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HSU Business Internships Humboldt Distillery

Here at Humboldt Distillery we’ve been really
fortunate to have an intern from Humboldt State University. Will here, he has been helping us create a
business plan for our new retail gift shop which is almost a business within a business. We’re a manufacturing company, we make organic
vodka, organic rum, organic whiskey, and Will has been especially helpful for us. Here at Humboldt Distillery I’ve been helping
them open up a gift shop so they can be open to the public and I worked on a few different
marketing ideas and also put together profit and loss statement for the gift shop. And the goal of the gift shop was to tap into
the tourism industry in Humboldt County and to open up another stream of revenue. And I liked working on this project because
it gave me a lot of real world experience and its something else I can put on my resume
to make it look better. And I also discovered that I really enjoy
managing a business.

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