How to Use Facebook for Recruiting in Network Marketing – Social Media Strategies
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How to Use Facebook for Recruiting in Network Marketing – Social Media Strategies

Hey my name is Drew Berman from,
and I help network marketers go from hobby income to professional income. You want to
know how to recruit more, and more efficiently, on Facebook for your marketing business? Come
right back and I’m going to give you a couple strategies that will help you. Hi my name is Drew Berman, welcome back, I
am the author of You Online, You Offline: How to Make a Fortune in Network Marketing.
I teach people online, and offline, strategies. Today we’re going to talk about Facebook,
the Facebook, that’s what it was originally called. Here’s a couple tips that will help
you with your network marketing company, and with your MLM, and your home based business.
How to recruit more reps on Facebook. One, change your profile picture to something
professional. If you can’t get a professional headshot, at least take a still photo, with
your iPhone or something. It’s just you, no drinks, no people, no babies, certainly no
company logo, and just make your Facebook profile professional. The profile is the one
with the picture. Then there’s the big picture, I think that’s your homepage. Make sure that’s
something that’s an alignment with the message and your brand. Maybe it’s a landscape, maybe
it’s a famous quote, maybe it’s a lifestyle picture. Once you have your picture set up,
your profile and your landscape, I’m going to recommend changing it every once in a while.
When you change it, what happens is it shows up on your wall, and in other people’s newsfeed.
If you change it properly, so you upgrade it. Let’s say you upgrade it every 3 to 6
months, oftentimes what is going to happen is people are going to like your picture. That’s going to create activity, that’s going
to create movement, and if you do it properly, if you upgrade to a better picture or … For
me, I like landscapes, so I would go from a … Like I was in a contest to win that
trip to the French Riviera, so I had the French Riviera on there. Then I change it to a beach
profile. When you change it to something cool, people are going to react, and that will stir
the pot a little bit. Second strategy, when you get likes and comments.
Now, how often do you get likes and comments? If you’re not getting them often enough try
Google. Google best Facebook quotes for 2000 … ” Whatever year, or the year before, or
the year before. Funniest Facebook quotes for 2011, 2009, 2013, and you’re going to
get a ton of stuff, okay? That’s how you’ll get more interaction. Post stuff not about
your business. If you have to post about your business follow this formula, 10/4/1. That
means for every 10 posts, something inspirational, motivational, funny, uplifting, people don’t
come to Facebook to buy. They come to connect, they come to see what their friends are doing.
Ten should be nothing about business at all. Four could be subtle about business, maybe
lifestyle, or the benefits of your business. Maybe 1 can be a call to action to your business.
That’s strategy number 2. Strategy number 3, when you get likes and
comments. This is like leads falling into your lap. Figure out a way to get more likes
and comments. Facebook loves baby pictures, loves pets, specifically cats and horses,
not sure why, and uplifting, and humor. As you start to get likes and comments here’s
your door to open up relationships. Prospecting and recruiting is no different on Facebook
than it is one to one. We’re not about sell, sell, sell, we’re not about buy my product
because you need it. You wouldn’t do that at a party, don’t do it on Facebook. What
you can do is you can send everyone a PM, private message, that says, “Thanks for liking
my post.” You can use this exact sentence, “Thanks for liking my post. What are you up
to? Thanks for commenting on my picture, what’s new and good with you?” This is going to open
up dialogue and discussion. There are some concepts on how to recruit
more on Facebook. One, have a professional picture, and professional landscape. Two,
change it, upgrade it every 3 to 6 months. Three, follow the 10/4/1 formula around business.
Ten inspirational, motivational, happy, fun, tips, content, teach. Four, subtle references
to the benefits of your product or service. Not the features, the benefits, because everyone
listens to the same radio station. It’s WIIFM, what’s in it for me? When you start the 4
posts, it should be like, “My product does this, my product does this, you should buy
it.” It should be like, “Check out this success story because they were using this type of
system.” No mention of name, no mention of product. Oftentimes you can do maybe a before
and after picture, or you can do a success story, or you can reference the type of product,
or service, that created a benefit. Once, mention a call to action. Those are a couple Facebook tips to help you
recruit more reps on Facebook. Now, when someone likes or comments on one of your posts it’s
kind of like giving a virtual high five. A way to give a virtual high five back, like
some of their posts. Comment on their posts, and then create a dialogue. Then through questions
you’re going to learn how to recruit more. What’s new? What are you up to? What do you
do professionally? What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? What would
you change? Just a shot in the dark are you open to other opportunities? See there’s a
little 8 question segway into going from contact and contact and relationship, to opening the
door. You follow these subtle tips you will recruit more reps on Facebook. I’m going to give you 1 last strategy. This
one is a dozy. It’s called the birthday strategy. It happens every single day of the year. Everyday
of the year you get a note, from Facebook, on whose birthday it is. Everyone on the planet
leaves them a birthday message on their wall. That’s one level. The next level is, send
them a PM. The next level is send them an email. The advanced level, text them or call
them on their birthday. On your birthday you’re going to get a ton of messages on your wall,
so you just like and comment, and say, “Thanks for the birthday wishes, what are you up to?”
Start the dialogue. We can go into a whole Facebook training.
For more tips like this go to Make sure you enter in your contact info there,
so that we can send you a free training on prospecting recruiting. Subscribe to this
YouTube channel, because we often times give trainings like this, where we’ll have interviews
with experts, and networking marketing tips, because we help you go from hobby income to
professional income. That’s all for now, we’ll see you next time at Make
sure you subscribe to the channel here, have a great day everyone. Bye for now.

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