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a step by step by step, on how to get started your own
affiliate marketing business even if you are a complete beginner, in order for you to build a
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my name is Josue Pena, helping you grow and monetize your brand, business, and influence with
social media and marketing. And today we have a very special video and this video is actually
a very special one because it’s the replay of a
live training and coaching call that I did with my friend
Odi and he is a millionaire and college dropout. So, if he was able to
actually make it happen and build a really
successful passive income and affiliate marketing
business, you can do it as well. – Do it! Just do it! – Welcome YouTube, welcome to Online CEOs, a channel that is all
about helping you grow and monetize your brand,
business and influence with social media and marketing, and here we have today ODi Productions, the affiliate marketing King. So, if you want to learn how to build a full time income, not just like a few hundred
bucks but a few thousand bucks but a five figure, six figure income using affiliate marketing
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– Virginia. – Virginia
– Ryan Felix. – Yap, so again we’re
gonna be talking about– – What up, what up? – How you can get started
with affiliate marketing even if you have no experience,
you don’t know anything, you have no special skills,
like you’re like me, a normal average guy, and
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same color Lambo it’s… Yeah like he owns that
Lambo and the Porsche and all that good stuff which
is like super, super dope. Dude, so I’m just excited
for you to be here. – So, again if you wanna–
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learn a lot of cool stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing, how to build your online business and like it all comes out
to freedom, really like– – Yap.
– Like making money, without exchanging your time for dollars, and being able to leverage,
your resource in the internet in order to make a full time income, which is, it’s still
cool, it’s still like, you was telling me yesterday, I’m like, “Man this is insane, like the
numbers that you’re doing, “like it’s super, super awesome.” – What’s up Brian? Thanks for that, thanks for
that Oscar, what’s good? Hey Alex, so me and Josue
just filmed a video, but it was me interviewing Josue for my channel about Instagram growth. I do have a affiliate marketing videos on my channel of course but– – The link is below by the way, the link to Odi’s channel
is below in the description, so you can check him out,
there’s a lot of cool videos, like you have videos with
multiple million views, like several videos with
over a million views. So, you can see the quality of the content you put out there, so yeah– – Thank you. – There’s nobody better than to learn when it comes to affiliate marketing. – Thank you, I really appreciate that, I really appreciate that. Hey Nickson, just to answer your question, can you start marketing in your teens? Of course you can, you
can start at any age. Actually, I think like Amazon Associates doesn’t even have an age restriction. So, if you’re just talking
about getting started, then yeah, you can start
at any age honestly. – I see Mark here from Serbia, oh wow. – Wow! – From Portugal, um yeah,
that’s looks super awesome. I mean like, I think you
have a video on your channel that you actually talk
about how do you get started as a broke college kid
or something like that. – Yeah, so that with a hundred, that’s with about a hundred bucks or a little less than
that to start a website; that’s one way to do affiliate marketing. I’m gonna share more later in this video, but you can start for free, you can start with a hundred bucks, if you
have a little more money, there some other methods that I’ll share, but yeah, we’ll talk about that. – Yeah, so like, Let’s wait
a couple more seconds here until we get them to the five minute mark, and again, if you’re watching right now, the link to this video,
share it with your friends, share it with your family,
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live or on the replay, if you’re coming here on the replay, drop a comment down below with #replay and let us know where you’re coming from cause that’s, that will be super cool. Josue, are you starting
affiliate marketing? Brian, I actually do affiliate marketing, not to the extent that
you know Odi does it, but I do affiliate marketing, yes. I may get a couple grand a
month doing affiliate marketing but it’s not like no where
near, like not even close to what Odi does and for (mumbles), he’s strategies are like,
I’m just like, really? Like, that’s fricking dope. (laughing out loudly) So, you’re gonna see me doing a lot more affiliate marketing here
in the next few months. It’s just because, it’s just like, it’s a hands-free business model, which is really, really good. So yeah, we’re gonna like… I’m just not gonna let you
take the ropes (mumbles). – Okay, cool. – Do it. So, Lady Catherine, Oh Lady Catherine, how are you my lady? How are you? (laughing loudly) So, I’m just gonna let you guys take you through the ropes. – Okay.
– I wanna like… Who wants to hear Odi’s story? Cause I think it’s pretty inspiring, like humble beginnings,
like where you came from. So you, who here wants
to hear Odi’s story? Comment below, yes, if you
wanna like hear Odi’s story, how he actually got
started into this whole internet marketing, affiliate marketing and all that good stuff,
so there’s a little delay, so Odi for one on ClickBank, what? I don’t even know what that is. (laughing) – Hey guys, I’m gonna answer
all of those questions after we do like the main content. – Yeah. – There’ll be a Q&A at the
end and I’m gonna answer all of those questions about ClickBank, Amazon Associates, beginners; everything. So, just keep your questions till the end, and then I’m just gonna
share the content today. Okay, I think they’re ready. – Yeah, you’re right. – Everyone in the
audience is in the chats. Okay, awesome. So, hey what’s up guys? If you haven’t seen my
channel before, my name’s Odi. I go by ODi Productions on YouTube. – That’s his last name by the way. (laughing) – Yeah my last name in my
legal name is productions. – Yeah. (laughing) – And, so I’m 25 years old,
I’m based out of Chicago and San Diego, I was born
and raised in San Diego, California, we’re in Chicago right now. – And by the way, if you see us like, it’s because we have
a fricking dog, right? – This is my dog Taco, and
he’s kind of interrupting us, but we’re gonna keep going. Okay, Alex knows what’s up, UCLA drop out. Alright, so I’m going to
share my story real quick, I’m not really gonna like, you know, take too much of your guys time. I come from pretty humble
beginnings, not as humble as Josue because he shared his story on my channel, we just filmed that video and
he’s gone through so much. You know, being from Dominican Republic, being from like a third-world country and going through everything to get to where he is today,
it’s super inspiring. I think that a lot of us who have reached these levels of success,
we have gone through some, a lot of adversity to get
to where we are today. And it just has made us stronger, it’s made us more resilient and so for me, you know, most of you guys… Well, Alex seems to
know but I went to UCLA and I actually was a senior, I had a 3.5 GPA, my senior year. I had four classes left when I decided to drop out and pursue online business, specifically through affiliate marketing. And, you know, at the time, it was tough, because my parents, I come
from an Asian background, and as you guys know Asian
parents, super strict, super traditional, you know what I mean? And it was just a tough
decision at the time, but I was working on my first
affiliate marketing website, it was, you
guys can go check that out. I was reviewing headphones
and other audio gear because I was producing music at home, and that’s how I learned
about affiliate marketing. So, for people who are not familiar with affiliate marketing,
it’s basically just referrals, that’s how I break it down,
and every single company these days does affiliate
marketing, it’s crazy, and I was telling Josue, cause
he loves Tesla as a brand, you know the car? And they have an affiliate program and I was watching a video the other day about this guy who runs a
Tesla-like YouTube channel and website and he literally
made enough commissions to get two Next-gen Tesla Roadsters, that are priced at 200,000
each, so $400,000 in commission from promoting Tesla,
people buying a Tesla– – Through his links. – Like basically through
his link, yeah exactly. – That’s crazy. – But I’ll get more into that. Just to wrap up my story,
yeah I dropped out of UCLA and then, I was pursuing
affiliate marketing and it was, I wasn’t
making that much money, it was like maybe 700 bucks
a month when I dropped out, but it was enough to
pay my rent at the time. I had three roommates, I
was sleeping on the floor and it was enough to pay my rent and I decided to take
that leave of absence and then just pursue
affiliate marketing full time. Slowly, it started to go
up but I still had to get a full-time job, so I
actually was able to get a full-time job at a
digital marketing agency. Worked the nine to five,
I was making 45,000 a year which is pretty good
for someone who didn’t, you know, graduate from college. I was about average for people
who did graduate from college but I got fired from that
job about seven months in and that forced me to
really, really go all in on affiliate marketing this time, but thankfully I was ready, and my income just started to multiply
month, over month, over month and it was just perfect timing for me getting fired from my job and then me building those
affiliate marketing websites on the side, I was able to go full time with the affiliate
marketing and I’ve never looked back since then. Basically I’ve hit thousand
dollar per day profit, since 2016 and I haven’t
basically missed a day, you know, overall if you average that,
I haven’t missed a day. – Yeah like if you see
for example if you watch my Instagram Story, yesterday– – Oh yeah. – Odi was like, “Oh, like check this out.” Like one of the dozens of
different income sources, it’s making me, you know what can they? No problem like, I’m like. – Yeah, so I showed him
that, basically, I made over a thousand dollars from a
single affiliate product that I just started
promoting three months ago, that I haven’t touched for over a month. – Yeah. – But, yeah so back to
affiliate marketing, that’s my story, I mean
since then I’ve gone on to you know be able to
live in amazing places, live in two cities at the same time, get two supercars basically, and it’s just, it’s just been a dream. But basically, let’s
transition into talking more about affiliate marketing, talking– – I want before we do
that, how many here think that is fricking amazing? I wanna know, drop a yes below, if you think Odi is the
goat of affiliate marketing cause honestly that’s crazy to me, you don’t even touch… You’re like, oh yeah you set something up and you don’t even touch it
and it just keeps on bringing. It’s like, like an ATM
machine on steroids, not even like, did you even
have to go to the ATM machine? It just like sends you money. (laughing) – Okay awesome, so that actually
transitions perfectly with, I want to talk about affiliate
marketing as a business model so for those of you, thank
you by the way so much for the comments, I’m
seeing all the comments popping right now, thank you so much. – I see Brian, Luis, Richard,
Jacob, Training Media, Lady Catherine, Oscar,
Nickson, that’s awesome. – Thank you, thank you appreciate it. So affiliate marketing, again
for those who aren’t familiar, it’s just referrals, there’s
many ways that you can do it. The main way that I do it, is I create niche-authority websites,
where you create a website that is basically like
that dominates a niche and people will go to you
for advice basically, right? So, if we were promoting
something like cameras, let me just grab mine right here, and you had a website that was
all about photography, right? And this is a DSLR, this is a Sony. It’s a pretty expensive camera and you know if you’re promoting this and you’re actually selling this through something like Amazon Associates or through like a BH photo video or any sort of photo and video webiste. – Or Best Buy. – Yeah, Best or any website that has an affiliate program, you earn a percentage
of the product’s price as your commission. So you know, with this– – That’s called profit. – Yeah, exactly, and it’s all profit because it’s free to
just post your link up and then make a YouTube
video or make some content, like make a blog article or a review, and it’s totally free for you to do that, other than, you know, having the camera, but if I already own it, why not start making some money from
it, you know what I mean? So in a jist, that’s affiliate marketing, it’s a very broad thing,
because so many companies, even restaurants that I go to today, they’re like, “Hey, refer a friend “and then we’ll give you like 20 bucks.” I’m getting like literally,
even places where I live, like an apartment complex they’re like, “Hey, if you get someone
to come live here, we’ll give you $500,000,
like rent credit,” something like that, you know what I mean? – That’s awesome. – So, literally every single company, even Tesla, Nike, Adidas, Boes, Sephora, every like literally
anything I can think of. Type in a big company and
then type in affiliate and usually you’ll be able to find some sort of commission
or affiliate program where you get money for
promoting their products. – Yeah, and I wanna dive
like the reasoning behind it, It’s like, the reasoning behind like, now that I’m in marketing,
like the market, I know how valuable a referral is, because when you refer
a friend, like we say “Hey Odi, Odi tell me,
hey that’s Sony A6500, “is an amazing camera, I love it.” I just saw him like man, I
probably I wanna buy one, Odi’s like, “I knowing right? “Like it’s fricking awesome.” Odi’s my friend, a referral from a friend telling you, you should buy this product, is a lot more valuable and powerful than almost anything else. – Yeah, yeah. – You can spend like
thousand dollars in marketing or just have one friend
referred, like a program like… That is gonna make a sale, more likely than the thousand dollars in marketing. So that’s the reason, that’s
what the reason why companies are willing to give commissions to people because they know, hey
look, if that person refers this client to me,
that’s an instant sale. On top of the lifetime value
of that customer with our brand they’re already in our ecosystem and once a buyer, always a buyer, repeat buyers are a lot easier to keep. So, just getting a referral in the door and you getting paid for
that, it’s like a no brainer, and that’s why affiliate
marketing is so powerful in terms of the brand
side, like the company side and also your side because you
get paid upfront of profit. And so yeah Brian says
here, “The crazy most people teaching affiliate marketing
says, it is not scalable.” – Wow, that is false. (laughing) – I mean like he owns a Lambo, a Porsche, a house in San Diego and an
amazing apartment in Chicago. I’d say it’s pretty fricking scalable. – It’s scalable, because
you know we’re using the internet here and we’re
creating systems basically, and as I was saying with that niche authority website,
it’s just a system. Basically, when we build this
website, you build it once, you make the content and then you run ads, and as long as that website gets traffic, you’re funneling through your
content and selling to them, you know, product after
product after product. And it’s scalable because
we’re on the internet, right? And you can have millions
of people visit your website and there’s no cap, there’s no limit. You can sell thousands, if
not tens of thousands of these if you could, you know what I mean? Now, the scaling stops when you stop, in terms of like, you reach
sort of like a threshold or like a cap in terms of
like you know your ad spend or maybe your skill, but if
you just you just keep going and you keep spending and
you have a working formula it’s infinitely scalable
and I’ve seen it in my own like personal results with my websites, it’s infinitely scalable, you
can take it as far as you want as long as you’re willing to work, as long as you know you set
up the system the right way. – Yeah, so I wanna like now
go into the actual value. If you’re ready for actually Odi reveal, how you can actually make
affiliate marketing work for you, even as a complete beginner, I
want you to type in right now ODi, ODi, ODi, type in Odi,
type in ODi; type in below whether you’re watching
live or on the replay, type in below right now
and Odi’s gonna share all the cool little tricks that
you have under your sleeves. Brian says, “So building
niche authority sites, is the best way to start as a beginner.” – So I would say as a beginner, again, affiliate marketing is so broad that it depends on your
skill set and your background and basically like your
circumstances, because so for me, niche authority website made
sense because at the time, I already knew how to do web developing, I already knew how to make websites. So it was easy for me to
basically just start building these kinds of sites you know what I mean? Now, if you’re not that
technically inclined there’re other ways to do affiliate
marketing as a beginner, so– – I see everybody secret commenting, so go ahead, okay go ahead, start sharing all the valuables and
all the like secret tips. – Yeah, so if you wanna
get started as a beginner, So there’s levels to this, I like… Not as scalable, if we’re talking about, I gonna give you an example real quick. So, you sign up for an
affiliate network first, right? Because you need an
affiliate network or program in order to get the link that you know refers people and gets you commission. So, basically you join a program, the most popular one is Amazon Associates, because it’s Amazon’s affiliate program, so you can promote basically,
virtually anything on Amazon and then get a small commission. Now, it is a pretty small commission, so you’re not gonna be raking in tens of thousands of dollars from selling like cheap products on Amazon. Like, if you’re selling like this coaster or something like that,
that’s like five bucks, and then you only make like 4% of that obviously, that’s like peanuts right? Now, it gets more interesting
if we’re talking about items like the Sony camera, you know– – Or the headphones that you were selling. – Exactly, the headphones that
were like, $300, $400 each, because then you get 6% of that, that starts to get a
little more interesting. You start to make like 20 bucks,
every time you make a sale. But most people, how you can
get started is if you own these things, if you
happen to already have it, you know, you would
just post the links up, but that’s just like level one, and that’s what people
do and they kind of, it’s kind of like spamming,
cause if you’re just putting your link up
on like a random video, who’s gonna click that
and buy from that link, if you’re not providing
value first, right? So, as Josue was saying,
if you had a buddy that was like, “Hey,
check out this camera, “it’s amazing quality,”
and then Josue sees this, and he’s like, “Wow, you’re right, “I need to give me one of these.” Basically, that’s kind of like level two. So, level two is kind of
doing something like a review. It’s where you actually
give value to a consumer and then you tell them about the product, you review it, and you figure
out if it’s right for them. – Yeah. – And for me, the
perfect, like the perfect example of affiliate
marketing is connecting the right people with the right products. For your budget, for your lifestyle, or whatever you’re trying to achieve, basically connecting
people with the products. And so if you make a review,
and you give an honest, you know honest value in terms
of like your information. Sorry, there’s a lot of
background noise right now, then that’s like level
two, because it’s like, “Hey, I’m giving you
something and in return, “maybe you’ll buy it from my link, right?” – Yeah. – Now, there’s levels
to this and I can’t go through all the levels right
now, because there’s just, you can take it as far– – As you want to.
– As you want to, basically. But I’m just gonna go into level three. Level three would be like,
you make the review right? But then, maybe you start
bundling things together cause then instead of
just selling the camera, you add in this microphone, which actually was like 200 bucks, this is
like a pretty nice microphone. And then you add in the stands, this Joby Tripod that was actually like, I think like 50 or 60
bucks, they made them like a little more expensive. So you start to add in all these things, you start to bundle things, right? And that’s where you start
to multiply your commission a little bit, cause it’s like,
instead of your order value being $300, now all of a
sudden, it’s like $450, right? And so bundling is another
thing that I like to do, but you know, if we’re gonna
take it to like level four, we can keep going guys. But if we’re gonna take
it to like level four. (laughing) Power level 5,000. – No, no, no, his power
level is over 9,000, okay? – That’s a good one, that’s a good one. – It’s over 9,000. – Level four, hey let’s make a website where we actually review stuff like this and become an authority. That’s where you start to trans… Sort of transition from
just being like a consumer to a producer, because now
we’re behind the scenes, we are basically creating a brand and if it’s something where people respect and they listen to our opinion
about what’s the best camera then they start, people
will buy from someone that they trust and they
respect and gives value, again. Now, on a website like
this, you know, level four, we can start to do something
like collecting emails. So, when we collect emails,
what we can do is we have a list of buyers that we know are
interested in cameras, right? And from there, we can
go on to like level five and retarget and remarket to them. Let’s say Black Friday is coming up right, you have a list, an email
list of a thousand people who are interested in
photography or videography and Black Friday is
coming up, you gather up the top five deals on
Amazon for Black Friday or whatever affiliate program
or network you’re using. You send an email out,
boom all of a sudden like you’re making probably
hundreds of dollars from something like that, if
you have a thousand people who are listening to you
and then you’re telling them about a deal, you have some
scarcity it’s Black Friday. It’s a win, win, win for everybody. – Oh, yeah. – For the company, for the customer and for the affiliate who’s
promoting those products. – That’s fricking awesome,
when you can like, email list like… Come on Taco. – Taco quiet. – I feel like with email list, also with chat bots like Money Chat. – Oh yeah. – That is like super powerful
to be honest with you. I mean, I’ve actually done,
like my thousand dollar (dog barking) commissions that I make… Taco is like all over
the place, dog right? So, like the couple
thousand dollars that I make with affiliate marketing is with email lists and chat bots,
right, that’s how I do it. I don’t even have a website but
that’s like next level stuff you know if you wanna do that, and I see like people here coming through. If you wanna? If like again, we’re gonna stay here a little couple more
minutes and then answer a lot of questions that you guys have. So, make sure you stay until the end, cause if we have over 40
people, we only need 10 more. If we have over 40 people
out here at the very end, we’re gonna give away
a hundred dollars cash, straight to somebody’s Paypal
that’s watching us right now. So share the link to this
video with your friend whether you’re watching
live or on the replay, if you wanna, you know,
win a hundred bucks. So, if you have any questions
drop them down below. And yes like Odi’s like,
he’s ultra instinct, (laughing out loud) like his strategies like… And the funny thing, the good thing. “It’s funny because I’m
eating a taco right now.” – That’s funny. – So, like the the great part about this, a lot of people are like,
“Man I don’t wanna be in front of a camera,” like,
“I’m not good on camera, like I’m nervous.” fricking me, it was gonna fall. “I’m nervous,” et cetera,
et cetera and it’s like, it’s fine because Odi… Don’t even touch it for
like months if not years, and it still made commissions
and sales on autopilot, okay? So, that’s pretty great. Alright, we’re gonna
sit with Taco right now. Taco you’re gonna sit with me here and you just like be with us. – Okay, there we go. – So, if you have any questions, you can put them down below right now. Ooh this sun is fricking. – Yow, Kevin David. – Kevin David, what’s up ma man? – KD. – I think it’s like, is it dark?? I think it’s dark. – Yeah it is, maybe the lighting. – Yeah, I think we should probably move this way a little bit, there you go. – I’m can put this down. – Actually yes, yes let’s put it down. So, if you have any questions
drop them down below right now in the comments. Do you think can you
close the other one too? – Yeah.
– Alright, drop them down below in the comment section, right now and we’re gonna
answer every single one of your comments, like
questions when it comes to affiliate marketing and all that stuff. So alright, I think that’s,
that’s better now okay. Alright, cool. So, alright so hello from Russia. Man like Russia is like eight hours ahead of us, that’s crazy. – Okay Q&A time, I’m
answering all your questions, just put it in the chat box below. Okay, Catherine asked, “Can we combine “affiliate marketing with Instagram? “That’s what I was thinking of doing, “building it up through social media, “using sales pages, gathering emails, “and then releasing to my followers.” I think you can answer that. – Yeah. So, I would like combine both strategies, I would build a niche authority website, in order to get traffic to it, you will use Instagram Influencers in a specific a niche
to go there, so like… – Can we make him a mod? – Yeah make me a mod, alright let me see how do you make Kevin a mod? – Oh, there you go. – Oh crap wait, make Kevin, Oh! The comments are coming in too fast. – Don’t make anonymous in the mod bro. – All right. – There you go. – How do you make a mod? Add mod right here, boom! There you go, Kevin Davis, I wonder where. – Hey Kevin, now you are a mod. – Do not, do not do anything
weird, cause I know you. Okay, so like the way I would do it… Okay, Taco stop. The way I would do it,
is like I will build a niche authority website right but I will also then like use
Influencers to try to traffic, let’s say for example again,
like this is photography right? You will maybe like build a website, in the photography’s page
you will build a sales page, landing pages, chat box et cetera. And then from there use Influencers in the photography niche to push initial traffic to it. Cause, that’s probably like
one of the biggest things at the beginning, people don’t know how to get traffic to the website. – Yeah exactly. – But if you are like, get
this photography headphones and you pay a hundred
bucks for them right, and you’re like hey guys
actually a friend of mine just like did a review
on this as A6500 camera on this vlog all you gotta
is swipe up right now if you wanna check it
out, there’s a free blog that will go step by step
on why it’s a good camera, the pros and cons; all that good stuff. And you get instant traffic
to your website right away. So that’s the way I would do it. If you wanted to get
started with Instagram and affiliate marketing and combine Odi’s strategy about the
niche authority website with Instagram as well
and you get kinda like the best of both worlds,
I don’t know what you got to say about that like? – Yeah, no, no, no, I agree. Honestly there’s a lot
of ways to get traffic, it’s all about being creative
and having those angles. So, there’s no wrong way, so yeah, you just have to be very
creative with it and yeah. – Cool. – Okay, let’s move on to the next one. I’m having trouble
pronouncing that name but, how do you create the authority site when you’re not an expert
in a niche for example? So, again you know there’s so many ways to do affiliate marketing,
you don’t have to do the niche authority
route, that’s just if like you really wanna create like
a brand that’s long term, and passive in terms of like you don’t… If you decide to stop posting
content for like a year that site can still be making you money those videos can still
be making you money, it’s real actual passive income. Now, if you don’t wanna do that, then you know there’s other
ways, you can use YouTube and you don’t have to be an expert, you don’t have to… They just share their experience
even, you know what I mean? So, a lot of people who do reviews they aren’t exactly
experts, but they just talk about the product from their
perspective and for their uses. And if there’re similar people
who are watching that video and they’re like, “Hey, like I’m someone “who’s kind of like casual
and I just you know, “I do photography and I need something “that’s like kind of easy,
like point and shoot,” then you know, then that’s an
easy way to sell to someone without being an expert. So, again you have to be creative with it, you don’t have to be, you
don’t have to be the expert but you have to provide
value, that’s the core of any affiliate sales,
is giving value first. – Any business really. – Yeah exactly. – Any business really, so what do you say, ClickBank or Amazon
Associates for beginners? – So, honestly ClickBank
it tends to be more like scam your products to be honest with you cause the stuff that I do is very like, it’s very like white hat, I
promote stuff like big brands. You know what I mean?
– Yeah. – Brands like Nike,
Adidas, if I had Tesla, I’d promote Tesla I mean, I’m into that. I’m not really into
get-rich-quick type stuff cause see with ClickBank
you know you promote like health supplements
and stuff like that. You know it’s just products
that I never would use myself so it’s hard for me to sell it
cause I gotta believe in it. But with that being said, go check it out they got some crazy high commissions for some of these things,
so it could be a good way to kind of like get your feet wet and learn about marketing and sales cause that’s really the core
of this business is marketing, affiliate marketing, so if
you can learn marketing, you can take that same skill
and apply it to anything else, you know, afterwards. – Yeah, are you doing
Click Funnels Affiliate? – No, I am not. I’m gonna look into doing it, and I think I could do pretty well with it but yeah, I haven’t done it yet, so. – Cool, let’s see. Let’s see, let’s see. (mumbles) What equipment do you
recommend for YouTube videos? I mean a camera, like just use your phone, just use your phone, I would say that– – Yeah, to be honest. – Just use your phone. You mentioned ads for affiliate marketing, can you elaborate? – Yeah, I mean again, any
sort of form of traffic that you would use for other businesses, it’s the same thing, it’s just marketing. So, if you’re good with Facebook ads you can run Facebook ads, if
you know how to do YouTube or Google Ads then use Google Ads. If you know how to you know
do Influencer shout outs in Instagram marketing, then do that. So, literally it’s, you
know it’s very broad I mean you know ads, it can
be any sort of paid traffic but they all work for affiliate marketing, if you do it correctly,
but you need to make sure that you adhere to all
the terms of services, you don’t want to just be
posting your affiliate link straight from your ad, because
that will get you banned from most ad networks and
affiliate networks as well. – Cool, yeah how much would you need in order to start or invest
in affiliate marketing? – So, I mentioned this earlier
but you can get started for free, if you were to
create like a YouTube channel and start making YouTube
content with like your phone and you know, you either
reviewed stuff or you talked about products like digital services and digital-like info products or courses that you’re a part of, that’s
free, you know what I mean? And you can make money from that alone, creating that content and
then posting it on YouTube or whatever, that’s a
way to start for free. Again, to start for very little and have more of a long term
game plan, create a website. Website, you know using
WordPress probably costs less than a hundred bucks honestly. And that’s really a very small investment in terms of creating
a business these days. A lot of other businesses
require thousands of dollars to start up like Amazon FBA for example, which is also a very good business but for those who don’t have the capital affiliate marketing is a great start. – Yeah and again, like I have the channel, you’re channel link is gonna
be below in the description. So like, you have a video
there that just explains everything step by step
on how you can get started with a hundred bucks, how
you can get started for free. Just check it out, the link is below. So, Odi how much are you investing in building new affiliate brands nowadays, are you custom developing websites, what is the best way to find
content to make, thanks? – So, how much, so like money? – Yeah. – I guess, like how much
money I’m I investing, oh. Okay, so the cool thing with the way that I do affiliate
marketing and with the way that I teach it that I
think is pretty unique compared to all the stuff I’ve seen online that tends to be more
like ClickBank promotions and offers and stuff like that, is that the way that I create these sites and the way that I’ve created my brands, is it’s very like organic friendly. So, they rank on Google,
they rank on YouTube SEO and because of this organic ranking, I don’t actually have to
spend that much to make a lot and for me I love finding
that sweet spot of having like a 10 times return on ad spend, where it’s, like I’m spending 40 bucks and then I’m making 400 bucks
a day in profit, I love that. That’s honestly like my goals
with affiliate marketing with most of my websites,
is to have a crazy ROI but not have that much overhead, because with the lack of overhead then we won’t run into
as many cash flow issues as with other businesses. – And you can scale it up very quickly. – Exactly, exactly, and then
it’s easier to scale up. So, I really, in terms
of like how much I make and how much I spend,
it’s really not that much, I usually have a 90%
profit margin overall, in terms of the ad spend and everything and you know– – That’s great. – And yeah, and then the revenue, I make about, I keep
about 90% of what I make. – Yeah everybody’s like yeah,
“I made 20 million this year!” I’m like, how much do you keep? A hundred thousand, oh great
you made a hundred thousand like 20 million, yeah everybody… If he will call Lambo like,
“Hey I need a commission, “I need an affiliate program, my friend “is gonna be on a Lambo.” He can get a commission
by just telling Kevin and teaching like, or giving
value about the Lambo itself. So, that’s pretty cool. – All right, Brian asks,
“How can you sell or promote without the swipe up feature?” – That’s on Instagram, I guess. So, like the best, you can
run Instagram story ads. So, we’re gonna make a video, I’m gonna make a video later in like the next few weeks, it’s how you can get a swipe up feature without getting 10,000
followers on Instagram. And the way you do that is
by using Instagram Story Ads, but that’s the short answer for that. Amazon Associates or (mumbles)? That we, we answered that already. Is a blog an important part
or would you suggest pages, sales pages, more targeted stuff to keep people on the page
where the sale will happen? – So personally, I think blogs– – On both or both, would
you use them together, so? – Oh yeah, I would say both. You know, if you can do both, and you have the time and
the resources, then why not? Because with blogs it allows you to create content and through it… To trust you and build
rapport with your customers. You know what I mean? – Mm-hmm. – So, I would definitely do that. Sales pages and more targeted stuff, see, that’s good sales process, and that’s where you can use
stuff like landing pages, you know, collecting emails,
leading them down a funnel where you can eventually, you know, have a higher conversion
rate through that method. So, but you can use both
methods, again it’s very, it’s very open to your creativity. – Yeah, again like I said earlier, I mean all the forms of traffic that you would use for any other business any the other (mumbles),
it’s the exact same with affiliate marketing. So if, again, if you
specialize with YouTube and creating YouTube
videos, running YouTube ads, then stick with that. If you’re a Facebook Ads expert, you wanna stick with Facebook Ads. If you like Instagram
Ads, you like Story Ads, you like sponsored posts, do that as well. – If you’d like Tabula, like just… – Yeah, if you like
Bing Ads, then use Bing, I don’t, but yeah, you can do it. – I like that Bing Ads idea from (mumbles) – Okay, would you recommend
affiliate marketing on YouTube without actually
having the product in hand? – Um, so I’ve done it
before, where I don’t have the product in hand, and
I’ve had much success with promoting products
without even having them, without having purchased them
but knowing enough about them, to speak on them, to give value. But obviously, if, you
know, push comes to shove, I would rather have the item in hand, because you’re competing
with all these people who do have the items in hand. But you know, a lot of people, they ask, “How can I do that, when I can’t afford “like thousand dollar cameras?” Well, there’s products and services, there’s affiliate products
and services out there that do not cost much money,
they have a free trial, or they don’t really cost that much. And they pay good commissions
where you can be making your money back, a lot of
like digital web services, they don’t cost a lot, and
then you can promote them and start making money, you
don’t have to spend thousands. – I would say like, for example like, I actually thought about this before. It’s like if you go to Best Buy and you buy a camera, you
can return it two days later. – Yeah, yeah. – And in that period,
you can make the video. – Yeah, there’s ways to get around, you gotta be creative,
you know what I mean? – So, you make, like you buy the camera, you make the video, then you return it, and you didn’t spend any money and you got a video out there, and you have the product in hand as well. So like, you know, you can do that too. What are you thoughts on strategy for high ticket commissions? – Yeah, so for high ticket commissions, you really have to
respect the sales process. It’s not gonna be, you
can’t just do the level one put a link up. – Yeah (laughs). – And sell a $10,000 product, exactly. And to be honest, you know,
levels two, three, and four may not even work, you may have to go all the way to level five,
but honestly if you’re– – You need to go all the way in level over 9,000, like Odi is. So again, the link is in the
description for his channel. – Exactly, so you need to do more, you need to respect the sales process, and basically, you need
to do the sales funnel, you need to pre-qualify your… For something that high ticket you probably have to do a
sales call to be honest, because I can’t really
think of another way to sell a $10,000 product without getting on the phone a little bit. It doesn’t have to be you,
you can have a sales person but you know, if you’re just starting out, or you know, you probably
have to do yourself, so. – I mean, like, would you go
on the phone for 15 minutes to make $2,000? – Yeah. – I’m pretty sure everybody here will. Right, so that just like
with high ticket commissions, like I agree the same way and again, like it always comes
down to the sales price. Like I remember, me doing for like different affiliate programs
that I promoted before, on my Facebook group, it was
like this Stephen (mumbles) comes like a good friend
of mine, comes in, he’s like, “Oh, yeah, we
have like this program, “it’s about…” I’m thinking it was like
$5,000 or something like that, and or $8,000 I don’t really remember, like it was high ticket, right? “And can you promote it?” I’m like, man I’m really
busy I cannot promote it, but I cannot like make,
like all these stuff but what I did is I just
made a post on Facebook, on my Facebook group and
got some engagement going and said like, comment below, and Stephen then contacted
every single person and from like a hundred word
or 200 word post on Facebook, that took me 15 minutes to write, I made a $5,000 sale and my
commission was half, right? So like, you know, and again,
that comes down to like, I’m guessing that’s another
level above building a brand and like relationship with your audience and maybe like a Facebook
group or something like that. Theirs like tips for them to
purchase through your link cause like, anybody can go
like with Amazon, right? Anybody can go and purchase
directly from Amazon, why would they want to purchase
through your link, right? What’s the incentive to
purchase through your link? So that’s like, I would say,
what’s the difference there? – So go check them out, love that dude, but I have no clue, I’m not his accountant so, I can tell you unfortunately. – I know, I know he like
does a lot of stuff, like he does YouTube, he does Facebook. – He does affiliate marketing as well. He does affiliate marketing, he promotes other people’s products and services, he does you know, digital info products, which he sells from his own brand. – He has webinars, like he
does all over the place so. And now he’s like getting into fitness too which is like that’s pretty
dope so that’s pretty cool. Alright thank… We have been 40 minutes here, if you have enjoyed this so far
whether you’re watching live or on the replay, comment
a yes below right now. I want to see a bunch of yeses and saying thank you Odi
for this stuff right here. And sad we only have 26 people here live, we said over 40 people and we’re gonna give away a hundred dollars but here’s… We’re gonna do a little twist, okay? We’re gonna do a little twist. I’m gonna give away a hundred dollars but if we are able to get
over a hundred comments, on the replay, if you’re
watching the replay pay attention right now. If we got a hundred comments
on the replay right now that says how to start
affiliate marketing, like how to start affiliate
marketing down below. If you comment that word, how
to start affiliate marketing comment down below and if we
get over a hundred comments then we’re gonna, to
anybody who commented that we’re gonna give away a hundred dollars, cause we didn’t have 40 people here live, so I told the people
like just share the link. We get a hundred people here
live we’re gonna give away a hundred dollars but um, let’s see, we got a couple more questions
coming in here let’s see. What affiliate marketing course would you recommend for beginners Odi? I know yours is not available right now, I’ve been looking for one. Actually I think you have
a free course too, right? – Yeah, so I just wanna let you guys know I do have, you know aside
from my YouTube videos which you guys can check
out on my channel below. – Click there.
– You know that’s all free, but I also have a free affiliate
marketing one on one course which we’ll link below as well. I do have a paid program that’s
currently closed right now so, sorry about that
Alex, hey you can email me [email protected], maybe we can talk about it, – He can just DM you on instagram too. – Yeah, you can message
me reach me somehow and then we can talk about it but yeah as far as recommending courses I mean just use my free
videos, my free course. As far as like a paid
course, honestly I only trust like myself I can’t
speak, I have never taken another affiliate marketing course, so I can’t speak on anyone else, but I just know that what– – I mean like, it’s pretty… Multiple four and five figures a month, a year later of touching it, I don’t know anybody
else that can say that, so I mean like if that
just speaks for itself, I mean like Odi’s the
man, Odi’s the man to go. – Thank you, thank you, appreciate it. – Stay thirsty my friend. (laughing out loud) Cool, so again comment down below how to start affiliate marketing and if we can get over a
hundred comments on the replay I’m gonna give away a
hundred dollars here cash, again check the link
below for Odi’s channel, go there check the stuff out. Your stuff is super valuable,
like you have millions of views on your YouTube video which is like super, super
crazy and super awesome. And I just like, I just love your content, like it’s really, really awesome. – Appreciate it bro. – So, top tips of ranking
in Google and YouTube, go check Odi, like you
have a bunch of videos talking about that so
right now we’re gonna go. People if you love this right now comment down below, hit
that like button first, hit that like button. – Yeah, you gotta hit
the like button come on. – If you want like for
me to bring Odi back which will make bring Odi back, comment below Odi come back
right now, Odi come back, and if we get a bunch of
comments saying Odi come back whether you’re watching live
or on the replay right now comment Odi come back and we’re gonna maybe bring Odi back, right? So, comment Odi come back below and again, next time we’re gonna talk
about, how you can maybe what? A thousand a day in affiliate marketing? How many are, wants? (laughing out loud) This is so armature. Oscar, Oscar you’re so
bad, come on Taco, chill. Anyway, so like if we
get a bunch of comments saying Odi come back,
we’re gonna bring him back and he’s gonna teach
you how to get started making a hundred, a thousand dollars a day with affiliate marketing, okay? So, thank you so much dude for
being here, I appreciate you. – Appreciate it, don’t sweat it. – I appreciate you so much,
I hope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure you hit that Like button. Don’t forget to subscribe
cause we’re gonna be doing a lot more cool stuff
and dude I’m excited, I’m excited for it. – Yeah, me too. – I’m excited to see the
result that you guys have, after implementing what
we share here today. Again, start with level
one, just get your feet wet, just start, just start
and we’re gonna get going. Okay, we’re gonna show
Taco, here before we go. Taco come here. – [Odi] Come here, come here Taco. Can we see Taco? Of course we can see Taco. So your gonna see, the
beast that has been– – Here’s Taco. – This is the beast. – Say, bye Taco. Alright, thank you so… $1,000 a day coming soon, if we if we get Odi come back, alright? Peace out people, love y’all.
– Peace

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