How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job – LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial
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How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job – LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial

LinkedIn is obviously insanely useful for
every working person, not to mention for every job-seeker and student. But using LinkedIn as a job search tool isn’t
always obvious to beginners or to casual LinkedIn users. If what you do on LinkedIn is just updating
your profile from time to time and waiting for headhunters or hiring managers to reach
you out, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. If we haven’t met before, I am Marat from
Emmotion,, Career and Recruitment Services Agency, look me up on LinkedIn. On this channel I train and coach you to ace
your job interviews fast, to gain confidence as a professional and learn how to deal with
corporate politics, being a better person yourself first. If you are looking for LinkedIn beginner’s
guide, on how to use LinkedIn and make your LinkedIn profile stand out, check out my other
video through the card on the right side of your screen. This video is a Tutorial on How To Use LinkedIn
To Get a Job, 7 simple tips on how to get hired for a desired role using your LinkedIn
profile. Before I proceed further I would like to remind
you to subscribe to my channel below, and hitting the little bell so you won’t miss
out on the latest career and personal growth content. And if you stick with me till the end of this
video, I share a BONUS TIP on how to access unpublished jobs, vacancies which might only
be visible in LinkedIn groups. If you already have a complete LinkedIn profile,
with a good profile photo, a headline and a complete summary, you are ready to go to
Tip #1: Create the list of your target employers and follow them on LinkedIn Identifying specific companies where you would
like to be employed is extremely helpful for your job search. Make your target list and follow these target
companies on LinkedIn. This is a great way to keep up on what is
happening with their business, on changes and even trends of the field in general. This is how it’s done, I’ll be going back
and forth to the laptop to illustrate it properly: Click on the Search box at the top of your
LinkedIn page and type the name of the company you’re looking for. Press Enter. – Click the More dropdown and select Companies
– Click “Follow button” next to the company name in the search results list
OR – Click the company name and visit company’s
LinkedIn page, where there is also a Follow button you can click. #2. Identify inside connections at your “target”
companies. One of LinkedIn’s greatest strengths is
the ability to help you locate key players at the companies for which you would like
to work. The way to do this is to use LinkedIn’s
search or advanced search to find people at your target companies, in the field you want
to work in. The easiest way is doing it the same way as
while searching for a company, through the Search bar at the top of the page. – Select the LinkedIn member from the suggestions
in the dropdown, or click the Search icon to run the search. – Once you’ve found the person you’re looking
for, select the member’s name to view his or her profile. – They don’t have to carry the exact job
title you’re going for, they could just be in the same department or work at these
companies as recruiters. #3. Get noticed and get connected with these professionals. There are a few ways of getting noticed by
professionals at your target companies and eventually getting connected:
– Follow the these people at your target companies which you’ve identified
– Always show your profile while visiting their profiles, don’t browse anonymously
(I’ll show you later how to do this step by step)
– Check their posts, interact with them by liking or commenting on those. – After some time, ask to connect with them
using a personalized message, and not the default LinkedIn empty template. Remember: Don’t ask them for a job at this
point! Most companies have some kind of employee
referral bonus program. When you find out about a job opening at your
target company, it should be a “WIN-WIN” for you and your company contact, if they bring
your resume to the attention of the hiring manager, or the HR team assigned to fill the
position. This way you will minimize the probability
of your resume disappearing among a huge list of applicants, and maximize the chances of
being contacted. #4. Make yourself accessible on Linkedin
One common mistake on LinkedIn is not making it clear how others can reach you via email
or phone. LinkedIn limits the number of InMails that
its paid users can send, and it doesn’t allow members of its free services to send
InMails at all. That’s why it’s important to list: at
least your email address in your profile, such as in your summary for example. Also allow anyone to see your profile. You can do it by changing your public profile
visibility. To show your public profile or to customize
it: – Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn
homepage – Click View profile>Edit public profile
& URL on the right rail. Make your profile public
– Under the Edit Visibility section on the right side, select which sections you’d like
to display or hide. Your basic information is displayed by default. The changes made will be saved automatically. This way you allow recruiters, potential employers,
former colleagues and anyone else with an interest to take a look. The more eyes are seeing what you have to
offer, the more opportunities can be generated. And it also shows that you have nothing to
hide. #5. Use LinkedIn to search for recruiters in your
industry and connect with them. LinkedIn is as much a search engine as Google,
but focused on finding professionals, recruiters, companies and jobs. Search and connect with recruiters, especially
with recruiters in your industry! For example if you’re in marketing, you
could do a search on marketing recruiters. 1. Start your LinkedIn search with the Search
bar at the top Type your query: “Marketing Recruiter”
in this case. 2. Choose a “People” search from the options
offered. 3. View these profiles and once you’ve found
the person you’re looking for, Follow the same steps as while getting connected with
your target company connections. Since recruiters also search for candidates
using keywords, it’s important to build out your Skills & Endorsements section with
relevant keywords for which you want to be found. I explain how to do this step by step in my
How to Use LinkedIn video. #6. Use the LinkedIn job search tool, to identify
the desired roles and locations. Aside from opportunities in your target companies,
you can use the LinkedIn job search tool to find the desired roles. And the geographical locations you would be
willing to move to, if it is required for a position. This will help you to focus your searches
and get the most productive results. This is how it’s done: Type the position you are looking for into
the Search bar at the top of your LinkedIn page or directly in the LinkedIn Jobs page. I’ll search for an HR Manager role. When the results come up, select “Jobs”
located just below the search bar. Next add your desired city, region or country. Your results should look similar to this video,
let’s check an HR Manager position based in Paris, for example. You may decide if you wish to add more filters
to your search. LinkedIn makes this really easy as there are
several filters at the top of the page. You can filter the results by when the job
was listed. This allows you to select jobs posted in the
last 24 hours, the past week, the past month, or at any time. You can filter by your target companies list
using the Company filter. Make your results even more relevant by using
the “experience level” filter. #7. Apply to the desired roles through your LinkedIn
Job Search Results – LinkedIn Premium extras Once you have finished filtering your search
you can begin to go through the search results looking for good matches. You can either quickly scan the results and
click the Save button when you find a job that you are interested in, to check it out
later. Or you can move on and apply right away, click
the Easy Apply button, if the job posting includes this feature. To use the Easy Apply, simply complete all
the required fields and submit your application. Required fields can differ from job to job
and may include: Contact Infomation, Job Preferences, Resume and Work Experience. Here we just need a contact number, attaching
a resume is optional. Keep in mind that If you just see the Apply
button instead of the Easy Apply, you’ll be directed to the company’s website or
job board to continue the application process. You can also find other information at the
top of each linkedin job posting: Position title
Company Location
When the job was posted How many views it has
How many of your listed skills match the required skills listed by the job poster
How many applicants have already applied The company size and industry
Number of employees that you are currently connected to at the company
When you scroll below the top section you will see a job description that is provided
by the company and responsibilities of the position. If you have a LinkedIn Premium Account you
can also see how you stack up against other candidates. Skills
Seniority Education
Location There is also a percentage here which means
you are in the Top 25% among all the applicants based on their LinkedIn Profile. Also Linkedin Premium service gives an inside
look on the company’s hiring trends, including who they hire and from where. Overall health and growth of the company,
so you could see if it matches with your expectations. BONUS TIP: Check the jobs posted in LinkedIn
Groups. You can join up to 100 LinkedIn Groups at
any one time. There are groups based on everything imaginable
if you want more information on them check my other LinkedIn Profile video. There are many Linkedin groups that exist
to help people with their job search. To find Groups, click on the “Work” icon at
the top right of your LinkedIn page, and a drop-down will offer you several options. Including an option for Groups. LinkedIn groups usually have jobs relevant
to their field, and some groups can be very active! That is why this could be another way of finding
jobs which are not listed on the Linkedin’s Paid Job Posting service! Another bonus tip is to Keep your LinkedIn
profile fresh! A LinkedIn profile should be an up to date
“living and breathing document”, not a static “send and forget online resume”. Keep your profile alive: try commenting on
updates or even share updates on topics related to your field! Stay active but not “too active”. To stay visible on LinkedIn, share links to
interesting articles, photos and videos, always relevant to business or to your profession. Remember this isn’t Facebook, so don’t
post just for the sake of posting, or you risk to become annoying. Thanks for staying with me till the end. Feel free to leave your questions and comments,
make sure you subscribe to Emmotion by Marat using the subscribe button below this video. And the check out my next video:

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