How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
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How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

I’m John Crestani and I make over
half a million dollars a month with affiliate marketing. But I’m going to
show you how to get started if you’re a complete beginner. And I’ll be going over
on my computer right here. A step-by-step way for you to go from zero to hero. Hey, so
if you’re looking to start affiliate marketing and you are a complete
beginner, first of all, I recommend you do check out my introduction series to
affiliate marketing. But in this video, I’m going to be showing you exactly how to
get started. We’re going to be doing a couple things here. We’re going to be one,
1st part of affiliate marketing is joining an affiliate Network. And this is
where you find products you can sell or link to and make Commission’s from. First
step. Second step is you want to find a product. A specific product that you can
sell on the internet that you resonate with. And that you can make money with. So,
that’s going to be our second thing. The third thing that we’re going to do is
we’re going to actually go out there and sell it. Now, if you are a serious action
taker, I recommend go through all these steps
in this video and actually you can start earning your first commissions right now.
If you just take these steps. So, let’s get on my computer and I’ll show you
everything step by step so you know what you’re getting into. So, here I am and if
we Google just affiliate networks for instance. We’ll find a bunch of results.
We’ll find a ton. And we’ll see if we just look up the 10 affiliate networks
that aren’t Amazon, we’ll see a ton of affiliate networks. We see Clickbank, JV
zoo, giddy up, share sale, efendi. How do you decide what to join? Now, first off, 2
great affiliate networks to join our Amazon and my other favorite is
Clickbank. So, Amazon is very easy to join. And let me show you how to join Amazon’s
Affiliate Network. Now, if you’re on Amazon right here as you see I’m on Okay, we’ll scroll down to the bottom of
the page. And what we see is in the footer, it says, “Make Money With Us.” Okay?
Right there? And you’ll see there’s a lot of ways you can make money with amazon
selling, private label, brands business, etc. But what we’re interested is become
an affiliate. Now, that’s what we’re going to start with right there. So, when we click
on this, we’ll see profit from our experience. “Earn up to 10% advertising
fees with a trusted ecommerce leader. Join now for free.” Okay? So, very easy to
join and start selling stuff on Amazon. See, it says join, advertise, earn and
basically you’ll just want to join and one of the things it will ask you for is
it will ask you to put in a website. Now, do you have a Facebook profile? My guess
is yes. Or if you don’t, you can create a Facebook profile for free.
That’s your website. Okay? Very easy. Also, you know, I’ve heard of some people just
putting in random websites that have a lot of visitors in their niche. And I
guess Amazon doesn’t check. But keep in mind, your YouTube channel, you can set up
a YouTube channel for free. Your Facebook profile is free and you can set these
things up and use them as your website. Okay, very easy. Now, Amazon, you don’t make a
lot of money. For purpose as a demonstration, I could say I’m
selling this book. Anathem, which is about 20 dollar book. If you aren’t 10%
of that, what are you making? 2 bucks. You’re not going to become a millionaire
selling recommending books to people unless you’re making more than 10%. So,
the affiliate network that I really like is called Clickbank and you can see
Clickbank right here, there’s a lot of affiliate networks but Clickbank is the
most trustworthy and the oldest affiliate network around. It’s been
around for 21 years it’s based in Boise Idaho. And this is the network that I
made my first commissions on. Many people have made their first Commission’s on.
And it’s also been the affiliate network that I currently make
most of my money with. Now, if we click here, affiliate marketplace right there,
we’ll see all of the products that you can sell on a commission only basis. So,
let’s click this search icon right here and see how many products we can find.
Okay, now you’ll see there’s other over 4,500 products in the marketplace. Let’s
zoom in. So, this gives you a lot of options of what do you want to sell, okay?
What do you want to sell to make a lot of money with? Okay? And you’ll see they
tell you how much money you’ll make if somebody buys what you’re selling as an
affiliate. You see $37 if you sell this. $56 if you sell this. $41 if you sell
this. There’s a lot of money to be made selling these different products. Now, to
find something you resonate with, you kind of want to choose what I recommend,
I personally sell business opportunity type products. But what I recommend you
do is let’s just get started on Amazon, okay? As I said, the way you make big
money is with another affiliate network outside of Amazon. But let’s just get
started with Amazon for the time being for demonstration purposes, is that okay?
Is that okay? Okay, cool. Sorry, I didn’t hear you there
for a second. So, back to Amazon. Now, I’m going to go to And once again,
let’s say I want to start off with advertising this book. Anathem, which is a
book I’m reading right now. It’s a really good book and we’re going to search this on
Amazon and look it up. So, we’ll see… Okay, well it’s $9. Okay, $9
right here. So, I’m going to click on the book. And what you’ll see is when you’re
in accepted for an affiliate Network, you see this little bar. It says Amazon
Associates site stripe, right here. This is where I’ll get my affiliate link. So
what I’ll do is I’ll click get link text. Right there. And you’ll see, it’s
as text link created below. Now, this is my affiliate link. Which I will use to
sell this book. This is the link. People need to click on this link and buy the
book and I make money, okay? Does that make sense? People click on this link
they buy the book and I make money. So, we can look at the full link here, I’m not
going to go into the full, what the full link is. But this carries… Basically the
link carries information that tells… The way affiliate marketing works is the
link contains information that tells Amazon that’s the person clicked on my
link versus they searched for it online or whatnot. And that link is in right
here, the tag. So, that this stuff tells them. But we’re just gonna grab the short
link, copy it. Now, I have my link. I joined an affiliate Network, I selected a
product and we’re going to move on to posting about how we can actually, you
know, getting some people to come to my website. Okay, so now there are a few ways
to get people to come to your link, okay? You will already have access to them. Now,
do you communicate with anybody digitally? My guess is yes. You do. You
probably use text messages. That’s a way you could get your link out to people.
You use email. That’s where you can get your link out to people. You use
Instagram. That’s a way you can get your link out to people. Do you ever post
comments on YouTube? That’s way you can get your link out to people. Facebook
this is a way you can get your link out to people. All of these methods are ways
you can get your link out to people. Now, most of the time you’re probably having
very like just… You know, you’re talking about random social male/female social
dynamics in your life. That’s cool. But we’re talking about making money here. So,
that’s what we’ll need to be talking to people about in our emails. Now, let’s say
I’m recommending this book. The first place I could start is through email. I
want people to click on my link. I could send an email to a couple of my close
friends. Let’s say… You know, or just people I know. You know, I could send one
to, you know, my friend Carlos. I’m not actually going to type in my
friends emails here just so you don’t email all my friends. But I could type in
my friends and I could, you know, write something like book recommendation. And I
could say, you know, “I remember you asked me for a sci-fi book recommendation and
I’m reading a really good one right now. I absolutely love it. Check it out.” And I
put my link there. See ?There’s my link. So, I wrote a little short personal
email in the way I normally communicate. And then I just put my initials. So,
that’s a way to get your link out to people. You could send an email to people
that whose emails you have. And in this case, I’m sending an email to Carlos who
I know is interested in science fiction books. That would be a good way to start
affiliate marketing. Another way to start affiliate marketing is I could go on my
Facebook. And I have, you know, a lot of the people I’m friends with on Facebook
are like the future and science fiction and all this stuff. I’m not going
on my Facebook page. I’m going on my personal Facebook. Because I want to
communicate with people personally. Do you buy things from ads? Probably not. Do
you ever buy things or see movies listen to music based on other friends of yours
personal recommendations? My guess is yeah. Again, if we want people
to buy from our link, it needs to be somewhat of a personal recommendation.
That’s why I’m posting on my personal profile. Now, if you don’t want to sell
anything, that’s cool. Okay? But again, the other methods of getting your link out
there are are expensive. They cost money. So, we’re doing this for free. Now, if you
are interested in going deeper into affiliate marketing and paid advertising
and the art of copywriting, I suggest I’m going to have my my assistant put
up a link to my playlist called The Art Of Copywriting here which we’ll go over
how you can use paid advertising to actually make money with marketing.
Okay, so here we go. Create a post. I’ll just say, “Really good sci-fi book I’m
reading. Mindgasms every day, so far. Check it out. Neal Stephenson is a genius.”
Now, I’m not spelling correctly because I’m doing personal communication. That’s
what sells. Again, if you look… If you’re writing something that looks like an ad,
nobody’s going to buy ever. Ever. Nobody wants to buy from ads. Nobody wants to
get raped and that’s what buying from an ad feels like. It feels like your wallet
is being raped. You want to have, you want to feel like you’re in love and a
personal recommendation feels like you’re in love. So, here it is. Here’s my
post. Very simple post. Then I just share it. And that’s how it works. Okay?
Then I’ll just post it right here. Now, that is how to start affiliate marketing
in a nutshell. I hope this video was helpful. You can check out my playlists
on the basics of getting started with affiliate marketing on my channel
homepage. Or there should be a link somewhere around here. Make sure to
subscribe to my channel. If you want more information on affiliate marketing and
make sure you like and comment on this video about what you’d like to see next.
Thank you so much for watching and I will see you soon.

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