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38 thoughts on “"I'll be the bad guy," Ocasio-Cortez says on campaign finance

  1. These are basic topics of democracy and corruption which are covered in Political Science 101 and it’s obvious that the current legal system has morphed into a swamp for lobbyists and most people in office get $$$ to promote and support agendas (regardless of political party). Why do you think most people in congress and senate have held office for decades!?

  2. Many bad boys, before trump, broke the system, but now Trump is sh!ting on it and wiping his a$$ with the Constitution. Trump isn't going to empty the swap; He is the swap. And AOC, is exposing the muckers.

  3. She's 2 for 2 on losing to Amazon, and her "New Green Deal." Nobody pays any attention to this silly child.

  4. ROFLMAOAPM: perhaps someone should bring up YOUR misuse of a million or so dollars? No? Not the same thing, you say??
    Yes, I certainly understand why certain Dems feel as if you are the next “big thang” as you can ignore your own wrongdoing . BTW, love how you pandered to the blacks with that completely natural and oh so believable accent !!
    Yeaaaah, (sigh) you going a LOOOING way, kid !!

  5. Lol why would AOC care if she thinks the world will end in 12 years
    She is a total embarrassment

  6. AOC is, to use an ancient English term, a she-wolf. A she-wolf stalking the fat, lazy, stupid flock.

  7. She did put her interest ahead if she did commit campaign fund fraud, but liberal news won't cover these allegations, where is the judicial comity and its investigations, this is pathetic

  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STOCK_Act

    This is actually propaganda! It is no longer true even though it was true for many members of the current Congress who got rich doing exactly what she is talking about. But she is either ignorantly uninformed or outright lying to gain popularity.

  9. So, she’s just implanting the assumption of corruption in people’s heads rather than actually pointing out any real evidence of corruption? So by her logic, if it’s possible, it’s true and real.

  10. if the voters elect candidates controlled by special interests, that is their absolute right to do so, it is their vote, they can vote for any sleazeball they desire.

  11. Rep Ocasio Cortez could be a Human-Alien Hybrids?. I'm really suspicious of her because the way she talks or maybe she under Hypnosis

  12. What have the house DEMOCRATS accomplished in the first hundred days? Claim racism, obstruct, investigations, nothing, vacation!

  13. Sen harry reid taking money from china for land in his state for solar. Then we have cory booker taking money from us pharma for blocking cheeper canadian drugs that could be safer for americans

  14. Maybe I didn't understand but, if there is something wrong with laws, in the 1st place as the congress, you should try to change it, if the system gives the president more freedom to ruin the law itself, then there is only one power who can stop it, the Congress.

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