How To Use Facebook Groups To Make Affiliate Sales
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How To Use Facebook Groups To Make Affiliate Sales

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to a brand new video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be going over how to use Facebook groups to promote your
affiliate offers to make some sales to make some money online with your
affiliate marketing business because guys Facebook is probably one of the
best free traffic sources for your affiliate marketing because guys
Facebook has literally millions and millions of people on their site every
single day using their platform and of course guys that’s millions of people
you guys can actually market to because there are so many people on the website
guys that’s a ton of traffic you guys can drive to your landing pages to your
failings to make some affiliate sales and I’m gonna tell you exactly how to do
that in this video guys but before I get into that guys if you’re brand new to
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with all that stuff being said guys we’re gonna start this video off right
now by diving into my computer alright guys we were now my computer as you can
see Facebook group promoting in affiliate marketing because that is
exactly what we’re gonna be covering in this video guys we are here on my
whiteboard of course you guys see on the left over here I have my three main
points I’m gonna cover in this video try to actually promote affiliate offers in
facebook groups effectively with that being said guys I’m not gonna waste any
time so pull the first box where I know me just get rid of that I got so the
first thing you’re gonna need to do is to join relevant Facebook group so guys
what that really means is join these specific groups so of course guys there
were millions of niches in affiliate marketing so all you guys have to do is
pick whatever niche you’re actually in and then join Facebook groups that are
directly gonna be relevant to that so for example guys if you’re in the weight
loss niche then you go ahead and join Facebook groups with other people who
are actively trying to lose weight and diet exercise again the best shape they
can but if you’re in another niche like fishing for example then you’d obviously
go ahead and join a bunch of fishing groups not dine away low scoop so guys
that’s the first step of course that one’s pretty easy but I had to get out
of the way guys you want to join super specific groups guys the more relevant
the group is the better guys because of course we’re gonna make sure that that
grouping your target demographic whatever that is
guys whatever nice you’re in you should have a good understanding of what your
target demographic is and some more specifics about them are they
male/female how old are they how much income do they usually they have
year-to-year where do they live things like that guy just very basic
characteristics of your target demographic and you make sure that those
are the kind of people that are actually in these Facebook groups because of
course guys these Facebook groups can also get very very niche specific
because for example guys they might have a fishing group for people that are
retired so obviously people that are retired are gonna be a little bit older
they’re not really gonna fit that young demographic but if you’re looking for
more of an older demographic that’s your target demographic and that’s gonna be
absolutely perfect for you guys do you want to get as specific as you can and
just make sure the people in those groups fit your target demographic very
nicely and once you do that guys are gonna have a very good start so again
guys just join as many groups as you can don’t go overboard and join like 200
groups but definitely try to join at least like me 15 20 groups and you guys
can obviously work from there but with that being said that’s the first tip I’m
gonna go over to the second tip now by deleting this box so guys the second
thing I have to talk to you guys about is you have to interact heavily in these
groups so what does that really mean guys that means reaching out to people
adding people as friends mentioning people on top of that guys what you want
to do once you’re in these groups of course mostly these people can be pretty
active there gonna be a lot of people posting pretty much every single day so
what you want to do is you want to go into these Facebook groups
anyway I just want to answer people’s questions and why you’re interesting the
questions guys make sure you’re providing value so has the reason you’re
doing this is because you’re trying get your name you’re trying to establish
yourself as an authority in that group out of somebody who really understands
the information and knows what they’re talking about because guys when you’re
in the group answering a bunch of questions all the time people are gonna
see that people are gonna see their start recognizing your name as an
authority in that specific niche or market or whatever it is guys they’re
gonna start seeing you as somebody who really knows their stuff and really know
if they’re talking about and that is fantastic because that is essentially
all you guys want to do you want to establish yourself as an authority in
these Facebook groups so with that being said guys you want to answer as many
people’s questions as you possibly can in the questions guys when you’re
actually answering them I mean definitely provide as much value as you
can now I’m not saying for every single question you have to like an entire
essay maybe just a quick paragraph though guys
and make sure you provide some real value them stuff that’s actually gonna
help the person out guys and in your actual comment you met you
be able to slip in an affiliate link here or there of course don’t get don’t
go overboard again don’t get too spammy with this don’t put a link in every
single common you post but if it’s a very relevant affiliate link then you
can go ahead and do that if it’s a really relevant offering or product –
really that’s actually really gonna help that person out then that would be a
good time to actually go ahead and slip that affiliate offer in but if not guys
again don’t go overboard you know don’t just start spamming affiliate links all
these phase four groups guys that’s we’re gonna one probably you could doubt
or two is probably not gonna really convert to that many sales anyway with
that being so the guys the best way to actually answer these questions and make
sure you’re one of the first people change them every single time is to
actually turn on group notifications for the groups you actually want to see a
post in that way you’ll always be the first person to see a post you’ll be the
first person to see a question pop up and you’ll be the first person to answer
it which is of course again great guys because that allows further build you up
as an authority in your desired market with that being so guys that is pretty
much the second tip right there you just want to interact very heavily in these
groups guys reach out to people have conversations with people guys mess
achievable thinking guys don’t just mini master people don’t do it start selling
selling selling immediately but just come off as somebody who just also in
the same niche as they are just looking to make connections just trying to make
some more friends you just want to come off as a more of a friendly person
you’re trying to help out or just kind of give your advice here and there stuff
like that guys you don’t want to come across as somebody who’s immediately
trying to sell a product or sell an offer because I gotta turn a lot of
people off very very quickly with that being so the guys that is the second tip
not one one two the third and final tip for this video which is going to be the
actual a selling part of it which is actually promote your affiliate offers
because you guys of course in order to make money online it’s like marketing
you’ve gotta be pushing your affiliate links and your float offers somewhere
and of course in this video we’re talking about pushing them in facebook
groups where that being say guys you want to promote your foot offers but you
want to do it as subtly as you possibly can and do not spam guys like I already
mentioned guys you do not want to be the person in the group were just constantly
spamming now they’re foiling spamming their foot
offers because one guys again that probably won’t convert that well guys
name is not really the greatest thing you guys can actually do to improve your
conversion when you gonna get very low conversion of you guys again guys people
don’t buy off spam people buy from other people people they trust guys and trust
is the exact thing you’re actually building up when you’re actually
building yourself up as an authority in the space preview up you’re actually
answering people’s questions that’s building up trust between you and the
other person because they’re seeing that as another
person in their st. mark you’re just kind of helping them out giving them
advice and that’s gonna make them trust you so when you eventually go ahead and
actually push your foot off or push your affiliate link there’s gonna be a lot
higher of a chance there actually go ahead and purchase it just because you
already built up that trust relationship between you and your new potential lead
or potential customer even with that being said guys you also want to direct
sell to people you’re in contact with so like I mentioned in the second tip
interacting heavily with these groups message people guys have full long
conversations and you guys can introduce some Direct Selling in those
conversations guys now of course keep it subtle again
don’t make it too too direct where you’re just saying I’m just a straight
if a link and saying saying hey buy this thing because it’s so great and it made
me this much amount of money or just help me lose this much weight or
whatever it is guys you just wanted to have fun conversation to them and
somewhere in the conversation you can just subtly bring up the affiliate
product whether you’re full offer but don’t directly just link them out to a
guys let’s bring it up subtly and if they’re interested then you can go ahead
and send them a link but doughnuts go sending a link to every single person
you message on Facebook again guys let’s just spam and that’s not gonna work with
that being so the guys you actually um provide proof or value posts that you
can use to promote your foot offering so if you guys are in the weight loss niche
you guys can definitely show me some proof pics or some example picks up some
people who have used that specific a flavor product to lose like 20 pounds in
three weeks or like 25 pounds in like three months whatever it is guys you
guys can use proof pics and then also value post so posted is giving away a
ton of value and then at the bottom of them you guys can insert your feelings
there and kind of just say hey here’s awesome product it did this down the
other thing for me and this is why it’s really great and that’s a great way to
actually promote your foot links without coming off super super spammy with that
being said guys those are my top three tips for actually promoting your
affiliate links in facebook groups guys hopefully that helped you out a little
bit if you enjoyed the video guys definitely drop a like on it and if you
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description and with all that stuff being said that pretty much wraps up
this video guys my name is Anthony Villa I will see you in the next one and I am
out peace you

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