How to Use KU Career Connections
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How to Use KU Career Connections

KU Career Connections is the job
search website used by KU Career Services to help students find and apply
for jobs, as well as schedule on campus interviews. This website is free for KU
business students and contains full-time internship, part-time and summer postings.
Some corporate scholarships and university program applications can be
found here as well. KU business students can access KU
Career Connections from the KU Business Career Services website, or by
accessing it directly at the link provided. Initially, you will need to use your KU email address to set up your account. After your account is activated, you can
change your email address, which will be your username, if you prefer to use a non-KU email. Please be aware that once you fill out the registration form, you will
not be able to apply for jobs until someone in KU Career Services
verifies your status as a student and approves your account, which may take up
to two business days. As you fill out your profile, be sure to complete all boxes, as the
system will use this information to determine your eligibility to apply for
positions. For this reason, it’s also very important to update your information at
least once a semester. Some areas to be aware of include applicant type — the year
you are graduating, you will select graduating. Underclassmen who are not
graduating in a given year should select non-graduating. Cumulative GPA — this
should be your overall GPA and should be able to be verified by the University.
Never use term GPAs, major GPA or calculate your own GPA for this section. It is especially important to update
this section each semester after your grades are finalizing. Major — be sure to select your individual
major, such as finance or marketing, rather than selecting School of Business.
You can also select business concentrations here. Work authorization —
US citizens should select both the first and second options: US citizen and
legally authorized to work indefinitely in the US without sponsorship. Hold down
the control key, and click each item to select them. International students must
select the third option: employment visa sponsorship will be required now or in
the future. This is true, even if you are applying to internships. Failure to
select the appropriate category can be considered falsification of application
and may be grounds for having your KU career connections account blocked. Receive
email notifications will allow you to receive emails about jobs, events, and
other important information from the KU Business Career Service office.
Include in resume books — selecting yes allows an employer to view your default
resume, so be sure to make this version of your resume one that you want a
variety of employers to see. Employers may contact you based on these searches,
but you should not depend on this as your primary way of job searching.
Promote me to employers – if the profile is published, your profile information
and default resume will be shared with employers headed by Simplicity, the
provider of KU Career Connections. This is one way to reach employers not
currently recruiting at KU. Receive email job blasts – This allows you to
receive information about job posting sent out by the KU Business Career Services office. This is
a good way to learn about jobs you may have missed in your own job searches. You
can upload different versions of your resume, if you want, as well as, cover
letters, writing samples, or other materials needed to apply to a position. Be sure to read the posting carefully
and provide all materials requested by the employer. If you want to see if a
specific employer has any openings, the fastest way to find them is through the
employers tab. Click on the employer directory, type the
employer’s name in the keyword box. Once you find them, you can click on the star
next to the organization name to follow them. The companies you follow will be
available on your homepage. Once you find the employer, you will be
able to see an overview of the employer, current postings, and upcoming career
fair attendance. If you don’t have a specific employer in mind, go to the job
and internships tab, select all postings. From here, you can click on the advanced
search to set up search parameters to coincide with your position requirements.
Talk to Business Career Services staff for tips to most effectively search for
the kind of job you are specifically seeking. If you want a list of
organizations that will be attending the upcoming career fair, go to the events
tab. There you can also view companies that will be posting information sessions, as
well as other workshops and events. Good luck in your job search. Be sure to
see Business Career Services for advice in how to search for a specific field.

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