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If Donald Trump Was An Online Marketer – Awkward Marketing

We have to start by building a funnel A big, beautiful, manipulative funnel Nobody builds funnels better than me Believe me I will build a great, great funnel on your website And I will have Mark Zuckerberg pay for it Mark my words You’re going to sell so much you’re going to get tired of selling You’re going to say “Please, please, it’s too much selling!” And I’ll say, “No it isn’t! Keep selling!” My program is fantastic, spectacular, best of the best Most luxurious, amazing I love all people, rich or poor But if you’re buying my program, I don’t want poor people Does that make sense? Does that make sense? The only people who don’t buy my program are losers They don’t like money. It’s sad. Sad. I have such respect for women. I cherish women. All of the successful entrepreneurs I know are married to women You’ll make millions and millions Billions and billions Trillions and trillions The only global warming I believe in is how hot your sales numbers are going to be People say you can’t make six figures overnight from my program I say that’s fake news You know what? Don’t buy it. I don’t need your money. I don’t need anyone’s money. I’m really rich.

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