IMC407  Digital Commerce/ E-Commerce (Sept 2018)
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IMC407 Digital Commerce/ E-Commerce (Sept 2018)

Digital commerce is about the buying and selling
of good service using the internet, mobile network and commerce infrastructure. It includes the marketing activities that
support these transactions, including people, process and technology to execute the offering
of development content, analytics, promotion, pricing, and customer experience and all touch
points throughout the customer buying journey. The Internet has been a major contributor
to the emergence of E-commerce. It is also the most widely used platform for the spread
of virtual goods. So, today we will discuss about E-commerce
and its advantages and disadvantages. We will explain to you the deterioration and
goodness of e-commerce through a video (background sound) Hi, guys I just bought new tripod. Hi… Where do you buy it? I Purchase from online shopping. The price only RM20 including postage. Wow, so cheap. How can you trust the seller and the quality
of the tripod sell. What kind of benefit that you can get from
purchase online? It easier to me compare the other prices from
other online such as lazada, shopee and more. And I bought this tripod from lazada. I’m not really agree with you Atiqah. Why? Because when you purchase from online it give
more disadvantage to people. Are you sure? Yes, me experience not once but twice, you
know. Ok… Most of consumers are often taken in by e-commerce
websites that look good, but not too good. Scam artists often accept orders and then
disappear. It really sad you know. But for me, I’m really agree with you Hanim. Why? because I think e-commerce is easy to
us to search and locate. I agree with Atiqah because e-commerce is
easy to us to not have to locating a particular product in a mall or to a super market because
it is quite a task. They has to move from department to department
and look into rack by rack to find the desired product. But, in the virtual stores all these things
can be easily taken care by just only a single click. That’s why I agree with Atiqah. Sorry guys, I’m late. What you guys are doing? I disagree with Atiqah because I really had
a bad experience when purchase online. Oh really, sorry about that. So you with me right? Yes, I agree with you. Consumer inability to experience the product
before purchase. There are many products that consumers want
to touch, feel, hear, taste and smell before they buy. E-commerce takes away that luxury. For example, e-commerce is not suitable for
products such as sofa because consumer don’t have the opportunity to try it out for comfort
before there buy. Actually it is up to you guys when you purchase
online because when you purchase online it is give you good and bad impacts. For the good of all, it good to us to choose
carefully. From the inception of the Internet and e-commerce,
the possibilities have become endless for both businesses and consumers. Creating more opportunities for profit and
advancements for businesses, while creating more options for consumers. However, e-commerce has its disadvantages
including consumer uncertainties, but nothing that cannot be resolved or avoided by good
decision-making and business practices.

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