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Hey, what’s up, guys? Kaiser here and I want
to talk about a subject maybe a little bit off-center but has a lot to do with
business and the subject is human programming and how it relates to
business. Maybe how it relates to Better Body as a business, but in general the
subject is what are we looking for as people? What do we want out of life?
What’s gonna make us happy? And not just my beliefs or philosophies on it, but how
are we programmed as people, as animals, as beings, as physical beings, as flesh
and blood, as psychology. And again, you know, it’s out of its evolutionary
psychology. So as animals, what do we want? What is gonna make us happy? That funny
word happy. Is happy really possible? Happiness, is that possible?
I mean my definition of happiness is in some ways being content. Not having money
issues. It’s getting growth. It’s security. It is freedom. It is biological
needs and even having a family and something like that
is a biological need. Having a great relationship. So having a lot of those
bases covered. Now, do you ever just sit back and live in eternal bliss? No,
that doesn’t happen. So happiness is kind of a weird subject. But I just think
there’s a few things we can all agree that we want as people. We have
programming. We have DNA. There’s a lot of overlap between us and all the other
creatures out there, so I think there’s things we want. There’s things that we
admire in the characters, in the movies and the books we read, in the people we
follow, the Instagram profiles and the celebrities that we stalk through you
know People magazine or whatever. Do all that stuff.
There’s a certain things that we like that we want for ourselves. If we’re
totally honest, we want them for ourselves. Now I’m gonna be a little
biased here: business can give you a lot of that.
Most of my life, it was hit or miss. Just through high school, I mean we go, we all
go through that stuff where you’re looking for your place in the world. I
was just totally lost. I was lucky. I’m a person that my life
experience and my talents in some way I was predisposed. I discovered business
and nothing was the same again. A lot of this stuff got solved, and I think for
the right person, a lot of what you want in life is gonna get solved and answered
through business. Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about what we want. And, how
can I assume or say anything about what you? What you want, you know? I don’t know
who’s watching this. I don’t know who you are. Well, if you’re watching this, it’s
probably a few things, a few categories, that you lie in. Someone interested in
business. Someone that wants growth. Someone that believes in income. Someone
that believes in our brand and some of what it stands for. So I know that little
bit about you. You know what else about you? You’re watching this. You’re a human
being. You know, maybe the aliens will watch this one day, you know? Facebook is
probably watching and reading every word I’m saying. So there’s a robot watching
this. But the end-user, the end customer is a human. And that’s why I do know more
about you because I know about myself and I know about human programming. Now, one of
the first things we all need as people is people. People you know it’s
a song, people need people or something like that, right? Well it couldn’t be more
true that we need other people in our lives, you know? I talked about the whole
athlete and entertainer going broke metaphor a lot. They often, that happens
because they want to be around other people. So they’ll open a nightclub. They’ll open
a restaurant. They’ll open an entertainment company and they’ll go and they’ll fail
because they were looking for the people. And then they were wasting money to get
it. But if you can have a business that puts you around people, the kind of
people you want to be around, that share values that you share, that you would be
friends with anyway, then you’re on the road to winning. You’re on the road to
having an essential part of being a human, having that part handled. Now, how do
we meet most of the people that we’re around? In the cubicle next to you.
Is there anything to say that that person has the same values as you, you
know? I’ve talked to a lot of people that have come and joined our company. I
talked about what they did before and they were like “Yeah, you know, I work
next to the person. I’m into fitness and they’re eating doughnuts. They’re
negative. They’re doing weird things and and there’s just no relation. There’s no
commonality.” But you end up becoming friends with them and you know what? If
you’re a person of certain values, they will drag you down, that’s just the
bottom line. Who else do you become friends with? You
become with the friends, with the people that are the parents of the kids that
your kids are friends with. Like the kids have like little playtime and playdates
and then you become friends with their parents. What’s to say that they share
any values with you? There’s nothing to say that they can’t share values because
the kids are all into the same things. They’re into the same video games, into
the same movies, into the same food. They go to the same school. They sit next to
each other. We’ve established that the kids have a lot of commonalities because
they’re kids. But as adults, is that person in the same career as you? Do they
think the same as you? So the bottom line is you’re gonna fill this need one way
or another. You’re gonna have people around you. If not, you’re just gonna
wither and die as a human being. So you’re gonna figure out a way to get
people in your life, but are they gonna be the right people that are gonna make
you grow, you know? I talked about it in the foreword to the Better Body Book. I
owe all of my success, a hundred percent of it, to my customer base, to the people
that I’ve been surrounded by, and as an extension of that, the team. They inspire
me. Their professionalism, their ambition, their value,s have made me become a
better person. Like I said, at the start of this video, a lot of my life I was
totally lost. When I found business, not just the game of business, but the people
I was around, the other players, right? In this case, I guess it’s the customers or
even the competitors. That’s when I truly found myself. So I owe everything to
business. But I owe a lot of it to the people. Now, the next thing, this one’s a
little funny to talk about because again I’m assuming a lot about you, it’s that
we all want in some way to be a leader in life, you know? Not only do you want,
but you know let’s use the whole kid Highschool example. Not only do you want
to go to the prom, you want to be the homecoming king or queen, you know? Not
only you want to be at the party, you want eyeballs at you at the party.
You want to be at the cool table. Everyone that we admire in movies, like
The Avengers movie, biggest movie in history, right? So let’s talk about that
movie a little bit. Who are the people in that movie? The big characters? The guys that
got the big checks were the leaders. And a funny thing, you know a buddy of mine
talks about this. He’s a big influencer online and he puts this little thing out
there. This mental exercise and it’s very true that if you think about your
favorite movie, a movie that you’ve watched 50 times or whatever it may be,
it has a lead character. And internally, you have the ability to be that lead
character. That’s gonna completely blow your mind. But like, if you’re a guy and
you like a James Bond movie or something like that, well you know what? In your
heart of heart, you have some ability to be that character, you know? Young, single
guys might admire that you know? James Bond is is that kind of hero figure. But
in a different movie, if you like Captain America, you’re an older guy, it’s cuz you
can be Captain America. You can be a leader. You can have a strong moral
compass. You can have values. You can be in great shape. So whatever the case may
be, those are the only people we admire in society. We like the leader of the team.
We like the leader of the organization. So you want that, in some way, for
yourself. Now, the reason why a lot of people don’t want that is cuz they’ve
given up on it in some way. They’ve been told the lie that they can’t achieve it,
or the marketing mass marketing of society has beat it out of you: that too
many Corona commercials, too many Olive Garden commercials, too many
entertainment and video commercials have completely dumbed you down, have
indirectly turned you into a drug addict. Now, it may not be, you know, in some ways
a lot of people, most people–honestly these days it horrifies me, are physical
drug addicts. But all of that stuff, all that stimulus, all that food, is drugs to
dumb you down, to keep you doing the same thing day
after day, to placate you and then to make you better consumers. So the
leader gene may have died in you, but it is inside of you. You know why? because we
have human programming. You are a, person you are an animal. This gene is inside of
you, but in it it may be dormant at this time. But that doesn’t escape the fact
that it is in you. You, we are the apex animal in society. Every other animal is
almost extinct. The lions are almost dead. The whales and the sharks, well the sharks
are almost dead. We’ve killed them all. We’re number one. You have, I don’t care
who you are, you know it really doesn’t matter your genes are the same. I mean all
people, our genes intersect. They’re for the most part the same, you know? You’ve
probably heard the whole thing that chimpanzees are 98% the same as people,
right? You know it’s a common little stat or fact. All people are hundred percent the
same, all right? If chimpanzees and people are 98% the same, well then all people, me
and LeBron James are a hundred percent the same. the things that make us
different are so small that they’re almost negligible so I know that in my
lifetime I can be as big a leader and low as LeBron James maybe not in
something that has as much exposure as basketball but who knows maybe right
he’s in the short game he’s almost retired I’m just getting started so who
knows but when it comes to leadership when it comes to making an impact when
it comes to income I can do exactly what he does and believe it or not this might
blow your mind so can you now the next thing we want
now I kind of got to this a little bit in this one you know we talked about the
leadership thing I talked a little bit about the status part you want to be the
homecoming king you want to be at the cool table well you know what we all
want that we can all agree that people want status everything we do Apple is
the number one tech brands not because they have better products
that’s arguable because you have the best status it’s the luxury
brand in the space that’s why any luxury brand is popular you know I’m not
wearing too many right now I’m in fitness gear but the bottom line is
almost everything we do the car you drive whatever it may be
it’s for status we want that we want to achieve that and if you can have a
business model that in some way allows you to achieve that now you you can’t
trot you can’t open a business to be cool that’s that’s gonna that’s not
going to work all right if you’re looking to steal anything personal from
your business you’re on the road to failure and we see it over and over
again in business you know if I’m if I’m vetting you as a personal franchisee I’m
checking for that are you a needy person that’s looking to fill some void in your
life through this business we don’t want you but if you are looking to achieve
your full potential what are some of the things that contribute to status
you know what’s staying in great shape I gotta stay in shape I’m a fitness guy
around fitness people you know I’m not in the best shape many if not most of
our male consumers are in better shape than me for other factors whether its
genetic age or the fact that they maybe work out harder than me they’re better
body members doing multiple classes a day but staying in good shape does give
you status being a leader gives you status I have to lead other people I
have to hold myself to a higher standard so this is a intrinsic human need in the
animal kingdom if you observe it who’s who’s number one and who’s everybody
else is not the you know CEO title on their door or their desk it is their
personal status that’s who determines it we all want that as people as well
everything that we buy almost everything we buy is a status play so if you can
get that through business then you’re achieving one of your human needs now
here is a subject it requires its own video it requires multiple videos to
subject your freedom you know home be your own boss be free make more money
all that stuff father has a subject of freedom behind it and the way that I
define freedom I wrote it down here is I define it in
generally as a whole you know I kind of got into the whole business thing are
for freedom you know more free time more money sitting on a beach all that great
stuff when you get in this game when you start playing the game if you truly love
the game and if the game is built around your human programming you’re gonna love
the game because we love this stuff we love people we love leadership we love
status we love freedom so you may in the right business fall in love with the
game well if you fall in love with the game you’re probably gonna have less
freedom you know two Saturday could be anywhere it’s a beautiful summer day in
New York New York has the best summers in the world I’m in a gym in four walls
doing the video do I our freedom yes and no a few weeks ago I was at a pool club
so I can make that call it’s moments you guys if you watch these videos you see
me all over the place you might see me having food at Rodeo Drive all that
stuff I can do whatever the hell I want not every moment and most often more
often than not I’m waking up early so I can serve my business so I can serve my
customer base so I can serve my team and grow all of our prospects as a whole so
I am bound to that I’m just bound to this game that I am playing with the
LeBron James model he is not free this guy has to practice play do media but if
he wants to do whatever the hell he wants in his off time he has options he
can create moments you can buy your time you know what you can buy with the money
that you make in business you can buy your time I don’t do laundry I don’t
shop I don’t buy food and do any of the weird things you could say in a lot of
ways with business people when you buy when you when you start getting to a
certain level you actually have the time to live multiple lifetimes in your own
life meaning that a lot of people are wasting their time going to this place
going in that place standing in lines going the supermarket folding their
clothes doing their laundry I don’t do any of that so every one of my days is
too three days of a person that is bound to
those things so I might be in the office 8 or 10 hours you might be like this
guy’s crazy he’s working so much he’s always bragging he works 1 or 2 hours in
his business and that stuff is true but he’s still always working he’s not free
he’s a loser he’s a sucker well first off I’m doing something I love for a
good part of the time I mean a lot of times I’m not doing stuff that I
necessarily love would rather be at a pool club maybe right but I’m not doing
all this other weird stuff I’m not standing I’m not doing this stuff that
you might be doing not firing clothes I’m not doing that stuff so if I spend
10 hours or 12 hours at work it’s 4 hours I might have killed if I was a
less developed person and then I have the rest of my time to myself so you get
freedom because you can buy your time you can do whatever you want when you
want you’re not on permanent vacation but you take a vacation whenever you
want and you buy moments you never know when a moments gonna pop up but when you
have the time or you can buy your time back we can spend time with the people
you love what money doesn’t become this thing
over your neck then you actually have freedom a little bit of a rant it’s a
little bit because the whole thing is just a little bit of you know anyway
let’s just leave it at that guys right and then the last thing last but not
least is income all right now when it comes to human programming and animal
programming income that type of thing you know animals don’t have money and
even through most of society yeah I mean this whole civilization as a whole and
everything that we do is just extremely profound money is a modern invention you
know very modern like for most of human history though it didn’t exist even
words language didn’t exist writing didn’t exist so you have to again you
know this is deep stuff and we can talk about the interplay between all this
stuff modern stuff versus our programming right so income is not
necessarily something that maybe programs in you but it is something
symbolic it can now you like we talked about here to be
content it can buy your time it can buy comfort now don’t get too comfortable
don’t live in your comfort zone but it is nice to have our comfortable shoes I
don’t have holes in it it is nice to have a good car it is nice to have a
comfortable bed all of those things so a lot of things that are important your
own personal hygiene as a person your time your mood your sense of well-being
what does every animal want they want a feeling of safety very often when you’re
looking at animals they’re always constantly on edge you know one of the
things that I like about us being people and wearing pants and shirts and not
having to live in a jungle is that you’re not on edge that someone’s gonna
kill you at any moment human beings when we lived in tribes and
all those things you did have a general feeling of safety you know that’s why
you had to contribute to your tribe and they gave to you you had to give value
and they gave value you know there’s not a better definition of business than
that more in some ways that had value that intrinsic value and now what do we
call that we call that income I give value to the tribe tribe gives me value
what do they give me you know it’s not necessarily protection the police force
to exclude at they don’t necessarily have to knit me a sweater I can go to
the store for that they give me income so a lot of what we have in life in
society is you know and a lot of what we want personally again getting back to
our subject getting back to our program a lot of what we want as people can be
solved with income guys so I don’t know what to call this like I said it’s a
little bit of a evolutionary psychology lesson really everything in business
everything in life comes down to evolutionary psychology a little bit of
a psychology lesson a little bit of evolutionary psychology a little bit
biology but first and foremost it’s a business lesson once this business comes
down to it comes down to us as people well
we want what our desires what other people want what their desires are and
how the two intersect all right it’s not about this and that that Facebook ad
this word that sales script that logo all that stuff is superficial if I’m
calling money and words a modder invention then think about how little I
care about the superficial stuff in business it gets to the deep stuff it
gets to the programming and that was the purpose of this video guys so trying to
remind you trying to take you into deep stuff trying to show you how my brain
works and what makes this company work and and really stuff that other people
in business no matter how big the brand is it’s stuff other people in prisons
and business don’t get that’s why better body is gonna be among one of those top
brands for that I need you and I need you to get this lesson guys so hope you
love this one and I’ve got more for you so uh I’ll be talking to you soon take

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