How to take quality photos for your business listing
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How to take quality photos for your business listing

Hi, I’m Smeeta Matanti, I’m an editorial
and commercial photographer. Google chose me to share some tips with you about how to take better photos to enhance your Google business listing. Millions of people check out Google every day and if you stick to these tips you’re going to take some great photos The first thing I noticed when I
walked into this shop was the Soul Tone sign. Love the orange, love the light love
the character of this. The next thing I noticed when I walked in are the guitars
in the back corner. One of the best tips that I can give you is taking a ton of photos. Shoot from different angles shoot from below, shoot from above, get close,
get personal with your objects or your subjects or whatever you want to share
with the world. You have all these photos. The first thing I would do is take a second and take a peek at them and pick out five or ten of your favorite
images. Images that really tell a story about your business. When it comes to
editing your photos there are so many different apps that you can use. My
personal favorite is Snapseed. I opened up this photo that we took just a
few minutes ago. iIt looks nice but it’s kind of flat. Play with your
highlights and darken your shadows if this photo feels too cold to you, warm it
up. All of a sudden we’re starting to get color, we’re starting to get shadow,
we’re starting to get texture. There are many, many different editing apps. Choose one, play with it, use it, plan what you’re going to shoot. We are here at a vintage
furniture store and there is so much amazing stuff that we can take images of. What I notice right here is this amazing room. There is a great hero shot. It’s
very welcoming it’s warm and it really tells me what I’m gonna find when I walk
into this store. Another great tip that I would share with you is, clutter: get rid
of it. Look around, train your eyes to get rid of unnecessary items that could be
distracting. One of the shots I really love right here. I love this typewriter,
I love the suitcase, I love this ashtray however there’s a lot of stuff on this
table that’s not working for me so you know what, just remove it. Get
rid of the swatches, get rid of the water bottle and all of a sudden you start
noticing that we have clean lines. You start getting a much more direct focus on your image and you don’t need a lot of stuff. Less is more, remember that.
Another tip I’d like to share with you today is, use your grid. A lot of
smartphones have cameras that have a grid function which is easily turned on
in your preferences. You start seeing things differently. Your photos are
straighter, your grid kind of helps you find the perfect shot so you’ve got it,
use it. It helps. We’re here at an adorable little vintage apparel store and it’s small there’s not a lot of space to work with
so I want to show you how to manipulate light. Right up here on this wall is
a great vignette I love the leather jacket I love the hats, but it’s a little
dark for me. You can use this $2 foam core to create the light that you need.
It just brightens up the entire corner which creates a very clean lifestyle-esque
image. Before we used the light and bounced it back, but now we’re using the
light and we’re seeing that it’s really really hot and its really start coming
in and one way you can diffuse it or soften it is by using something as basic
as a pillowcase, a shower curtain, a bed sheet and what that essentially does
is kill the harshness, soften it up and sprinkle it in. Suddenly we have no
harsh shadows instead we have a beautiful image that we can create
without the harsh light. Thank you so much for joining me today I hope these
tips help you create the images that you need to enhance your Google profile.
You really can take these photos. You don’t need a lot of stuff, you don’t need
a lot of expensive equipment. What you need is a smartphone, a good eye and
follow some of those tips because if you do you’re gonna get some great photos.

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