Inbound marketing success – In a nutshell
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Inbound marketing success – In a nutshell

Inbound Marketing Success – In a Nutshell Inbound marketing is the smart approach to
marketing. It works 24/7, it has longevity, it’s cheaper than traditional marketing
and it doesn’t interrupt your audience when they’re not ready to buy. Most importantly, it delivers results. I worked with a Devon based SME who had a
global audience but a limited marketing budget. They were struggling get their message in
front of the right people. So we sat down together to create an inbound
marketing plan. The first stage of the plan was to spend time
exploring the marketing landscape to get an in-depth understanding of the real issues
faced by their customers and prospects. We then created buyer personas and mapped
the company’s solutions to those personas. Next we updated the website content to move
away from being internally focused and product and features led, to an issues, solutions,
benefits approach putting the customer at the heart of the offer. We identified the types of content we needed
to create and produced a plan to distribute and promote that content through a mix of
search marketing (that’s Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click advertising), social media
and email marketing. Over an 18 month period: Engaged traffic to the website grew by more
than 600% Almost 5000 company emails were captured in
return for an ebook More than 7000 datasheets were downloaded
They had more than 2,400 video and webinar views
And there was some form of engagement across more than 70 countries
Leading to a steady stream of qualified leads and an increase in sales. None of this would have been possible within
the timeframe and with the allocated budget through traditional marketing means. There’s no magic bullet or short term solution,
just hard work and planning. Take the smarter approach, promote your business through inbound

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