HubSpot Product Spotlight: January 2019
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HubSpot Product Spotlight: January 2019

hey there I’m Lisa from here at HubSpot
and welcome to the latest edition of the product spotlight in this video my
fellow marketing team members and I will walk you through this month’s biggest
and most exciting HubSpot product updates we’ve got a lot to cover
today so let’s get started hello everyone
Marcus from the product marketing team here at inbound last year we launched
HubSpot video the update brought new video hosting capabilities to HubSpot it
was part one of a new focus on adding video features into HubSpot and today I
have two more exciting video updates for you now live is zoom for HubSpot zoom is
an amazing video conference and webinar solution and you can now add a zoom
video meeting link as the default option for any meeting you schedule with the
HubSpot meetings tool and you can select zoom as the conference option when
scheduling a meeting with a contact in the HubSpot CRM this makes using video
conferencing for sales and services super easy
zoom also offers a great webinar solution and you can now integrate those
webinars into HubSpot if you already have zoom which has a free starting
option go to HubSpot comm slash integrations slash zoom to connect it to
HubSpot also live is a major update to our GoToWebinar integration go to
webinars are most popular webinar integration and has been around for
quite a while the update gives users the ability to sync simulated live webinars
a pre-recorded webinar that eliminates some of the headaches of live video now
you’ll see simulated live and on-demand data just like you would for a regular
webinar we’ve also added more sinking of
GoToWebinar fields they can be seen on the contact record known no action is
needed to update these new features have been pushed live to your existing
GoToWebinar integration but you can learn more at HubSpot comm slash
integration slash GoToWebinar all one word and that’s it for me hi there
Elise here and today I’ve got some exciting sales hub updates to share
first up business card scanning to be fair this one isn’t exclusive to sales
hub and it offers a ton of value to sales reps and marketers alike with
business card scanning HubSpot users can use the
HubSpot app for Android or iOS to easily scan business cards and add new contacts
into HubSpot it works like this open HubSpot app select contacts from the
menu at the bottom and tap the plus sign in the top right corner to add new
contacts from there you’ll have the option to add contacts manually or scan
a business card make sure that the HubSpot app has access to the camera on
your phone or tablet and voila HubSpot will parse out all of the
information from the card choose which info like to sync to HubSpot and that’s
it you’re done business card scanning is available to both free and paid HubSpot
users next up I want to talk about meetings meetings is a tool that syncs
your Google or office 365 calendar so that it’s super easy for contacts to
book time with you unfortunately it’s not always as easy as we’d like it to be
which is why we’ve added a new troubleshooting tool to meetings if you
notice that your availability isn’t showing up like you’d expect the new
troubleshooting mode will help you understand why just find the meeting
link you want to troubleshoot go to actions and select troubleshoot from
here you’ll be able to get a closer look at your availability and better
understand why certain times are appearing as unavailable that way you
can easily go back and adjust your settings or rearrange your calendar to
open up your availability the last update I want to share is around
sequences you might have noticed a new look and feel for sequences a change
that we made late last year to help make the tool easier to use well coming soon
you’ll see a new home for sequence settings too in the coming weeks you’ll
see the settings section appear right next to the steps when creating a
sequence you’ll also be able to adjust those settings when you enroll a contact
in a sequence this update is currently in beta but will be available to all
sales have starter professional and enterprise users in the coming weeks
hi re here your HubSpot records contacts company’s deals and tickets are the
backbone of your hubs account they tie every other tool
together constantly absorbing new information about your prospects and
helping you to put that information to use to provide better experiences for
your customers we’re excited today to announce the next evolution of the hub
spot record coming to your hub spot account in January this month it’s more
streamlined making it easier to access all the contacts you need to create
those better customer experiences while maintaining its clarity and cleanliness
plus it’s got a ton of new functionality to boot here are a few of the changes we
are most excited about first a three column layout
so over the years you’ve given us the same feedback again and again about your
records scrolling is the enemy of productivity the more relevant
information that lives above the fold the better so without a mind your
records have gone from a static two column layout to a responsive three
column layout the three columns allow you to instantly see more context than
before no scrolling required second The Associated record preview a single
record doesn’t always hold all the context you need in order to have an
informed interaction with a customer if you’re a sales rep working a deal you
might need to dig into the details of a single contact or to the time zone of
The Associated company if you’re a support rep you might need to check
which products are associated to your customers most recent deal with the new
record design you can quickly see information about an Associated record
without leaving the record you’re on via a brand new preview feature
no more clicking back and forth between records third a pop-up communicator the
communicator in the old record where you could make calls send emails and all the
rest we’re stuck to the top of the page so if you wanted to find additional
context about the record you had to scroll all the way down then all the way
back up with the new design simply click the interaction buttons in the left hand
sidebar and a communicator pane pops up at the bottom of the screen so now you
can view information on the record while interacting with your prospects and
customers that means less scrolling for you and better experiences for your
buyers that’s a win-win the new record design will be available to all HubSpot
accounts on an opt-in basis by the end of January
you won’t be required to use the new design right away in the coming months
as we iterate on your feedback well transition fully to the new record
but in the meantime opt-in and opt-out as you’d like and leave us your feedback
along the way one final note the opt-in is user by user not portal wide so your
users can move over to the new design and back as they’re comfortable over the
next few months we look forward to hearing your feedback Thanks hi all it’s
Alex on the product marketing team let’s take a quick minute to think about all
the different forms you’ve created within HubSpot you might have a contact
us form on the foot of your home page or a blog subscription sign up form on your
blog as you’re an events like webinars you know create forums for those two
keeping your forms short and concise is essential to increasing conversion rates
so to help you ask for only the most important information from your
customers we’ve added form templates to the forms tool we’ve analyzed hundreds
of forms for several different purposes and created templates that include only
the most essential form fields use them as is or edit them to meet your specific
needs I’ve got one more update to talk to you about today this time I want to
talk about your site’s navigation if you’re a web developer you know that you
might go through many iterations of your site’s menu before you land on the final
version to help you easily make changes we’ve added revisions to the advanced
menu builder this works exactly the same way as their revisions tool within other
content editors nap spot keep track of who’s making edits to your site’s
navigation see what previous versions look like and easily restore a previous
version that’s all for today folks as always if you can’t get enough HubSpot
product updates you can check out our product updates blog using the link in
the description below also keep an eye out for a monthly newsletter that
highlights some of our most exciting product updates to help you stay
informed we’ll see you next month you

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  1. This is great!!! From a guy who used ZOHO and Salesforce for years, I'm loving HubSpot!!! You guys are awesome and I'm digging the new features!! Keep 'em coming!

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