Influencer Marketing Outreach Strategy
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Influencer Marketing Outreach Strategy

– On today’s episode,
we’re talking all about how to get the attention of the top influencers in your industry. With our influencer
marketing outreach strategy. Let’s get to it. (upbeat rock music) Hey there, my name is Adam Erhart, Modern Marketing Strategist and welcome to The Modern Marketing Show where we help you make
marketing that matters. So if you’re interested in the latest and greatest marketing
strategies, tools, tips, tricks and tactics, you might
wanna consider subscribing. Now on today’s episode,
we’re talking all about the exact tactics that
I’ve used in my business to build a multimillion dollar network of high impact influencers. But more importantly
than the business growth and financial impacts that connecting with these influencers have had is the fact that they’re
really good people and they’ve become great friends, good colleagues and
good business partners. And that’s what I want for you. So without further ado,
let’s dive right into the meat and potatoes of how to create a greater relationship
with the top influencers in your industry. Alright, so step number one
is to identify and strategize. What this means is making a
list of the top influencers in your industry that
you wanna connect with and then trying to figure
out the strategic reasons behind why you wanna
form these relationships. Now if you’re watching this video, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the main reason that
you wanna get involved and start a relationship with
some of these influencers is for business growth opportunities. So that’s great and we’re gonna cover how to do that and the benefits
of it in just a minute. But also understand
that there are benefits to connecting with influencers far outside just the normal business growth. Including making a lot of great friends with similar interests and
who have already achieved some level of success
that you’re aspiring too. In fact, many of my best relationships actually started this way. And they turned out to be some of my most profitable
relationships later down the road. But that early seed was planted by just trying to go out there and be a good friend to these people that I really looked up to
and really aspired to be like. Now when it comes to identifying and making a list of the top
influencers in your industry, I’m gonna suggest you
start smaller then larger. Because the last thing you wanna do is make a list of 100 plus names and start sending out cold email pitches and just try to kind of
weasel your way in there. It’s not gonna come off as authentic and it’s not gonna be well received. Rather, if you pick a
few, maybe 10 or less of the top influencers that
you really resinate with. The type of people whose
message connects with you. The type of people who’ve built a business like you wanna build. Or the type of people that create the content you wanna create. From there, you’re going to be able to follow the rest of
the steps a lot easier and it’s gonna be a more authentic and more ethical way to
build these relationships. Alright, step number two
is to research and engage. Now this step is important
because it’s all about building a real and thorough relationship which means that you’re going to need to start engaging and consuming
some of their content. The way to do this is
to do it unobtrusively by getting on their radar
slowly and authentically. Whether this means commenting
on a YouTube video, tweeting back to one of their tweets, sending them a message on Instagram, whatever it is, find a
way to start engaging with the content and then
sharing your thoughts and you opinions with them. Also, for bonus points, don’t be afraid to send them a thank you
or to share their stuff which really shows that
you’re getting behind and promoting it. And I can almost guarantee,
it doesn’t matter how big the influencer is,
when someone thanks them and shares their stuff, it’s
a real, real support system. And it’s always well received. Now a quick word of warning. You can go too far if
you try and jump in there and just overnight start
commenting on everything and sharing everything
and posting everything. And just doing that for a couple weeks and then falling off the radar
if they don’t respond yet. So understand that you’ve
gotta do this authentically and you’ve gotta play the long game. Real relationships aren’t
built on a couple retweets and a couple comments on a post. Rather they’re built over
time by providing value and engaging with the influencer. Alright, all that said, let’s
move on to step number three which is invest and apply. Alright, so if we’ve talked
about sharing and engaging and commenting on their stuff, well that’s a great first step. But to really separate
yourself from the crowd, and to really go out there
and make an impression, you’re gonna have to put some
money where your mouth is. And this means to invest
in their products, or their services, or their programs, or anything else that
they might be selling. Now the benefit of
investing in their programs or services or offerings or
whatever it is they’re selling is that it immediately separates
you from the thousands, or tens of thousands,
hundreds of thousands, even millions of other
people that follow them but don’t put up the cash. But to really take it one step further, just buying their stuff isn’t enough. So you wanna leverage this and
throw some gas on the fire, but actually using it. But not only using it,
using it as best you can. Getting the best results you can possible and then letting them know. Which leads us nicely
into step number four, case study and appreciate. So the key with step four
and the key with showing them that you’re actually serious about them and about their message and willing to get behind them and support them is to take what you’ve bought and to put it to the best use possible. And then document the
results that you’ve gotten. So as an example, if they sell a course on how to do Facebook ads, take
the course on Facebook ads, run some Facebook ads, get some results and then let them know
about what you’ve achieved. If they happen to sell,
say a Photoshop package, well, buy the Photoshop package, apply it to the photos and
then send them the results that you’ve managed to
do with their program. Or if they sell a fitness
or nutrition program, well then, buy the fitness
and nutrition program. Actually use it, get some great results and then tell them all about it. Again, what you’re doing
here is separating yourself from the herd of people
that just follow them, people that follow them
and maybe buy their stuff. But there’s a very few
percentage of people that’ll follow them, buy
their stuff, put it to use and then tell them about
the results they’ve gotten. When you do that, you really
stand out on their radar. And if you do it enough, they
really start to pay attention. Alright, and now it’s
gonna take us to step five and the final step of the influencer marketing outreach strategy. And that is to expect nothing in return. Now this last one is a bit
of a tough pill to swallow. But I really want to encourage you to not expect anything back and certainly not, anytime
in the near future. After all, again, relationships take time, specially important relationships
with busy influencers. And the more popular they are, well, the reality is
that the more messages they get on a daily basis,
the more emails or posts, or anything like that
response to their content. So it’s gonna be tough
for them to make sure that they respond to each and everyone, much less read every single one. Again, that’s why you’re
gonna wanna follow all the steps we’ve just covered to help separate yourself from the herd. But it’s important that you don’t approach these relationships with the expectation that you’re gonna get something back. Because you’re gonna come across as one of those takers
or someone who looks fake or someone who’s just
out to get what’s theirs. And this is why it’s important to only reach out and only
start following influencers that you actually like. Because building relationships, whether it’s with influencers
or anyone else in the world, takes time, specially really
meaningful relationships. Alright, so those are the five main steps of this strategy but I’ve
got a few more bonus tips for you right now in a lighting round. Rule number one, don’t cold pitch. The last thing anybody likes is an offer or a message in their email inbox that’s selling them something when they have no idea who you are. So don’t do that. Lesson number two, we’ve
covered this before, I need to say it again,
this does take time. This is not an overnight strategy, specially if you wanna build
a real meaningful relationship with the influencer. Point number three, you
wanna aim to provide value anywhere, everywhere and at anytime that you’ve possibly can. Think about providing value
and you really can’t go wrong. Number four, remember, they’re busy. And they get a lot of
requests so always be looking for ways to differentiate yourself and help them by supporting
their goals and their mission. And number five, and probably the biggest and most important bonus
tip I can give you, is to stand out by doing more by caring more and
thinking about the things that others are not willing to do. If you can take that extra
step and go that extra mile, you’re gonna stand out and you’re gonna make a bigger impact. Alright, so there you have it. Let me know which tip you
found the most helpful in the comment section below. I’d love to hear it. Also, if you wanna let me
know who the influencers are in your industry that
you wanna connect with. Who knows? I might even know ’em. Also, if you enjoyed the episode, make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and
if you have any questions, comments or suggestions
for a future video, make sure to leave them in
the comment section below. So thanks so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on the Modern Marketing Show.

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