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ImagesBaazar Jesi Company Kese Banaye | Complete Marketing Strategy | Start a Business with No Money

Hello, Friends, My name is Sahil Khanna and welcome in today’s video Today we will talk about the marketing strategy of Sandeep Maheshwari Busines I will tell you how you can build a business like Sandeep Maheshwari Ji and how you can market In 7th video of Business series Sandeep Maheshwari Ji talked about How you can do Stock images Business And being a marketer it’s my responsibility to tell you marketing strategies So I will tell you all the marketing strategies that he is doing as well as other competitors are doing in the same industry This business is for those who have an interest in Photography or Videography Let me tell you about stock photography to those who don’t know about it. Let’s assume I have a cooker Factory And I want to show people like my cooker is beneficial to households And for this, I need a photo in which female is holding a cooker and she’s cooking something So for this, I need to do the photoshoot for which I need money So it’s better to find a website where already this type of photo has been uploaded So, I will buy from there for around 20-25k and will use that photo This is is win-win situation for both. The company had to spend money once for photoshoot and customer will keep buying images on a recurring basis By working in this way both the company will make money So if you are interested in starting this stock photography business then you will need a camera Sandeep Maheshwari Ji told camera can be around 30k but according to me, the camera should be around 40-45k And buy a new camera don’t buy second hand because you are going to start your business You can also buy in EMI from Flipkart and during sales time you will also get at low-cost EMI I will give a link in description If I found something under the budget The second cost is location cost and I will consider this as my Variable cost I won’t do the shoot at my house or my studio. I will go outside and take photos Next thing is I will need Models. I can do a tie-up with models. Because there are many who want to make their career I will do a free photoshoot of models and ask them to do a shoot with me They will get a portfolio and you will get a model or yourself By doing things in this way your library will be ready and then you can do some more things Sandeep Maheshwari Ji told that if you want to start to take a camera and start uploading the photo on my website where you will get 50% commission So somewhere he motivated you to start this thing and start uploading pictures on my website And we will do work on 50-50. Here his cost is zero and you started to upload your photos on his website Ultimately his collection will keep increasing and his profitability will also increase and along with that you will also make money So all those people who have an interest in Photography can go to images bazaar because this is a good alternative One more thing I want to say. A good photographer is who captures emotions Understanding the settings of the camera is not much important because it is just a hardware Understanding hardware is not a big deal. I have seen many people who click good photos even from the phone Just because he captures emotions. So if you also can capture emotions then you can be a good photographer In starting you can take photos from the phone and start asking people Here you can also ask one question from yourself that who click good photos in my group Who is that person to whom everyone requested to take photos So if you are that person and if everyone appreciates you like your friends and society then you can be a good photographer But if you take normal photos then there is no use of it Now you will say there is a lack of a model. But the thing is you have to capture emotions when it happened Why did I start my second channel with the name of Sahil Khanna My purpose was to capture memories and storing them so that’s why I started that channel Images are something which is filled up with emotions What is the purpose of wedding photography? Just to capture emotions Not for telling about the different relatives The photo was taken to memorize that moment and emotion Now, let’s talk about the website techniques which he talked about First one is SEO and backlinks is the biggest factor behind SEO 72K backlinks are created for his website. So did he or his team created these backlinks themselves? So try to understand this logically. He runs his YouTube channel where he talked about different things and motivate people So many people used their quote in their blogs and website Many people write their autobiography and also talked about images bazaar so ultimately he will link his website to images bazaar So basically people are doing guest blogging for him at free and his backlinks are created If someone doesn’t know about Backlinks so I am putting a video on SEO on eye button so check out that video Another important factor of SEO is UI/UX So I personally checked out his website but I didn’t buy something So when I go to their landing page, There is a four-step formula which I follow In four-step, my purpose for visiting this website should be done So I checked is I am able to purchase any product in our step or not And as I entered I saw different categories and photos with a buy now button So that I can directly buy This is the simple motto of UI/UX with a four-step policy If you can take your consumer from your landing page to somewhere else in 4 steps If you visit Lapaas Homepage and want to know about my course and modules So if you are able to know in four steps it means my UI/UX is good and if you couldn’t them my UI/UX is bad So if you have any website so check is your consumer able to purchase in four steps or not 14k keyword is ranking and his organic traffic is around 60k And out of that 45k traffic is coming from branded keyword which is “Images Bazaar” It means people are directly searching images bazaar and major traffic are coming from this branded keyword people know what is Images Bazaar And Images Bazaar is known as World largest Library of Indian Photos Where you will get all the photos of Indian models and all So if anyone in the world needs Indian photos so he will directly search images bazaar rather than searching Indian model stock photography Now let’s talk about how people get to know about Images Bazaar So the first thing is word of mouth. If you buy my product and you feel satisfied so you will tell other’s And this industry is filled with word of mouth like those who post ads on newspapers And if they buy photos from images bazar and feel satisfied so they will keep buying and keep recommending others And in this way word of mouth will spread The second thing is YouTube Channel where he talked about different things and many people know him and follow him And let’s suppose only 20% of people know that images bazaar is his company So if they ever need stock images so he will buy form images bazaar and will also recommend others And all these things happened because we offered quality stuff and position ourself in a different way He is not alone in stock images. There are many who is very big than images bazaar They have multiple times more library than him But they positioned themselves as Indian Stock images We can do one more thing we will only sell photos related to Punjabi wedding, culture and all just highlight Punjab through your photos If you live in the south then you can do stock images related to the south or you can do stock photography related to temples and gods You can do stock photography of which you are interested in Landscape photography can be done free. For example, you can take photographs when you go to Manali for a vacation I bought a camera from Panasonic so they organized a workshop for free I went there So that workshop was based on time map and there was a famous person there who told they sell one photo for 2-3 lac Even their videos are used in movies like Fukrey And when people asked how did all these things happen? Hr said he just has a camera and click photographs whenever he hangs out And now I got famous so if anyone needs photos so he directly contacts me So you an also sell videos. He is doing work in such a small market and still earning good So why can’t we target the small niche and start working on it If you can’t work on stock photography and only wanted to focus on one thing like Wedding photography So I will become specialize in wedding photography and only focus on this now let’s talk about ad strategy so they don’t run search ads They run display ads let me show you ad format They run ads in three countries India, Germany, and the UK And they are positioning themselves as largest Indian Images they are telling if you need Indian images so come to us And they are marketing In three countries, According to there is no need to market in India because everyone knows you But you can market in foreign because they might don’t know about you But indirectly they will come to you because of the sales funnel But if you are new so you can’t position yourself as Sandeep Maheshwari He is working for a long time and now the competition is also increased so you can’t just go in In photography, we can run search ads and display ads. We can also do tour and travels We can contact publisher houses and talk to them about what we do and give them a discount Now they will visit our website and If the content is good so they will buy We can run a search ad for the industry in which we are working If someone needs wedding photography so he will see our ad and end up with buying from product And if anyone wants wedding Photography stock images so again he will see our ad and end up with buying from us If I am a wedding Photographer and If I talk to people that I will do your photoshoot for free or at 10K But you can’t resell this photo but I can and you will act as a model for us And everything will be natural so you will easily able to capture the emotions the cost will be zero and you will get good food to eat and you will also get some money so you can be at the break-even After that, you will upload those photos on your website and will market those photos and ultimately you will at a profit One thing that you have to focus on and that is content quality You can see the quality of photos at images bazaar and they even look real not model because they are offering emotions. SO if you are able to capture emotions then only your photos will sell There is one more fact and that is people search Sandeep Maheshwari sir three times more than images bazaar It means his personal brand is more valuable than his company Because of his brand, his company runs like Because of Modi BJP wins because of Elon musk, all his companies get funding. this is all because of personal branding here is a new marketing lesson and that is personal branding is also important If you do proper personal b branding so your product will automatically start selling organically So I hope you like this video. Comment Share and like Good morning and Good night whenever you are watching this video

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