Increase Sales In A Small Business Fast With This Marketing Strategy
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Increase Sales In A Small Business Fast With This Marketing Strategy

Frequent communication
helps you sell more. That is just a fact. It’s just a reality. If you want to
deepen a relationship with your clients,
you want to deepen a relationship with evangelists, you want to deepen
a relationship with your spouse, frequency of communication
improves trust, and frequency of
communication also helps you establish your
level of expertise. That’s all there is to it. So the more you communicate,
the more you sell. Now, let’s talk about why this depth of trust happens. Because when people
are familiar with you you become more predictable. They learn what they
can expect from you. And when people learn what they can expect from you, they feel like
they can trust you. And that’s why frequency
of communication helps to build trust. Now, let’s talk
about the expertise you establish with
frequency of communication. You have the ability, if you communicate with someone on a regular basis, to
influence their thinking because there’re three ways to get through to people, three ways to
influence the behavior and the thought process
of another person. The first way is with primacy. The first thing they hear. People are influenced by
the first thing they hear. The second is recency. People are influenced by
the last thing they hear. That’s true of
just about anyone. They’re influenced by
the last thing they hear before they go off
to make a decision. Now, the third
factor is repetition. It’s repetition
and communication. So the more often
you say something, the more you’re going to be
able to influence people. So, if you’re
hitting them first, you’re hitting them last, and you’re hitting them often over and over again, you’re going to be
able to influence them. Let’s say you’re using
an educational message. Primacy, frequency
of communication and recency are all
going to help you with your educational message. So if you’re an expert in a particular area
of the practice of law, you can educate people
on what they need to be successful
to avoid the risks in your practice area. And if you’re saying
it over and over again, using different language, if you say it first,
if you say it last before they make a decision, you have the ability to
influence their thought. So frequency of
communication is important from the standpoint
of educating people. Now, I use the
example of an attorney but you could be a
financial adviser, or you could be someone who is selling
manufacturing equipment, and if you’re educating
people on the value you provide with your
product or with your service, and you’re doing it
over and over again, they’re going to look
to you as someone who is an expert. So, how can you take advantage of this strategy of
frequency of communication. Well, there’re a number
of different ways. Let’s start broad and
let’s go more narrow. So the first thing you can do is you can communicate
with people once a year. Let’s say you send
out a holiday card once a year, or you
send all your clients, or all your prospective clients, or all of your evangelists, a birthday card once a year. That’s not gonna have a very
high level of influence. You may be able to
connect with them that one time a year and follow up with a phone call, get them on the phone
and influence them to come to a meeting
that you’re having. Or, remind them of how great your relationship with them is. That’s fine. But once a year is
not gonna cut it. Let’s move up to
more frequently. Let’s say you do a written
newsletter once a month. Now, you send out an
educational newsletter once a month, and
it’s in writing, and it goes to their office, or it goes to their home, and they read it. So once a month you’re
in front of them. Maybe the newsletter sits
around on their desk, or on their coffee table. Maybe they pass it
along to someone else who could use the
educational material that you are providing. That’s good. And maybe, when they
need to make a decision, they refer back to your
educational newsletter, or they pick up the
phone and they call you based on something
you’ve written because they’re thinking
about making a decision. So maybe the newsletter takes advantage of recency. Maybe the newsletter also takes advantage of repetition. But the monthly newsletter is missing out on one thing. It’s missing out on primacy. You’re not hitting them
with a new idea first ’cause the newsletter’s probably sitting around for a while. Now let’s say you up the ante and you communicate with
them on a weekly basis. Every week, you’re sending out an email newsletter, and
you’re educating them on a topic of interest in
your area of expertise. Now what happens. You get the benefit
of the repetition over and over again. You’re in their email box. And you’re hitting them
with an educational message over and over again. And they’re starting to realize that you know what
you’re talking about because a couple of
times your newsletters seem to show up just
in the nick of time, right when they needed
to make a big decision. That’s the recency effect, it’s also the primacy effect because maybe you
tell them what to do before something bad happens. With a weekly email newsletter you take advantage of all three. Take advantage of primacy. You can influence them
before they make a decision. Take advantage of recency. They hear your message
before they make a decision and they decide to call you. And repetition because
they’re getting your email newsletter every week over and over again. Now, I’m really
gonna blow your mind because I’m gonna tell you that you can actually
be more communicative. You can employ more recency. You can take
advantage of primacy with absolute certainty. And you can be sure
that you’re gonna be the last thing they hear before they make a decision if you do something like
I’m doing right now. You’re watching
this video right now perhaps because
I sent it to you, perhaps because you
stumbled upon it, but I make one of
these videos every day. If you go to my YouTube channel, Dave Lorenzo on YouTube, go to my YouTube channel, you will see the
Dave Lorenzo Daily. That’s a daily video I do. And it’s blasted out to all of my YouTube
subscribers every day. I also post a video
every day on Instagram. I post several videos
every day on Facebook. I post videos every
day on Twitter. I post videos every
day on LinkedIn. Why do I do that? Because I want to
communicate with those who want to speak with
me on a daily basis. So if you’re looking for
daily information on sales, you’re gonna get it
from me every day. On LinkedIn, on
Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, but
also on YouTube. Several times a day on YouTube. This is taking
advantage of primacy, it’s taking
advantage of recency, it’s taking advantage
of repetition. Every day. Now, what’s practical for you, what do I want you
to do right now. What I want you to do right now is I want you to decide whether you are going
to make a weekly video, like this one, or you are going to write a weekly article. My preference would be that you write an
article every week, and my preference would be that you drop it
into an email system and send it out
on a weekly basis. Drop it into an email system, send it out to
everyone you know. Send it out to your clients. Send it out to prospects. Send it out to the people who are evangelists for you. Every week. What should your topic be. That depends on the
business you’re in. If you’re in a
business-to-business setting, you can get away with
an educational topic every single day. If you’re in B to B,
you should be doing a weekly email
newsletter that educates your prospective
client all the time because in the
business-to-business setting people want to be educated
on the overall economy. They want to be educated
on their industry. They want to be educated
on the specific problems your product or
service can solve. Business-to-business, you can go 100% educational all the time. Even if you’re
doing daily videos. These videos, I’m doing
them every single day. I’m educating you every day. Why? Because there’re
people who want to hear a sales message every day. That’s absolutely true. They want to get better. These people want
to focus on growing. Maybe you want to
focus on growing, that’s why you’re visiting
my videos every day. If you’re in the
business-to-consumer space, what I want you to
do is I want you to create a topic rotation. So, if you’re a
financial adviser and you’re looking to connect with people who are clients, if you’re an attorney and you’re a trusts
and estates attorney, or you’re a family law attorney, or you’re a real estate attorney focused on residential
real estate sales and you’re not
targeting brokers, what I want you to do, I want you to create
a topic rotation. And I want every five weeks the topics to turn over. So, week one, you’re gonna do something in the community. Week two, you’re gonna do a public interest story, like something you would read in the National Enquirer, or see on a tabloid TV show. Week three, you’re gonna do a message about your industry. Week four, you’re going to do, again, something
in the community, or you’re going to do a
movie or a book review. And then week five, you’re
gonna make an offer. You’re gonna want people to come to an event you’re hosting, or you’re gonna invite
people to opt in to get free
information from you. So that’s your
five-week topic rotation if you’re in a
business-to-consumer setting. Business-to-business, you
can educate every week. Business-to-consumer,
you talk about what you do on week three, and you make an
offer on week five. The other three
weeks you’re doing community interest stuff, or stories that are in the news, or things that are entertaining that are gonna draw
people into you. Here’s the bottom line. Frequency of communication
builds trust. You know that. I’ve been saying that
over and over again. Remember, repetition. However, frequency
of communication can take many different forms. So your assignment is to, right now, immediately, decide are you gonna do
a video each week, or are you gonna do a
written article each week. If you choose a written article, I want you to write out
five of them in a row and have them ready to go. If you choose a
video, I want you to turn your phone
on and do five videos using the topic format
that we outlined. If you’re in the B to B setting, business-to-business setting, I want you to do
educational videos. If you’re in the
business-to-consumer setting, I want you to use the
five-week topic rotation that we mentioned. Do this right now. The frequency of communication
will build trust. Drop the videos, or
drop the article, into your email system and send it out once a week. I’m Dave Lorenzo
and until next time I’m hoping you do
this and sell more.

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