How video fits into your online strategy
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How video fits into your online strategy

Hi! Let’s take a moment to think about
all the videos your potential customers are watching. Worldwide, people watch more
than 300 million hours of video on YouTube per day,
and it’s not all funny cat videos. In fact, online video has become
an important way for businesses to show off their products
and services, and reach new customers. In this lesson you’ll learn
how video can help you expand your online presence. We’ll also take a look
at some of the ways that you can advertise with video
and achieve your business goals. As you incorporate video
into your online marketing plan consider how it will
support your business. Nailing down your goals will
help you decide the most effective way
to use online video. While it’s important to create goals
that align with your mission keep in mind what your customers
may be looking for as well. Get those two together
and you’re well on your way to success. Here’s an example,
say you’re a passionate cook and you have a website
where you share vegetarian recipes and sell specialty ingredients
related to them. Through your experiences cooking
and baking you’ve developed a recipe for the perfect vegetarian lasagna. You want to help others make the dish
and video can be a big part of that. What if you made a video showing
how to make the lasagna step-by-step? And what if that video went viral
with people spreading the word that this lasagna is even better
than the meat version? Using video is a great way to get people
excited about what you have to share and gain exposure to new
fans or customers. But, what if some components
of your food blog don’t lend themselves to being
featured in videos or what if you don’t want to get involved
in producing videos just yet? Well, you can still take advantage
of this opportunity by advertising your blog
on other people’s videos. Think back to your goals,
so you’re trying to get the word out about your cookie recipe and perhaps
sell some of the specialty ingredients like the vegan chocolate
that you recommend. Even if you don’t make your own video
your audience is still likely to watch someone else’s cooking and baking videos. Since your audience enjoys cooking,
why not advertise on other cooking videos? With video advertising you can select
certain types of videos or even specific videos
where you’d like to advertise. You could pick someone else’s channel
on cooking or a specific video about vegetarian cooking
and advertise there. Your ad could direct viewers
to your website or tell them about your products. To sum up, video marketing offers
several ways to reach lots of customers and you don’t even have to make
an actual video. With all the possibilities
that videos represent make sure you always focus
on your business goals to help guide your online video strategy.

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