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27 thoughts on “How to Trademark a Company or Product Name

  1. Great explanation. Thanks for the video. Now I just have to figure out how to actually trademark my name. Where do I go? How much does it cost? Should I go through an attorney?

  2. It's always best to consult an attorney who specializes in trademarks – and you can get information on filing at the US Patent and Trademark website uspto.gov.

  3. I was recently offered a barter deal (my graphic design services, for an attorney's service of helping me trademark my business name). Can someone please let me know the value of having a business name protected? All I am needing is the name protected in one category…nothing else. Thanks very much.

  4. catchwordbranding…..what if i know of a very successful website that has a very perpriatary domain name that is the same as the website name. In the website the person has videos that show them clearly stating there website name as a service and perpriatary. Now they have no trade marks. If i get their name trademarked would i legally have the rights the there revinue from then on as long as their using that name? sorry about my spell ing. would love feedback from everyone. thanks.

  5. Awesome video!
    I have a small question Sir. You mentioned that if someone else is using the name, it's better to choose something else. What about if the person never registered or service mark the name? For ex, my photography business is call pictureme2 and someone else is using picturmetoo. When I search on USPTO, nothing came up. The Class is 16 and 07.03.10) but no name pictureme2. Would you suggest anyone to service mark it, since I have been using it now for 7yrs?

  6. If you've been using it for 7 years, you've definitely accrued some rights to it – but you should always trademark a name if you can afford it! It gives you a very high level of protection, and allows you to stop other people from infringing on your mark. Hope that helps!

  7. You should consult an IP attorney for legal advice, but generally, you'd want to register "Wrench Guys" as the main mark, since that's the distinctive part of the name. The USPTO will not allow identical marks for the same goods and service, so it's not very likely that adding "auto care" or "auto repair" will differentiate marks enough to let them co-exist.

  8. Haha! I don't think so. We all would be in trouble and the state or the feds would know it's a scam.

    You might get the name and could order the person to stop using it. As for revenue, which is not posted, could be $1.00. You don't know what profit or expense they might have.

    Why would you want to do that anyway? That could really hurt or destroy a company, a family, and many other employees.

  9. Well, after visiting the USPTO, it stated that one trademark (one application) cost $275. It might vary depending how many names, classes, and if you completed the application wrong, it could be expensive.

  10. Short answer: No. If they have been using the name in commerce, they already have rights to the name, even without a trademark. Also, you can't just register a trademark simply for the purpose of making money off of someone else's business – you have to show that you will be using it in commerce yourself.

  11. I'm a Web Designer, I have already come up with a name for my website, that will host a my portfolio, and my blog, I'll be doing freelancing later, and also I'll do some web consulting there too. Would I just go up to the Secretary of State and just fill out a form, for these purposes? Also do you have a general idea of how much it would cost me?

  12. Thank you for putting this together. It was clear and thorough. I have a question concerning two types of business' under one name. To be specific I would like to trademark a fitness brand with hopes of opening a gym with the same name in the future. Do I need to trademark the name under two different classes? Are those two separate fees and applications? Thank you again!

  13. Ok so say I decide to register my company in several categories out of the 40+. Does that cost extra? And say I decide to register my company name, as well as my companies nickname. Such as an abbreviation or what not. Does that cost extra? Thanks

  14. I am hoping to one day create a TV network called Tim Motyka Television with my name in it but there have been acronyms with Teamwork Media Television which was a social media network and I think a network like TMIN. I am hoping I can still use my name for my network because without it my intellectual works were useless and I won't be able to create the TV channel without being able to use my name or else I would have to worry about someone else taking title ideas that is not my name.

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