How To Succeed In Network Marketing – 5 Strategies (Ep #7)
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How To Succeed In Network Marketing – 5 Strategies (Ep #7)

Are you new to network marketing? Wondering how you can climb your way up and
become successful in this kind of business? In this video, I’ll be providing you with
five strategies that you can apply to get more prospects and convert them into customers
to build your network marketing empire. Hello Millionaires! This is Fibo Lim, your wealth & life coach. In this channel, we publish weekly content
that will help you earn more income and achieve success in business and in life. So if you’re new here consider subscribing. Don’t forget to ring the bell button so
everytime we publish a new video, you will get notified. And hey at any point in the video, check out
show notes and links in the description for more details. Let’s jump into the content. 1. Join a network marketing company which offers
products that you totally believe in. This step is mostly taken for granted by Filipino
networkers. For most start-ups, their questions would
be: “I have this amount, what networking business
can I join?” “How fast can I earn if I join?” “What’s the pioneering MLM company today?” “What’s the compensation plan?” Joining an MLM company shouldn’t be about
whether it is on trend or qualifies your available capital investment. It should start with you, as you will play
the role as one of the business owners. You should start by asking questions like: “Are the products something that I’ll
be proud to promote?” “In what way will this product benefit me
or my prospect customers?” “Is this product something that I’m interested
or passionate about?” Remember, network marketing or multi-level
marketing is a business model where you earn by the number people you can recruit under
your team. Finding a network marketing company which
suits your interests is very important. Why is that so? Simply because you can easily promote people
in a business or product that you believe in. If you like the product, you don’t have
to come up with scripts to promote it, it will be flowing from your own ideas naturally. Do you still remember recommending your favorite
TV series or movie to a friend? I bet you like the series that’s why you
have recommended it. Recall the words you use to convince a friend
to watch it. Is it scripted? Of course not! Words come out of your mouth so naturally
without pretending at all. If you choose the networking company by considering
your interests first, it will give you a higher rate of success in network marketing. It’s simply because you’ll not be afraid
to share a product that you personally love, thus the more people you can recruit in the
team. 2. Leverage Social Media Don’t know where to get prospects? Shy to speak in front of people about business
opportunities? For my introvert friends out there, this is
no longer a problem. You can still get your way to success on network
marketing. In today’s technology, you can get unlimited
prospects on social media. You don’t even have to set a meet up with
your prospects anymore. Everything can be done behind the computer
screen. Let me provide you steps on how you can get
prospects without chasing them. Step 1: Create your Facebook Business Page Having a facebook page for your business is
a must. Facebook has reached a billion number of active
users and still growing. Imagine the opportunity to connect with more
people online. You can easily post updates about your product
plus connect with your chosen audience. To create a Facebook page, you can go to
. Make sure you have a personal Facebook profile. Then, the website will walk you through on
creating your page. Step 2: Create your customer avatar/customer
profile Define who your target customers are. You have to be clear on what type of people
will get interested in your business. You can define them based on demographics
like age, marital status, hobbies or even interests. This way you’ll know you’re showing your
business to the right people. After creating your customer avatar, let’s
do the next step. Step 3: Invest money on Facebook Ads Do you know why businesses spend so much money
on TV commercials? It’s because they want to show their products
to potential customers. The only thing is they don’t have the way
to let the right people watch it. Once a TV commercial about a diaper has been
aired, not everyone who will see it are people who are actually taking good care of babies
like mothers or fathers. Anyone can see. It could be kids, single women or men. It’s not very target. But with Facebook Ads. They are still like TV commercials. You’ll run it to attract prospects on your
business. the good thing with fb ads is that you have
control to whom these ads will be shown, unlike tv commercials. This is where you will be using your customer
avatar. For example, if you are affiliated with a
network marketing company selling whitening products, you can show your ads to the right
people. Let’s say you’re targeting women only,
aged 20-25 located in Makati (where your office is based) and has liked pages related to skin
whitening. Facebook has access to its customer basic
information like location, age, gender, and his/her interests. So by creating a customer profile, you won’t
have to waste money on Facebook ads and you’ll only attract the right people to your business. By using Facebook Ads, you can reach more
people, thus more prospects for your business. Just a tip though, if you’re not familiar
with Facebook Ads, take it slowly. Try to learn as much as you can. If you don’t understand it, you may end
up losing a ton of money. I’ll discuss this further on a separate
video. 3. Fortune is in the follow-up Not everyone will buy the first time they
see your product. Customers are more skeptical online. They wanted to make sure that you are legitimate. So, you have to gain their trust and they
should see you as someone who is sincere in helping them out to venture on a new business
opportunity. How do you do that? You have to constantly send them a follow-up
message to check what you are offering. Let me give you two ways to do it without
facing rejection. – Send automated messages on your customer’s
Facebook profile. Hey, you don’t have to use your personal
profile for this. It is painful to get “seen-zoned”. So, we’ll let your Facebook page send the
message on your behalf. Here’s how you do it. Step 1: Sign up for a messenger automation
platform. There are many messenger automation platform
out there, a famous one would be Manychat. This software is free. Just go to using your Facebook
profile where your business page is connected. Step 2: Watch ManyChat’s free tutorials Once you’re done signing up, you can watch
their free tutorial on how to create your first messenger sequence. It will familiarize you on which feature to
use. Step 3: Create an automated message follow-ups. With ManyChat, you can send unlimited messages
with a limited number of characters. Do this at least once a day. Sending too many messages may annoy your prospect
and later on decide to unsubscribe or worse, mark you as a spammer. The good thing here is you can include links
which will allow your prospects to view again whatever you’re offering. – Send automated emails Aside from sending follow-up messages directly
to your prospect’s FB inbox, you can also send it thru their email address. The good thing with emails is that you can
explain your product more since you can put more characters to it. Also, there is less distraction for your prospects
attention compared to social media. All you need is an Email Service Provider. An example would be GetResponse. You can have a free 30-day trial by signing
up at This 30-day trial will allow you to try all
of its features. At the end of 30 days, if you decide to continue
using it, there will be a corresponding fee depending on the number of subscribers you
have. 4. Teach your team to replicate Being successful in network marketing is a
team effort. In this business model, you get compensated
both for your direct and indirect downlines. Once you have learned a skill which is helpful
to get more prospects, teach your members on how to do it. In this way, you can expand your network faster. So more opportunity and more money for you
and for your downlines. 5. Get a mentor “If you want to be successful, find someone
who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the
same results.” -Tony Robbins Being in a network marketing business doesn’t
mean that you have to do everything on your own. Have a mentor guide you, someone who already
has succeeded in network marketing. By having a mentor, your success would be
a lot faster because he can tell you what exactly to do, thus saving you from mistakes
and investing too much time on things which wouldn’t bring you any result. Being a network marketer is not a sort of
a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes a lot of time and effort. Just be disciplined in doing your action steps
and pretty sure you’ll reap your harvest in the future. Question of the day: Which Network Marketing Tip did you find useful? Are you ready to implement it? What other Network Marketing tips do you know
not mentioned in the list? Let me know in the comments below! I read each and every comment because I want
to connect with you and have a conversation. Thanks for watching this video. Subscribe and ring the bell if you haven’t
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enjoy the good life. See you in the next episode!

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