How To Track An Agency Project? (Project Management Template Download)
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How To Track An Agency Project? (Project Management Template Download)

As we started scaling
up, it became more and more important to stay on track
of what everybody on the team was doing, in the last video
I talked about Lael and what the account manager does
and what we do on our weekly meetings, that video
is gonna be down below. But on this video, I want
to talk about daily updates. What is Istvan doing, what
is the project manager gathering? And how is that presented
every day to make sure that we have a good
eye on what’s going on? Let’s jump into it, here’s
an example of one of our daily updates, it’s anonymized,
the client names are changed, some of these numbers
are changed, but the gist of it is all here. This document gets sent
to me every single day, and all of these updates
are collected each day, all the numbers here are
pulled directly from Istvan logging into the inboxes of
each of our production people and pulling them. I try not to rely on their
word, because sending these updates takes a considerable
amount of time and I’d rather they just focus on selling. So with yesware and then a
quick glance at the inbox, the PM is usually able
to put this together. So here’s how the updates are
structured, client number one and he’ll just basically list
out everything that we did. Sent 200 follow-ups, got
4 replies, all 4 were not interested, and then the
assignments, Leti started work on the logistic template
since she has 600 contacts for logistics, also, client
will put together a case study we can use for logistics. Simple, simple update, right? Work done, work to do,
anything we’re waiting on from the client. That’s typically what we do. Client 2 is another example
of this, sent times for a meeting with Galel from
company, so meeting in progress, 234 emails sent out, 27
replies, and then breakdown of what the replies are. And then copy pasting two
of what they said, right? We’re in the process of hiring
a CIO probably 6 weeks away, holding on moving this forward until then. So these are two leads that
we made notes of to follow up with again. Client 3 is
300 follow-ups, 12 replies, not interested, forwards,
et cetera, and this goes on for all of our clients that
we send daily updates for. And then there’s only six
accounts on here, I don’t have daily updates sent for every
account, only the larger retainers, and then also the
ones that are under green, so yellow accounts and red
accounts are in this document. And then the last part of
this update doc is a general update, this is where
Istvan will put in questions for me or Robert, or to
just generally talk about what’s going on with all of the accounts. Yesterday Liban was working
on fixing bounced emails for all of his accounts,
listed a bunch of client names, and putting them into a
spreadsheet so he can send out emails to new contacts. Regarding Leti’s accounts, I
checked today all the leads from dm update sheets, hope to
get new meetings by following up with these leads. Tomorrow or Monday at the
latest, I’ll check Liban’s leads as well. There’s a
weekly update as well that compiles all the stats for the
week, it looks very similar to this, if you want to
check out this document, I’ll put a download in the
description field below. Feel free to like this
video to encourage this type of content on YouTube, subscribe
for more B2B sales training if you have any questions
about this or how it’s used, leave them down in the
comments, happy to answer those. And if you need marketing
support for your digital agency, check out, thanks.

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  1. hi alex, i watch almost all your videos and i love the fact that you dont hide anything, clearly showing that it is not easy. even an expert team gets a lot of no. Could you perhaps make a video that shows the results / month? would be great to see how all the no from this video ends up in a total result. also love all your production/managin videos! keep up the great work

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