How UK Paved the Way for Chad Yelton’s Dream Job
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How UK Paved the Way for Chad Yelton’s Dream Job

I always say that I have the best job in the
world. I have three little kids and they think I
have the best job in the world. They would love to come to work with me everyday. You can come to a zoo and get to appreciate
things like giraffes and elephants, things like that, that you may never ever see unless
you travel to Africa. So, when you walk around you see grandparents,
you see parents, you see kids of all ages…I think animals connect to anyone. My job is really to highlight the zoo. The zoo has been here for 139 years, it’s
no secret that we exist. But it’s, what do we have that is going
on that is new? What are the new exhibits? What are the new events? What are the new babies? So, I love the fact that not only do I do
marketing and advertising for the zoo, but the zoo is a non-profit. So it is even more rewarding when you think
of that. The zoo is a special place for a lot of people,
especially in Cincinnati. Everybody has some connection back to the
zoo, and that’s really cool to have. It’s really cool to…It is rewarding to
work at a non-profit. And just the creativity and the variety that
I get to do here…it’s pretty special. Classes and courses that I took at UK certainly
helped me prepare for what I do now, everyday. The courses were perfect, I mean perfect,
for what I do now. It is amazing that what I did in college is
exactly what I do now. I mean everything. And so, just to be able to use that experience…I
didn’t leave college thinking, “I’ll never use those things again.” And I use them everyday. The creativity, coming up with billboard taglines,
and coming up with creative for radio copy or TV copy, I did all of those projects in
school. Beyond school, campus life in general was
just such a great experience because I went there with anticipation that I’m going to
have to do a little bit of growing up. And that’s where I grew up, that’s where
I learned most of my life experiences. A lot of people say, “I’d go back to high
school,” and I always say, “I’d go back to college.” The professors, the classes, the variety…I
think it made it enjoyable for you to attend college. Such a great experience, I am so pro-UK. I breathe it into everybody here. Some people are probably tired of me that
it’s all about UK, but to me it’s just the way I live life.

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