect over to wherever we want it to go, which is our Rev affiliate link. So the beauty of this is,
is if those links change you can simple change where that link is going
to be redirected to. So you don’t have to go
and update everywhere, you can update in one place, and all of your links
everywhere are now updated. So there’s a really
awesome WordPress plug-in that we use to manage all of ours, and that’s called Thirsty Affiliates. Again, links are in the description below, but you can also use a redirect service, like, and there’s others out there as well. But owning your own links
and using redirect links, especially for affiliate marketing is gonna save you a heap of time and a heap of headaches down the track. So by having a focus around
adding value to your audience, one of the most powerful
ways that we’ve found, to not only 10 x that
value for our audience that are looking to deep
dive into a certain topic, but also to increase our affiliate revenue is to use email automations. Now, once someone joins our email list, we can provide additional
options for free training and they’re gonna help those looking to go deeper on certain topics or to achieve certain results. Things like, creating better videos with a smartphone or growing
an email list using YouTube, we offer both of those
trainings completely via email because it can be delivered automatically. And inside those trainings, we can give them exactly how we use gear, products or services in our own business, and show them how they
can get the same results. And then for anyone
that hasn’t started yet, we also include our
affiliate links in there to help them get started. So here’s a live example for you, if you’re looking to try
this strategy for yourself then linked onscreen, is one
of these advanced trainings that’s completely free. And it shows you how to
grow your email list, completely organically using YouTube. So that you can start
using email automations to scale your existing business, and your affiliate
revenues all on autopilot. And I’ll see you soon.

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40 thoughts on “How to Start Affiliate Marketing – Easily Add New Income Streams!

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