How to Use Video to Increase SEO in 6 Steps
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How to Use Video to Increase SEO in 6 Steps

Using video in email marketing increases open rate by 6%Use the word “Video” in the subject lineEmbedding video on your site helps you show up higher in key word searches on GoogleWith video on your page you are 53x more likely to show up on the first page of GoogleCommunity page or Home page or About Us PageCommunity videos, walk throughs, testimonial videos, explainer videos, about us videosInclude keywords in the beginning, middle and end of the scriptYou need a script to be found for SEO purposes, not just musicVideo script should have keyword in beginning, middle and endUse the keyword in the YouTube title, description and hashtagInclude the keyword in the web page title and copyInclude similar keywords in the copy that read naturally without “stuffing” keywordsChange image alt tags and image names to the keywordsPromote on social media sites, send to bloggers or RealtorsPromote and share the whole page, not just the videoKeyword-rich text, image tags and video will improve rankingsYouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world

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