Impossible Jigsaw Ball? | 10 Strange Chinese Products
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Impossible Jigsaw Ball? | 10 Strange Chinese Products

I knocked on him before but now I get it. It’s calming. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Oh!!! Hello! :3 and Welcome to Ten strange China products Today Tanner’s picked out ten strange Chinese items. I’m gonna let you know if they’re good or bad buy or deny, try or die Whoa, in case you really want to get intense with it, full disclosure I want to I want to be very very clear with you all right now. This is very important I am eating popcorn so if you don’t like That, click out (Just deal with it) I am too. That’s popcorn that’s the most upsetting bowl of popcorn I’ve ever seen in my life, first product, what the heck is this What? My first reaction, that’s like an upside down umbrella Double-layer wind proof new reverse umbrella strange wind doubled shun sunshade umbrella bone Oh, yes, I’ve never heard of that phrase before but I love it (We know Matt) Can you whip out your umbrella bone cuz I need it, bro. I’m about to get crazy wet (#pervert) This looks like if an umbrella decided to go to a fancy event (ha ha) I think the idea here is that? When the umbrella comes down and there’s a bunch of wind blowing it’ll just go floop, and it won’t break your umbrella It’ll just close is that the idea. I think that’s the idea because what happens otherwise either your umbrella blow Either your umbrella breaks, or you just fly away with it. You know cuz it’s a big parachute 18 Mr.. Nasty 18 dollars buy now Literally an upside down umbrella look at this I still don’t get it oh Wait wait what I don’t get it yes It’s a regular umbrella But it looks more prone to being tossed away in the wind dan you say that to me Sam? Have your license okay, and registration not that type of license Oh? practicing license Are you a gecko No one eats popcorn like that no if the way to eat popcorn without getting your fingers greasy So what is the purpose of it when it does the hole? Okay? This is what’s happening right? Oh No. It’s raining. It’s raining outside (nice acting) Is that alcohol Yeah, and then you can save all that rain, I still are getting pretty good, this is inverted Yeah, I don’t get why you want this. I’m telling you right now check this out. I got an umbrella Okay, wind is coming this is what wind does? Boom, okay now. What now your umbrellas not broken. This kid lives in Vegas He doesn’t understand whether I don’t understand is melt No, that’s what Vegas does dude like 115 degrees. I mean works. Well. I’m gonna say buy New ourdoor Fitness Sports jumping frog jumping shoes slip sweat children slip sweat? Wait hold up back up back up let it slip sweat. You ever slipped on your own sweat before is it tough See I’m not sure with The photographer right now how do we show this prior to stop right? Now? Oh look at the bottom of it? Oh looks like a bottom pinched it What are they trying to show here I hate it so much Oh, he is having the time of his life It looks like he like bounced up didn’t expect to get so high and then he was like wait a second this is fun Wow there we go there it is we’ve all been waiting for I Don’t know what if you wanted to do that she’s gonna give me a scientific reason why? Why would I need a scientific reason to do anything drive a scientific reason to not punch you in the face right now Yes, what jail true? (do it anyway Matt!) So what is the point of that let me show you I’ll show you the point of this Dude I’m scared, bro Woah what if that happens to your face not to the face worse much worse much worse oh My gosh there’s nothing more you masculine extinguish That’s tiring dude, it’s just like having really cushy shoes. It’s not helping me bounce at all if anything this There’s so much resistance here. It’s just such a workout wait wait wait wait wait wait wait Oh you want some popcorn yeah dinner, and a show yeah entertain me this one set out for my friend Mathias Jump on it Your collecting trash I’m doing something useful, okay, that is kickflip Oh almost hit me right in the sweeties Deny it New fish slippers can those don’t look like slippers slippers are supposed to be warm and cozy that looks like a plastic nightmare funny fish shaped children boys girls women men summer fish mouth sandals couple wait honey fish shaped children Wait is that what a fish child looks like smelly but beautiful Whatever you Did you shocked me did it shock you I feel like I got shot personalities electric. I’m shocked To cart. I hope they’re not smelly I hate smelly products Oh, my gosh. It smells so bad Smell it! oh It’s terrible terrible It’s like all like shiny and plastic in there. This is like a foot nightmare You’re like you’re just gonna sweat all over the place and slipping and sloshing. This is not a good foot experience all right It’s time pop those puppies on what the heck. Oh, you’re such a shoe you can’t wear it with socks. It’s too sticky I’ll see you I want to see both. Em. I’ll give me a walker. I won’t give me a lot I want you to like giving me your best model face. There you go I Think it feels like I’m walking around on the fish. The insole is like lumpy and like plasticy and like scaly It’s just not a great experience. I’m pretty sure if I walked around people would be like what’s wrong with him. She hasn’t problems I’m gonna have to take those off cuz they’re not good might be we’re actually already sweating might be you don’t even sweat that much that is denying ice from water Accessories hands safety environmental close-up magic trick. Yeah, what what is that drugs? Yeah, looks like drunk? What did you buy, dude? This is just a way that you can get drugs into the country like how they spelled funny Maybe that’s the name of the new street drug Hey Foodies gadget I see on TV. Yeah. I’m MCS I Know feedback, but it says three lies a liar product detail open your magic world What is he stuck in a wall? All right, let’s figure it out it had to by now What the heck look at that stuff, that’s creepy, let’s set a bag with in the back Oh, it’s like weird and cold and gushy look at that weirdness It’s just like it’s so Dicky and gucky and nasty so I assume you put this in water and it like Expands and balloons up all right. Let’s do it. What look at this. Where are they edible? I don’t I don’t think they’re edible I do I bought them thinking they were edible okay. They’re not edible guaranteed That’s not edible but look at that. That’s so cool I know why? But this is the coolest thing I think I’ve ever seen look at this you can’t even tell that it’s in there wait It’s actually inside right now. Yeah, this whole thing is filled up with them. No look. I’m gonna keep taking them out stop No, oh my gosh. My mind is blown look at this. Okay. Wait a holdup. I’m gonna take the top ones off That’s the magic trick you see this this right here doesn’t look like there’s anything inside there But I can just grab a ton of stuff Wild how crazy is that look? It just keeps coming it, I imagine There’s more in there bro, and look watch now. We’re gonna do the reverse effect you see this Gone Well, okay, that’s actually spookier. That’s really neat so it’s not for practical purposes. It’s for funny purposes Funi. Oh my god. What’s the word? It is a buy it a spa jump rope wired Wireless with ball skipping rope wait this is wired a Good a jump rope technically even be wireless Wow, so many people have bought this It does not look like a jumping room So this jump rope counts calories And it counts like how many times you actually do the jump rope and throw some day and the Cardinals Whoa? Who’s inside of the bag the whole time? Yeah was whoa? Don’t have any weight, that’s what you’re thinking about right now. Yeah, cuz you know do the balls have weight Because you’re gonna be spinning the idea of this we’ve seen electronic jump rope before, but we sight what we’ve seen we sign when We sang one that was a lot more expansive You can see right here that as it spins it counts so every time you you can actually see it incrementing I R T in real time What’s the point of these okay so right here? We’ve discovered you’re supposed to use these as an Alternative to what the jump rope the string balls is what you swing around if you just want to do a little swing in action Yeah All right, let’s see how well it counts starting at zero Exactly as expected Wait are you counting? What if it goes wrong how will we know again you want me to embarrass myself in front of all the people again Yeah, oh, I’m gonna break Something Dude I’m like ow okay that was like 11 or 12, it sa- it says 11, I need to jump rope a little extra for you Dude its cuz’ I’m a jump rope King I hit 12 1.2 1.2 calories, that’s it? That’s Denial before we get into that next product Big shout out to mr.. Random because that was random for you. Yeah, because guess what he’s a part of that notification squad, that’s right I clicked that Bell icon commented within the first 30 minutes. I appreciate you On the background the background just makes this product look so much more epic This is like what is this coin soccer this guy comes around and then you just like kicks it into the bank It’s like a piggy bank football Bank. You mean soccer team has shake some people up so much with the rule I’m just kidding all of you non-americans. You’re cool too in my book accept Canadians All of you to Do this guy’s rich was that Chinese money, I think it’s yen. That’s dope oh yeah there you go. That’s cool I’m never seen again before oh that feels Overpriced you eat quarters that is and the car shoots this So it is exactly what we expected I mean It sounds surprising when you’d say like why would he say that but we often get products that are not what we purchased? Oh, there’s the bank. Oh wow that’s bigger than expected. Just one minor issue but dudes a tripod Yeah, are we serious invested? Like when you’re trying to be human, but you’re really an alien hey I’m human. I’m human. That’s my peg that I sit on Okay, so I got him secure here’s what happened needs a coin to start it needs a coin to start it Let’s get a big old quarter in there oh Dude try again Two dimes oh This guy’s got a leg on him and also another leg another one on top of that Oh, yeah, that’s the only thing that slightly disturbs me, but I mean I dig it dude It works, and then there’s the piggy bank right there. I’m rich man I’m gonna go out and buy myself another coin Bank. All right bye a 3d maze Oh puzzle jigsaw toy kids IQ training jigsaw Educational logical this looks like a you’re eating those chocolates that are in the shape of an orange that you crack And then it like splits open Well they’re good, and this is what this looks like so this is like a brain teaser like it’s an intense puzzle It’s a complicated puzzle one would say an impossible puzzle impossible for kids at least Feedback one five stars all right. I will take your feedback and I will use it and give my own feedback Let kid in the process of putting together 2-pack realize fun thus exaltation Intelligence the ball of wisdom you put the film in wisdom What is this? I don’t know I guess I don’t understand you have to like figure out how to put everything inside it you Put it together or something so I put that in there and I could rotate this around here I can put this in there like that it says This is supposed to test your IQ have you ever taken out an actual IQ test am I have and I scored really high? So I didn’t believe it You scored remember it was like so I’m not just no really all right. There’s no way I’m that smart I don’t think I’m doing it right. It’s just falling apart. Oh just like you to cover up your problem There you go, I’ve solved it oh I did that our solution of the brain to my solution is the Flinstones method oh? I see you can only take the pieces off that fit and then move it around oh So now this the next strategy is what’s under it is to I think take like yeah that and that so green It’s so confusing when it’s not the second color. Can I take it off again? Oh? Yes, look look look here We go here we go I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. It’s just falling apart Dude I don’t know about you, but I think that just proved my IQ score You’re so smart. You can do something dumb solid yeah, that’s the key to life kids as my dad would always say I don’t say this there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Why does he say that don’t know to illustrate this point? I believe maybe this is for someone of the IQ of like 60 yeah, like a child. Yeah, all right. That’s the deny Cannot touch the fine line of the strange muzzle game That’s the name of this product should we name our product? We should name it cannot touch the fine line of the strange muzzle game What kind of game is that it’s a very strange muzzle game where you muzzle someone and you’re like being with strange isn’t it? The party must be funny desktop game exquisite gift free shipping Hey, if you got a party? And it sucks do not bring this out It will just make it worse the party has to already be funny for you to use this at your party Otherwise you’re just gonna destroy an already poor party. Let’s have the card super game an exciting game in progress in progress What does that mean is it already in progress before I’ve even opened this book JimBob. Here’s a game of skill that requires coordination and Concentration you’ve seen these games They have English versions of these games they exist it’s not anything new Oh here’s what’s cool you have multiple different tracks So if you get bored of one you’re gonna add another so what happens is when you add this in it makes a connection Okay, let’s do this is this the hard one. I’m so bad at this Actually scared me Sorry you try Not char the bottom, okay, so now why are you guys so slow? Actually really bad at this apparently. I think I just have shaky hands. Oh man now I know when I’m like a held hostage, and you’re like no I could shoot the guy when he’s like holding me I’m just gonna be like don’t do it. You will shoot me. I’m gonna say this is uh? What do you say danaiah? Multi music style soap bubble concentrated stick with no liquid. What is liquid your guess is as good as mine tuba horn kid gazillion bar blowing bubble But no lick willed I’m upset so it’s supposed to just blow a ton of bubbles all at once I mean we’re no bubble-blowing babies But I’m down fatal not working get the water by all sides fatal if it’s fatal How is he still typing in a review yeah? From beyond the grave he’s just like this thing was totally failed to me. I’ll attack you turn link will Lick well we talked about how this is packaged. What’s the weirdest bubble wrap I’ve ever seen in my life Oh, it’s by that same company with the original branding toys Okay, so it includes that little thing you dip in there you blow Oh missed Opportunity to make like a fun little sound like a kazoo or something you ready to see a bubble store my dude jigs up. Oh I’m so wet now. It’s truly in a bubble suppose a lot of books Why they keep going towards me? Let’s see how many I can blow without getting like super or lightheaded and then make a song at the same time First blow you can totally tell I already forgot to do it and that was like crap I should be making music Got lightheaded I was like that’s the only note. I know I don’t like too many bubbles I’m gonna have to say that is a try it if you like your own bubble stones. That’s to buy it That’s what I meant 60 70 80 90 100. They’re like counting up. I think you’re supposed to count down for suspense Contact juggling ball. Ah you’re played with a contact ball Magic tricks crystal ultra clear hunter cent acrylic ball manipulation juggling, what’s a manipulation ball I feel uncomfortable What kind of balls do manipulate? Oh yeah? That’s yeah? Do you see his like Jedi braid back there? Dude, that’s right Oh that is that guy is awesome I just find it so difficult to believe that he shaved his head and his beard Continuously for years and just missed that one little spot Just like that one little spot. You just can’t get to dude I think we’re missing something so why don’t we search manipulate a weight? We have a video let’s watch this video Oh, he’s manipulating his ball Oh the point of the ball is to keep the ball stable while you’re moving around beside it So it makes it look like it’s hovering but it’s not I’m sure there’s a better video here We go check this one out. Oh, I see this guy knows what he’s doing I don’t like what he’s doing with his other hand. He was just like pretending to tickle it They’re good at that. Dude look at his fingers. Do they give me the willies oh? He’s a magician Okay, you’re gonna. Tell me that it’s not Talent all right Add to Cart I Need some knife manipulation right now Z oh Oh, no. It’s just completely destroyed right here bummer, dude This is not a perfectly clear ball to be manipulated. Now you ready for this tanner yeah Do the way it hovers I’m actually not bad I knocked on them before, but now I get it. It’s calming oh No so close This thing’s heavy. Oh my gosh. It’s not a joke. I learned my lesson. I’m doing out here. Now. Oh you’re good Dude you gotta have big balls to play with this ball, I think you’re gonna have equal size What do you mean you do it now? I ran out of popcorn I get on my seat oh That work scared me though only one is the true holder of the ball, and it is I how do you do it? I’m feeling this is a skill I could develop, but then I’d get home and show a man It should be like did you bring home dinner? Did you do something worthwhile see that video right there that attend that game strain thing? Pretty crazy funny very interest on tape and this right here is a video that YouTube thinks you specifically will enjoy Will you I don’t know let’s find out click it and we’ll see you over there also subscribe button if you’re new here Thank you. Good day high five

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