i24News Interview – Presentation of Zabilo.com the English Marketplace in Israel
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i24News Interview – Presentation of Zabilo.com the English Marketplace in Israel

At focus. We are interested in the new ways of consumption or how the expanding e-commerce is taking over the traditional ways of shopping. To talk about this a little more, we have the founders of zabilo.com Amazon’s little Israeli brother. The Focus, and we’ll talk about e-commerce. E-commerce is exploding and has shown for months an insolant health This new circuit of distribution has deeply changed the behaviours, of both the distributors and consumers. And Israel is an eloquent example. To fight against expensive living costs, the Israeli consumers are buying massively on the internet It is the conclusion of the study made by PayPal, but also by the polling institute of steari. So how does an Israeli cyber-shopper looks like? The answer in picture. In 2015 85% of Israeli have shopped online. The Chinese online stores skip to the preferred sites of the Israeli. Result: The boom of packages delivered by the Israeli post. In 2015 36 million packages have been delivered. An average of 3 million per month. That’s 20% more than in 2014 And what do we find in their shopping cart? Fashion, clothes and accessories. Followed by small electronics, toys, jewellery, smartphones, home and garden articles The Israeli buys more electronics and computers While the Israeli women prefers fashion and home articles. Another surprising result is: Online shopping is also spreading among the people who consider themselves religious And we’re back in our studio with two of the three zabilo.com’s founders Amazon’s little israeli brother. That’s how people call it. I welcome Ilan Cabilo and Yoël Zirah Little question Yoël How did you get the idea to enter in that business sector? 2 Years ago, when Ilan and our 3rd associate were working in Australia, I was still studying We learned about a statistic that was both interesting and shocking. It said that yet in 2012, over 80% of Israeli had already made some kind of online shopping. Which is huge. More than all of the European country’s. And they were also spending more on online stores. We saw that the demand was high in Israel and an offer that was inexistant. We noticed rapidly that we had one foot in our future. So, what does zabilo mean? What zabilo stands for? Well, how we came up with the idea… We already had our business plan, and thought about almost everything The only thing missing was the name We wanted something simple like our concept and interface And we wanted also a name that gives a smile, easy to say and like a chameleon Like us that can merge with the surroundings, while bringing its speciality Furthermore, zabilo is a name that can be pronounced in most languages. Specially in French, Hebrew and English. And… It was decided. As soon as we found that name we kept it. Then since how long does your start up exist? It exists since a little bit less than 1 year. Less than 1 year. So what are your projects? A lot of people have been comparing us with other e-commerce They even call us the little Israeli brother of amazon. That’s nice Some arrogant start uppers might say that it is a lack of ambition to compare oneself to Amazon Of course, we’ve been moved by the comparison In a nutshell, our project is to give every Israeli, who speaks Hebrew or not, the opportunity to open his own store on our e-commerce platform This means he/she can become an e- seller in only a few clicks Do you have the intention to compete with the Chinese market? When you talk about the Chinese market you are surely referring to sites such as Aliexpress, Alibaba. To make it simple ,I’ll sum it up for you in 3 points: First point is: The delivery time Second point would be the quality of the service Third point will be the Israeli merchants We want to play with these 3 parameters For the delivery times, we guarantee shipping between 1 hour and 7 workdays. Compared to the Chinese market, delivery times can take 30 to 45 workdays If it arrives… As for service we propose some like being reached on the online chat, e-mail or even by phone in the clients prefered language. It can be French or English, or obviously Hebrew. Things that one can’t get in the Chinese market. And lastly, we want to promote the Israeli merchant that can sell in our online mall I mean that, it will be pleasant for every Israeli citizen to help the Israeli economy by buying directly off Israel. By the way Following a study made by the responsible from PayPal of Africa and Israel. More than 70% of Israeli people are ready to buy from an Israeli website and spend 5% more on their shopping cart if that site is in Israel and in Hebrew. I think that e-commerce in Israel is full of opportunities That’s nice, I’m not very worried about you. I wish you guys good luck. That is the end of our show, thanks you.

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