Innovative Marketing for Strategic Advantage: Defining Customer Experience
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Innovative Marketing for Strategic Advantage: Defining Customer Experience

[MUSIC]>>I want you to stop for a second and think about when I say customer
experience for you, what does that mean? If you’re anything like the students that
I normally see in class, what you think about your customer experience is
literally, the timing which the customers interact with whatever service person
you have in your organization. That’s the kind of answer that I
typically get when people think about customer experience, but then what I
do is I ask people talk to me about your last vacation and I want you to spend a
minute and think about your last vacation. Describe to yourself or sort of recreate in your mind
what that experience was like. And when I asked them about their
experience as going on vacation, they talk about planning the vacation,
anticipating the vacation. What they do when they go on vacation and then the memories that
they have from vacation. The customer experience is not simply the
very narrow interaction with your product. It also includes a before and an after. And those befores and afters are critical
to how people understand your product, and for your likelihood of achieving
the holy grail which is word of mouth. So in psychology,
we talk about three sources of utility. Utility is kind of like a measure
of psychological well-being. More utility is something better. Anticipated utility,
how much utility will I get? Okay, I think about buying a car. My experience with the car is
not just driving the car, but it’s also thinking about which car to buy. Getting excited about that car,
experienced utility. How much utility or how much well-being am I experiencing from
the actual use of the product itself? Okay, and this is typically when people
think about a customer experience they really focus on the experience
utility component. Retrospective utility,
what do I remember this to be like? And the memory is extremely important, because the memory is what’s going to
determine your word of mouth. All three of those needs to be managed to
create a really truly winning customer experience. Experiences aren’t flat, right? You don’t sort of experience
the same thing at all times. You have a moment of delight. You have a moment of despair. You have a moment of met. The way memory works is
in terms of snapshots. I remember moments in that experience and
why is that so critical? Because it tells you that what you
need to manage is not the film, but it’s specific kind of moments.>>Understand how consumers experience and
rewire your approach to marketing. Learn more about Innovative Marketing for
Strategic Advantage. [MUSIC]

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