IGNOU M.Com Admission, Syllabus, Study Material, Assignments, Exams & More
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IGNOU M.Com Admission, Syllabus, Study Material, Assignments, Exams & More

Hi guys, today in this video we bring you all the important information and details of IGNOU’s M.com course. IGNOU’s M.Com is one of the most popular courses. Each year students in thousands join this course. Moreover, M.Com opens doors to a wide variety of career opportunities after course completion. So, before you join the M.Com course at IGNOU. We recommend you watch the full video. We have covered eligibility criteria, syllabus, course details, assignments info, exams and much more. So, without much ado, let’s get to the point. The eligibility criteria to apply for IGNOU’s M.Com is very easy. You just need to be a graduate in any stream from a recognized university. You can be a B.A programme, BSc., BCA or any bachelor’s degree holder. M.Com at IGNOU has a duration of 2 years, however it can be completed within 5 years time. Also, the course is available in both Hindi and English medium. The total fee is Rs. 11,000/- which is subject to change. The department for M.Com at IGNOU is School of Management Studies. Each year IGNOU conducts admission for its courses in June and January. You can always join M.Com during these admission sessions. Now let me give you an overview of M.Com syllabus. The syllabus for the first year is divided into modules that are called IBO. The IBO 1 topic is Business Environment that covers theory and concepts around business, models and environment in general. Then IBO 2, which is Marketing Management that refers to concepts and theories of marketing in general. The IBO 3 is Foreign Trade India that will cover the historical view and current situation of Indian foreign trade. The IBO 4 is Export and Import that will cover process, procedures, concepts etc. surrounding the given topic. Then we have IBO 5 Marketing Logistics, which will cover supply chain management and marketing topics, concepts and structures. Lastly, we have IBO 6 Business Finance, which will present you with common financial concepts, applications, and topics. These 6 modules are all compulsory in the first year of M.Com. That means, you will need to pass in each of the modules to move to second year. Similarly, in M.Com second year, we have six modules that are called MCOs. The MCO 01 is organization behaviour that is concerned with concepts and theories related to organization, human resources, and employees. The MCO 02 is research methods will introduce you to research methodologies, structures, and concepts. Then we have MCO 03, which is again on the topic of business environment. But it is an extension of the IBO 01 in the previous year. The MCO 04 covers foundational and core accounting concepts, structures and formulas. Meanwhile, MCO 05 is again on the same topic of Marketing Management. Similarly, it is an extension of the IBO 02 in the previous year. Lastly, Financial Management, which is an extension of Business Finance in the previous year. Again, all modules are compulsory. Assignments are very crucial from the point of view of scoring. Moreover, assignments are compulsory that means you cannot appear for the exam until you submit the assignments for the module. You will have to submit your assignments at your study center to your coordinator. As soon as the assignments are checked and marked, your final assignment marks will reflect on the IGNOU student portal. You can check it by logging in to your account. As assignments marks will be added to your final score. Therefore, it is necessary that you should take an extra effort to write your assignments. Make sure your assignments are well researched, free from grammatical mistakes, loaded with examples and written in clean handwriting. Talking about the exam schedule that exams are conducted each year twice, that is on June and December by IGNOU. As mentioned earlier, it is important that you submit your assignments before you appear for the exams. Moreover, you will have to apply for exams online, and pay fees separately for each exam. You can always choose to appear for select modules. Suppose, you want to appear for the first 3 modules in June and rest 3 in the next session. Yes, you can do that. As you pass your first year, you will again have to re-register for the final year. The re-registrations start each session. Your exam preparation is very important for scoring high. I don’t want to scare you but more than half of the students at IGNOU each year fail. Moreover, the checking and marking is very strict. However, you can always score high by following a few tips. The first thing I recommend is improving the handwriting. It is not like you need to write cursive and put an extra effort to make your handwriting beautiful. You just need to make sure that your handwriting is clear enough for readability. And each letter is legible. The second tip is to improve your writing skills. This should start from improving your grammar and sentence structuring. And then work on your critical writing skills. Read extensively and practice, practice and practice. The third, I would give to you is to add examples from current affairs. All concepts, theories and others in M.Com are applicable in the real world. Try to collect all these examples from real world issues, conflicts, incidents and news. Last but not the least, add facts and figures to your answer. By doing this, you will exponentially increase the quality of your answers. Read newspapers and reports extensively to collect data that you can use in your answer. Career options after M.Com course completion are diverse. You could either pursue a job in marketing, business development, business analytics or banking. There are even more job opportunities. However, your communication skills and soft skills will help you secure a better job position and higher pay scale. So, don’t forget to work on these skills as well. Now, let us wind up here, I hope you got the best information. For query please use the comment box. Best of luck!

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