HUGE BABY SHOWER GIVEAWAY | Mam, ErgoPouch, Pedi Ped, Primo, Stuck on You, Babo Botanicals
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HUGE BABY SHOWER GIVEAWAY | Mam, ErgoPouch, Pedi Ped, Primo, Stuck on You, Babo Botanicals

hey everybody and welcome back to our Channel today we have a girls day man this is super exciting because we're gonna be talking what about baby shower yeah I love a good party so I am boy super excited when if I became eating cake anything especially a new little baby there's nothing more important to celebrate crafts and the cake okay stay tuned guys because you don't want to miss this we have surprises yes we do okay guys so you're probably wondering why are we talking about baby showers what is going on here okay so I think it watched a past video you would have seen my sister-in-law we did the lovely baby Doppler on your tummy she is pregnant and it is that time when we have to do a baby shower so we're traveling across the country to go to her Bay shop this was a really big deal it's her first baby and it's gonna be a little boy so basically we wanted to do a video about our favorite gifts that we are giving her so you can also give you ideas for baby showers then you're going to or if you're a mummy some really cool products that you should be buying for your little baby all of the products I am going to be showing you today I have personally used on my boys so there are some of my absolute favorites and guys there's know everything that we will be gifting to my aunt will also be given to a lovely viewer out there so guys follow the rules in the description box below if you want to win all of these amazing gift so what makes this video extra special is that it is not just about what we give in sasshi but I could be back what we're giving you stay tuned till the end of the video you don't want to miss any other escapes so the first item that we will be gifting my aunt are the bubble botanicals calming lotions and the calming shampoo bubble bath and wash these are all lavender scented so they're really relaxing and it's great for like that night time if you want to get your baby like and the good vibes in YouTube I we love this brand because they are completely cruelty free they have been allergy tested so they contain no dairy soy or anything bad and chemically and in these products so it's safe to put on your baby and well yourself not to mention that the company also makes amazing makeup and like how do you do for your lips elasticity Lipton's stunning they also do a beautiful range of makeup which perhaps one day we'll do a separate video on so we can showcase their whole entire range for ladies really really stunning they not only do the lavender a center but you can choose if you want like I'm fragrance door if you want and a different scent go onto the website you can have a look they have a whole range as well as stunning sunscreens as well for babies kids and we really wanted to do was we want to make a gift like what personnel now so she already knows that she's having a boy and his name is going to be Jackson so we thought like how could we really incorporate this in the baby shower and make it just a little bit extra special so we went to our friends at stuck on you and they have also done all sorts of labels for like my kids school books and lunch boxes it was a make fantastic bento boxes and they basically created some personalized beautiful items that will look stunning in the nursery and also for baby to wait so let me show you okay what is a name personalized puzzle how cute is this so not only does this just look super cute in the nursery but also eventually I know it's so cute it eventually Jackson will learn how to spell his own name it's a really good way to teach him how to spell as well okay so next we have from stuck on you is a baby grow with Jackson's name on it and it has a little cute hot-air balloon on it too actually the theme of the baby shower is gonna be flying and soaring so we thought that the hot air balloon was perfect yeah it actually suits the whole theme which was so cute and also when he's tiny you can also take him out in this little baby grown people that's his name okay alright guys there's more okay so first up the new as well first of all we also ordered these named little blocks Jackson now these were super cute on the dresser in the nursery I actually have some for a pee and I love that they come in such a cute little bag as well so perhaps not when they get although in their teenager maybe they don't want their name in the room anymore whatever you can just pack them up and keep them as a keepsake and these are so cute I love the colors okay so they're all like this blue and teal color and it spells out Jackson's name you can also alternate their little pictures or Apple little sailors anchor little key and then six clothes of the name of course you can go into stuck on news websites and then order your baby's name so the last thing we have them stuck on you as a baby master and book this is a suit personalized and this is Jackson on the bag and Jackson on the actual booklet the color is just a personalized so you can choose what color you like basically this is a master in four book so basically it is great if you maybe want to share it photos on Instagram or and your family groups or whatever and so you take a photo of your baby with the special occasion and the date oh that's taking the day yeah Father's Day is a Christmas Easter and that's really cool we do a lot of that in our family so yes would be really nice for that now another of my absolute favorite product brands is man I've been using mam for ever since JP was a brand-new little baby I've used all the in pacifiers my boys love because my yes and I've always used their little toothbrushes now they have a brand new line of oral care and they've introduced this cute little character called brushing now apparently this toothbrush lint brush sit has won so many awards for this innovative design they have consulted all sorts of leaders in the design industry and field to create this new brush set so this is really exciting for those of you have fun of my channel you will know that I'm really passionate about brushing kids teeth I even believe that before babies have teeth we should be brushing their guns we should be getting them used to that oral care regime it really is so important so what you know to be a good auntie I have to give them their first toothbrush now something I really love about this design is that it also has this little protective rim so it stops that toothbrush it acts as like a safety guard which is really important now ma'am also does fantastic so pretty much we've covered the base yeah with pacifiers we've got these pacifiers that are small for newborns your visa yeah these are really good to introduce you know while they be still in hospital because you really want to start a pacifier if you want to thing to take a pacifier you want to start them already in the hospital with that sucking motion it's quite important and then it's something that I find it's so crazy useful was the glow-in-the-dark specifiers because when a baby likes the pacifier then sometimes at night they do wake up and you can sue them with a pacifier but you have to find it first and the glow-in-the-dark ones are really useful for that I found that the ma'am glow-in-the-dark pacifiers glow really nice and bright so they're super easy to find other brands are battled a little bit like with the glow-in-the-dark kind of thing you can brace yet but mam's do shine ray and bright so we have these are forced in all the blue color waves which was super cute these are the start connection and then of course the physical Oh in the dark which is your favorite guest I like the glow-in-the-dark I know the pictures on this and this one's got like the African animals alone run and the lion okay so next we have some apparel and we have the famous petit petit shoes now these shoes are basically the only baby shoes that live in our house we don't know if any other shoes besides petit bit I'd like ever since I can remember JP and Jack have been walking and pinniped shoes the great thing about petit pin is that they offer three different development phases of their shoes so they have the originals the grip coat and the Flexi these are a pair of originals they are from about six to twelve months and we chose this adorable set of gray and blueish shoes for Jackson I am just loving the colors and how adorable these are I mean honestly if these could fit onto my feet I would wear these right now these are just so cute so I'm really happy with these adorable shoes that we can give to Jackson because I know that we swear by these shoes so I'm happy to pass it along to okay and the next thing I wanted to give so she was one of my favorites the ogre pouch and these basically are sleeping bags they also do do swirls and sleep there to transition with the child so you can also get the sleep bags that can zip up in the middle so that you can convert them into like keeping bags that they can walk in as well they have a fantastic range you have to go check out their website I have used so many of these different types of sleeping bags this one is from the nature range which is a brand new line and Hospital is it I love the colors it's so interesting it's so Instagram it is absolutely stunning now some features of this is its organic cotton it also has a room thermometer included it has a 400 plus thread cotton couch it is officially hip healthy there's so many benefits Madness is an australian-based company and they really have done their research in producing some beautiful sleep beds and sweaters for children they have also expanded into a range of linen as well so as I mentioned go check out their website because they have something there for everybody and I'm super excited to give her a sleeping bag because I think once she started using this she'll realize the value in them and these actually got to the age of six years old so if my boys still use them so it's really super cool and the last item I wanted to show you that I'm giving to Sashi is the primo cocoon folding travel better knit now I have done a full review on this product you can go check out my past videos and you can see run by runoff how it actually operates I am just going to tell you why I'm getting this decision because I really feel that this is such an awesome under go product we often go to other people's houses for barbecues so people are sitting outside in the garden and this is a really great product to take with you because you can it's easy to transform you can see it's super light and you can just whip up a little bassinet so baby can be comfy with you at all times you can even take it to a restaurant because it's really not that big one set of samples and another plus is that when baby's newborn it's really nice to just put it on the side of your bed so that you can have baby near to you and it just helps for those dog wake up's at night you know baby's right there you don't have to get up and march all over to the nursery and it's super light so you can just move it around your house so if you're cooking dinner at night you could put it in the kitchen with you and also comes with a mosquito net when insect cover so that also just helps protect baby extra especially in summer when there's a lot of bugs around so that is a stunning product that I'm super excited to give to it so guys I hope you enjoyed everything that we showed you in this video if you liked it and you don't win the giveaway then don't worry because you can't buy all of these items on our baby must-have list on Amazon link in the description box below yep and guys thank you so much for watching I am so excited for one lucky viewer that is going to win these awesome products is such a wonderful gift but guys remember if you do need to follow all the entry require do not want to miss out because you forgot to subscribe to the channel now these are the entry requirements they are also listed down below and deliver dia you do need to be subscribed to this channel you need to leave a comment on our Facebook page tell us something interesting about where you've run if you're pregnant who you want to give this to et cetera etc and please do also follow our instagram feed that is very important thank you so much for watching thank you guys for helping me and we will send you some pictures from the baby shower thank you

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