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Identify Competitors | Understand the User | App Marketing | Udacity

So how do you identify competitors? Well, you could always just ask. Ask potential customers how they
solve the same need you solve. So with the bark myth,
we can go to a dog park and talk to different dog owners and
ask them how they solve the problem of having someone watch their
dog while they’re on vacation. We can ask them,
do you take your dog to a kennel? Do you get your dog walker to come
a few times a day when you’re out? Do you ask your friends to watch
your dog when you’re gone? We can try to find out how they do
research to figure out where to put their dog. Maybe it’s just word of
mouth between people. Maybe they go online. Maybe they ask each
other at the dog park. Another way to identify your competitors
is to just search for them yourself. Here, let’s try it with a bark myth. If I search dog sitting online. I can see who my biggest
competitors are. Look, the first people who come
up are Rover and Doggy Vacay. They’re very well known
names in the industry. And I can see who’s buying ads for
this same keyword search. I want you to take a moment to
think about your own app idea or business idea. Who are your competitors? I want you to think about some
keywords you would use to search for your potential business. And so some search queries to see
whose at the top of the list. You can check out the Playstore or
any app store to do the same thing. Now if you don’t have an app idea
feel free to use a bark myth but don’t use the competitor
examples we already talked about. Insert the competitors
names in these three boxes.

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