How to Start Dropshipping in South Africa
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How to Start Dropshipping in South Africa

When your niche and market research
is sorted You have to focus on getting suppliers
on board This part can leave most people overwhelmed *INTRO SONG* Hey guys, welcome to OBSHACK’s.
My name is Adewale Adejumo I am a Digital Growth Consultant Firstly, you need to understand the
dropshipping concept So, what is dropshipping, right?
Well, dropshipping is a method in which …you as a seller do not keep stock and
inventory, but instead …you work with suppliers who sends the
product direct to your customers. And your profit comes from the price
difference between: What you recieve from your buyer and the
amount paid to your supplier. As an example: Imagine selling phones on
your store for R1000 … and a customer from Durban – say
“Sihle” – buys a phone from you and you contact your supplier in
Johannesburg and provide him with the dropshipping details of Sihle, and then you
pay R700 to the supplier although you have recieved R1000 from Sihle Then your profit… Your gross margin in
that transaction ends up being R300 So this video on “How to start a
dropshipping business in South Africa” is brought to you by Dropstore. Dropstore
is a dropshipping automation platform that lets you find products that you would
like to dropship… Add them to your online store, and ship
them directly to your customers easily And you don’t even need to have inventory Hence you operate with little risk and you
can sell from the best dropshipping suppliers, from
all over South Africa So, how do you start a dropshipping
business? Well it depends on a number of things,
such as your niche market and the type of products that you intend to
dropship, and it is important to bear in mind that
dropshipping will not work with any product though. So, product and market research
is vital – and I will come back to the niche market issue shortly. A dropshipper can be a retailer, a
wholesaler or even a manufactorer. And some rare cases for the purpose
of this video, I’m gonna assume that you right now, are a retailer – an ecommerce
store owner So let’s go back too the niche market. I
mentioned the niche market and I didn’t mention why this is important
in dropshipping. The reason is because, there are plenty of
online shops which sell almost anything you can think of. However,
most of these stores sell specialized niche products. So when you pick a niche, it
will help you to target right customers (to) come to your store. And this is
highly crucial as it can make or break your dropshipping business. When your niche
and market research is sorted you have to focus on getting suppliers
on board – this part can leave most people overwhelmed, but don’t stress though.
If your reach is strictly South Africa Then you should work with local suppliers
because of the shipping speed, with apps such as Dropstore. If your goal is global,
then you might want to contact and team up with overseas suppliers. and you can
easily do this with apps such as Oberlo, AliDropship and many more up there If you’re going to operate your dropship-
ping business within the South African market, then I will suggest that you
contact local suppliers and open trading account. Then you’re
good to go. However, please note that some suppliers in South Africa might
not understand dropshipping until you explain the concept. But most would be
willling to help you. Some suppliers have policies such as
spending X amount per month in order to keep your account active. And
some require you to purchase in bulk beforehand, or impose minimum order
quantities… Or amounts in order to supply any goods. But it all depends on the
supplier and the type of products that you will be selling. If you feel like you want
a bigger slice of the pie, … Selling to the global market will be
ideal. However, competition is fierce Because most dropshippers are selling
identical products, and in order to simplify the process of working and
choosing suppliers, apps like Oberlo or Dropstore provide the necessary
infrastructure and tools to do so. Thanks guys for listening. If you like
this video and you’d like to see more like this, leave a comment that says
“Dropshipping South Africa” in the comments below. And feel free to ask any questions,
we do reply… Bye guys

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