How To Write Your Outbound Cold Email Template That Gets Responses
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How To Write Your Outbound Cold Email Template That Gets Responses

– No yawnin’, Jared. No yawnin’. If you yawn,
five burpees, five burpees. – [Jared] Just five? – Just the bit. I’m talkin’ the camera and the
video guys are goin’, “Rowr,” yawnin’ like a Tyrannosaurs Rex. (upbeat music) The SaaS Sales
cold email template that gets you customers. Now, maybe you feel that inbound
marketing is a little slow or that you’ve done in the past,
you’ve done some cold email outbound and it didn’t work to well. No responses. Or maybe you just
don’t feel like being spammy. Well let me teach
you some simple easy way to craft your emails
so that they’re short, they’re simple,
they’re personable, and they get responses
from your ideal customer. That’s what I wanna
share with you guys today. I first learned
this when I was 18. I’ve been cold emailing forever. I cold email people to invite
them to my founder dinners. I cold email
investors, entrepreneurs. I have no problem. I don’t mind sending
email but it’s because I have a format. I’m gonna give you
the four specific sections of your email that
need to be true for you to get a positive response,
to not look like it’s spam. So when I was 18,
I remember I was sitting there and I was like, I should
get some advice from people who’ve been there before. Usually, a good idea. So, I found a list. I think it was a top 20
technology CEOs or executives in the world. And on that list was
Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, et cetera, et cetera and I had to think
about what’s the email, how do I say it,
how do I connect with them, how would I get response? So I figured out a way,
and I’ll tell you what I asked. I pretty much said,
here’s who I am, so I gave some context,
and then I said, everybody keeps arguing
about these three things, what you know, so education, who you know, so network, or being tenacious
or have grit or hustle. Which one of those do you
think is the most important to be successful? So that was the question. Super short, simple. Three things,
pick one, let me know. Can I get a response? Here’s my favorite
response out of emailing all those people. It’s from Mark Cuban
and this is what he said, very Mark Cuban. He goes, “Doing all
three when everybody else “Is trying to pick one.” Again, I was 18 years old
when I sent out that email. I got a response from
many of them but Mark Cuban replied and that blew my mind. So what I wanna share
with you is how that evolved over the years so the point
when I was building my company, Clarity, which is a
marketplace for experts to give advice over the phone. We grew up to 50,000
experts in a 12-month period. The way we did that
was outbound emails. We sent over 250,000
emails in that period to collect and
curate incredible experts. And the way did that
is following this format. So the first
thing you need to do, it’s four Rs. The first R is research. You need to research
the individual who you’re going after. Even if you do a mass email,
let’s say 100 emails a day, and that’s usually upper
limit you wanna be sending out ’cause you have to
have time to respond, you wanna segment and
target those lists of people so that you can focus
on a city, a job title, a company size, an industry,
and make it hyper-targeted or relevant. But if you’re
just doing one on one, just spend the time to do
the research in your first line in the email should
personalize the email. Just like you would be
sending it to a new friend or a new acquaintance
that you might have just met on an airplane or at an event. So that’s the first thing. Number two is
you need to make sure that you provide reference. The second R is reference. Talk about, hey, we’ve
worked with companies like… And you don’t
say we’ve worked with companies like yours like… You just say, here
are some of the clients we’ve worked with and make
sure that they’re on target, that they would know who
they are so that the person receiving the email is
like, “Oh, that’s a company “Like mine. I actually
know John at that company.” Or, “I’ve heard of that
business and if they helped them “then maybe they can help us.” Again, it’s not a
sales email it’s just like, hey, congrats on the
new store opening and here’s some of the companies
that we’ve worked with and then you wanna do a reward. Some kind of way. The third thing is R for reward. How do you reward the
person for opening the email? Now, some people choose to
do some kind of personalized critique it it’s a marketing thing,
their marketing content, their website, et cetera. Here’s where that’ll fall short. If you come off as criticizing
in a first outbound email, I just think
it’s gonna fall flat. What you wanna do
instead is say hey, I noticed this was something
you guys are working on. Here’s three ways that
we’ve found to increase that outcome. So, never criticize. Never say, “Hey, I went
through your checkout flow “and I noticed that
these things are broken.” ‘Cause that’s gonna make
the person in charge of that go, “What does he know. “Is he a Mr. Know-it-all?” Instead you wanna say,
hey, here are three ways not very well-known
strategies to increase the checkout process
for an e-commerce site. Whatever it is. If you can not
have an attachment, not a link out to
anywhere else in the email, just put it there. ‘Kay? But if you have to
make it a link out there, don’t put it
behind an email capture. Don’t make it
some cryptic thing. Make it very clear, very simple, to your public website so they
feel comfortable clicking it if it’s required. You’re better off
putting it in the email. The fourth R is request. Have a call to action. So many times I get
an email from people cold and they don’t
actually ask me for anything. It’s just this long
three paragraph email thanking me for my content
and here’s what I’m doing and then pretty much
just says thanks for whatever. I just think it’s
a missed opportunity. If I’m actually gonna
read that, give me something to bite into. Maybe it’s hey,
me and my co-founder are thinkin’ of
splittin’ our equity 50/50. What are your thoughts? That prompts a request. Now I might reply and
send you a link to a video I’ve already done but at
least that creates a response. You have a request. For outbound SaaS,
this is, hey, do you have seven minutes tomorrow at
2:00 P.M. to get on a call. I’d love to show you
a demo of our product that we’ve used to serve
those customers I referenced. Or hey, let me
know if next week works. I’m in town and I’d
love to sit down with you and your CTO to walk through
the product for 10 minutes. I’m in your neighborhood. And many people when
they do these outbound emails actually wait ’til they
get a bunch of responses. So that’s why it’s valuable to
actually segment into a city. And then once you get
all these people saying, “Yeah, I’m free. “I’m available.” Then, you book
your plane ticket. That’s a ninja tip. Now, here’s the deal, I want to break
a myth right now. A lot of people think
that cold emails don’t work. Here’s the truth
about cold emails, it’s not that they don’t work,
it’s just that the market can be qualified. The outbound target
that you’re going after, that potential customer,
it’s not spam, you’re personalizing it. You’re doing the research. You’re sending the email. You’re keeping it
short, simple, concise, very natural and
what the outcome is, they’re just not in market.
The truth is is they could be qualified
but 50% of the customers may not be ready
to buy right now. They don’t have the
pain that you solve. That doesn’t mean you stop. I truly believe four follow-ups. If you get no
response, four follow-ups. By the fourth follow-up,
maybe one every other day, then you stop and you just put
them on a nurturing program maybe once a month. I just think that so
many people stop too quick. Most average sales
people stop after three tries. 80% of the
success is gonna happen on the back end of
the fourth, the fifth, the follow-up of that
segment where somebody’s like hey, somebody reached out to
me and mentioned some solution. I’m gonna search
my email and find it. And like a year later,
you could have somebody reply and re-engage with your email. So those are the four Rs. The template for
building a great outbound SaaS Sales email. The first one is research. Make sure you personalize it. Second, is reference
so they know that you’ve worked with
companies just like them. Third is reward, give
something of value to them. Put it in the email. Keep it short,
concise and unique. And then fourth,
request what you need next to move the
conversation forward. That’s how you generate
sales from outbound emails. If you have any questions,
or better yet, if you have a template, an
email that’s not working today, post it below in the
comments and I will reply with my thoughts. I recently did this for
some of my coaching clients. It was invaluable. Just the act of
reading their email out loud to the rest of the
group really showed to them where they were going
wrong in their assumptions for how the email
was coming across. Because the key is
you don’t want it to sound like a pitch email. It needs to come from
a place of service. ‘Kay? If you can get in that mindset
that you’re not emailing to try to get
something from somebody, you’re emailing to help serve
and support somebody else, it changes the frame. It changes the language. And it changes the
structure of the email and how it’s
felt by the recipient. That is my challenge to you. Post it below and
I’ll see you next Monday. Cheers. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to
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and other private events that I’m hosting. And if you’re ready to
get going, I’ve got two videos queued up for ya right now and I’ll
see you next Monday.

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7 thoughts on “How To Write Your Outbound Cold Email Template That Gets Responses

  1. Outbound cold emailing should add value, not come off as spam. If you want to do it right, you need to follow the 4 R framework to a high converting email template.

  2. Hi,
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  3. Hi Dan, great content. We just used it to build our cold email script. Thank you.

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    We work with "XYZ" and thought you could benefit from the same service.

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  4. Hi Dan,

    The video about the cold email was amazing!!!!

    Could you please do me a favor. I have pasted my cold email content below please check it and let me know your thoughts and feedback on the same.

    "Hi xxxx,

    Hope you are doing well!

    I got a chance to read-through your LinkedIn profile and thought you might be interested in learning more about Automate software for Schools, educators & teachers.

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