How To START & SCALE Your Social Media Marketing Agency In 2020 – SMMA 2020 Tips
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How To START & SCALE Your Social Media Marketing Agency In 2020 – SMMA 2020 Tips

What’s up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I want to talk about how to really go through and have massive growth in your digital marketing agency Okay. Now I I’m gonna hit maybe some things are how to initially start but then I also want to hit on how to actually Go through and scale it and if you haven’t even started your social media marketing agency SMA Whatever you want to call it Then these are some good things to keep in mind as you’re getting things Established in the early stages to really have maximum scale right from the get-go alright and These are the things I was even just talk to my brother the other day and he works at a mark and agency they work with Amazon companies and They’ve they’ve actually grown extremely large like they’re a fairly large company But they have some of these things like not set up the right way Whereas if they have some these things set up the right way you can actually scale a lot faster with a lot less people a lot less overhead while this headache and so That’s what I want to share here in this video with all of you. Okay? Now first thing I think everyone knows this already But the key thing about going through and starting your own digital marketing agency is you need to pick a niche Right. You need to pick a specific Even more of like a nut micro niche, right? Because like I’m in the real estate space But I’m not just working with all things real estate because real estate is so broad still You have real estate investors. You have commercial real estate. You have real say teams you have Home builders that like real estate agents that work for the home builders. You have the individual agents So you’ve got to really focus and niche down where I’m working specifically with the solo individual residential real estate agent Okay, that’s that’s – that’s my core market that I go through and help with my marketing agency. Okay so a lot of times people go through and they tell me like what type of niche they’re in but there’s still a little bit too broad because I even thought this early early on I was like I’m in real estate I’m gonna help real estate agents And I’m also going to help real estate investors because a lot of real estate agents get into real estate investing guys Guess what? those are two very different markets the mentality of a real estate agent and a real estate investor is Also very different so you need to really go through and dial in who you’re niches right now. Obviously, that’s not anything Super grand and new but the second thing I think this is going to be maybe a new aha moment for some of you guys Is productizing your service, okay Now what I mean by that is a lot of times and I was actually just talking to an agency owner about a week ago And they had this exact problem. So they had their specific niche and let’s say it was Dennis They’re working with Dennis. Okay, a children’s Dennis and so they had their day and it wasn’t that niche But let’s just say that for example And they go through they’re like, okay I’ve got my niche and I’ve specialized all that stuff, but then the dentists asked them to build a website So they’re like, yeah, I’ll build a website and then the dentists ask them. Hey, will you do some like SEO stuff? I want to rank in Google and I’m like, yeah, don’t do that They’re like, oh I need to do some Facebook Ads now when you you’ve run some Facebook Ads Oh, oh also I hear funnels are hot. So will you build a funnel? also I’ve got like you know this database and will you go through and help me with my email marketing and then you basically become a yes-man and you’re doing anything and everything for this client just to retain that client now this can be Solved by sending expectations right from the get-go. Okay, basically coming in talking to your client who’s in a specific niche, right? And saying this is the exact service. I do I run Facebook Ads for dentists I run Facebook Ads for chiropractors and I help them generate leads anything and above and beyond that I love you, but I don’t do it Okay, and that’s where it becomes the productizing your service and make it like a franchise model you think about in and out? They do the hamburger double double cheeseburger, and then they’ve got fries and a drink and that’s it Okay, if you want a hot dog, you got to go somewhere else Okay, they’re not just gonna go through and serve and cater everything that you want just because you want it you go in there They’ve got their system down pat and that’s what you also need to do with your business. All right Now the third one is going through and creating systems now This is really going to be become huge as you go and you scale up because honestly at the other day to scale up from zero to ten fifteen thousand dollars per Month as you yourself is a sole entrepreneur, really not that difficult Not that difficult you have plenty of time in the day But then what she had about that 10 to $15,000 a month mark and you’re starting to bring out more clients you’re like you you kind of start to get strained and you don’t have enough time to do everything and The biggest thing that’s holding you back is is it’s just you right? So you got to relinquish some of the product or to some of the fulfillment some of the sales? One of the one or the other so what you need to do now is you need to create systems I actually shot a video just the other day about this of creating systems for fulfillment and creating systems For your sales now initially in order to get from 10 to maybe 25,000 30,000 dollars per month and getting like that next big shift because guys I feel like at least in my business and have a Lot of other agency owners that I’ve talked with you have these kind of mental? barrier slats like growth ceilings in your business and I feel like the first one is usually when people get around 10 to $15,000 per month and that’s because so many people on YouTube and all these like live workshops all that stuff They’re talking about how to get from 0 to $10,000 per month in 90 days in the six months or whatever it is So you get that number stuck in your head and it’s so ingrained in your head that you can’t scale beyond $10,000 per month and then after a little bit of time you’re like, okay. I got a reset I got to like figure out how to go through and scale and at least for me it was going and hitting I hit $25,000 per month and then it was like the 25 30 thousand dollars per month range and I was stuck there for about four to five months because I got that so I’m great I hadn’t written on my whiteboard and I just got stuck there and then after some time like Kate I am sick and tired of just staying stuck at this level and then I might I set my sights on new new sights I was like, okay, I gotta go 250 thousand dollars per month to double my business I’d be awesome and then I kind of hit like that 5060 thousand dollars per month girl’s ceiling and then at each point you got to go create new systems into your business and then from there I was like I’m gonna double again. I’m gonna get to a hundred thousand and and so on right but here’s a key One thing that I love is you’re going through and creating systems and building your business This is something I learned from Ryan Deiss a few years back. And if those guys don’t know Ryan Deiss go check them out He’s got amazing intimates here. No, he’s at digital marketer calm and he says something that was amazing cave he was talking about systems and going through and How nowadays everyone likes to automate everything just because you can with technology, but he said one simple phrase is stuck with me Forever right it was proved then automate Okay, prove then automate so basically don’t just automate something because you can don’t use a peer and all these Cool tools and automate it create this like six month long email follow-up sequence just because you can if it’s not proven proven Right because if it’s a broken method all its gonna do is break your business more and more and more So on that first those early stages of going from 0 to 10 to $15,000 per month You need to create the exact step-by-step systems everything that you do a tizzy on the sales and client acquisition side of things you Need to do everything a to z create a huge checklist on the fulfillment side of things Ok And then the best way like that I found go from ten fifteen thousand dollars to that next little hump like we’re talking about Is going through and creating Trainings. Okay, go get like a screen recording type software and film everything that you do make check lists Then you can go to a local Starbucks and say hey I’ve got this 20 dollar gift card for you or whatever You want to give them will you go through this and see if you can actually make this happen? Okay, and if they can’t if they can’t go through that and successfully complete all the tasks Then you hear the feedback and then you make iterations on that system okay, then you make the tweaks you go through you fix it and then or you know obviously You don’t have to go to Starbucks you go through and actually hire somebody Right and then get their feedback and see where it’s broken and fix it of things that like maybe you do But you didn’t think to put down in the system And so then you get that fulfillment system in place Because more than likely and then in the beginning you’re gonna be focusing more on sales you’re gonna hire out first for fulfillment and then at some point you’re gonna have so many people fulfilling and then you’re gonna be Bombarded with all of these client acquisition calls. You can’t do everything So you have to hire a sales person same type of thing you list out everything that you To acquire acquired client how you handle the sales call everything and then you give it to your new sales rep See if they can actually go through and perform just like you have performed and if there’s things that you needed tweak You go and make those tweaks but remember prove Then automate right now the fourth concept guys right here for going through and actually maximizing Your business your marketing agency. That is something call. I you like to call maximizing monetization Okay, because here’s deal you’re going through and you’re generating leads for your marketing agency Let’s say you generate a hundred leads and out of those hundred leads Maybe you’ve only get about three to four to actually become clients Okay, if you’re getting three to four to five that’s pretty good, and I’m talking about like email opt-ins to actual clients I’m not talking phone calls. If you’re only closing three to four of your phone calls out of one hundred You probably need some work on the sales calls from what you’re offering your actual pitch, right? But once we go through and we get the three to four clients. We’ve got these other 96 to 97 other leads that showed interest in what we have to offer But for one reason or another they weren’t motivated to take action It could have been the price or it could have been like hey I like I just want to learn this on my own or I want to hire this out or all these different things And so there’s several ways that you can actually maximize The monetization with these leads for your marketing agency So here’s some things whatever software’s that you are using to To help assist your clients in achieving whatever goal you’re helping them So like let’s say you’re generating leads if you’re using like a landing page software or an email marketing software Become an affiliate and offer them say hey Look guys go sign up for this and you’re able to go through and have a monthly recurring commission coming in Every single month without having to go through and build a software and believe me building a software is extremely tough It’s not something that you want to just jump into because it’s extremely expensive. It’s extremely hard Although the monthly recurring revenue seems like it’s just all like sunshine and rainbows, right? And then another thing is You can go through and take that exact training That you created for your fulfillment reps of going through and step-by-step how to create the ads To set the landing pages the conversions and everything and package that together and sell it as a self-serve offer to your leads Okay, because maybe you’re charging fifteen hundred two thousand dollars per month and some clients can’t pay that But they can pay at one time one thousand dollars for that training. Well great You just maximize your monetization and then maybe there’s other other type of clients that they’re they don’t even have a thousand dollars But they’re very interested So maybe this full-on course that you’re selling for a thousand dollars have six to eight modules helping them every step of the way with retargeting Facebook Ads conversions and follow-up funnels all the different things and Maybe what you could do is actually pull out one of those modules Splinter it off and sell it for fifty to a hundred dollars Okay, then you can create even a sales funnel within that So there’s several ways through affiliate offers through digital trainings through you could even do one off coaching call type things Maximizing your monetization from the leads that you’re already generating in your digital marketing agency. Okay so anyway I hope this video was helpful for you guys, whether you’re starting your own digital marketing agency, or if you’ve got one But you’re just looking to scale you’re like man I can’t get past a 10,000 20,000 30,000 dollar per month mark like man. What do I do next? Hopefully some of these ideas kind of shine some light on Different ideas and things that you can implement into your business. So one make sure you dial in that micro niche to Productize your service 3 proven automate make systems Right and then number four think of different ways that you can maximize the monetization in your business, right? So I hope this video was helpful. If it was go ahead give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys thought I would greatly appreciate that I just want to add value to you guys all here on this channel YouTube I’m realizing is becoming more of just like a secondary hobby I already was kind of hobby, but it’s like man, it’s fun to share what I’m learning and different things. I’m doing but if you guys have specific things you’d love to hear or learn from me drop a comment down below because I’m not just gonna like make videos to make videos anymore I don’t think I think I want to go through and if there’s a specific topic I want to hit I’m gonna hit that but it’s not like this is gonna be like this huge moneymaker for me in my business because obviously I’ve got A lot of other things going on. So if there is something that you want to hear specifically from me that you’re like man Jason could probably help me big-time with this or that or whatever it is drop a comment down below I’ll shoot a video specifically for you Just like I did actually a couple weeks ago on someone’s Facebook ads and be able to help them out a little bit So anyway drop comment below like this video Also, if you’re brand new here, make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell And with that said I will see you in the next video

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